iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation
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iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation



iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation

iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation



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  • These people are your consumers, they are hobbyists, they are single moms in Serbia, they are professionals, they are amatuers

iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation iMedia March Brand Summit: The New Innovation Presentation Transcript

  • Opening Keynote: The New Innovation: Using Collaboration and Crowdsourcing to Connect to Consumers Claudia Batten , COO, Victors & Spoils
  • Beautiful New Zealand.
  • Everyone wants to go to New Zealand.
  • Why Not?
  • Long Ass Flight.
  • Are we telling the wrong story?
  • Why am I telling you this?
  • It’s not just about telling a story.
  • It’s about telling the right story.
  • To connect with your consumer.
  • Don’t let the shiny new tools distract you.
  • Use them to tell your story.
  • Crowdsourcing: Through an open call for contributions, crowdsourcing takes tasks that are traditionally performed by an employee or contractor and puts them in the hands of a group of people or community.
  • = $$$
  • = $0
  • = $$
  • Why? Tapping into a broader base of ideation Your customers want to be heard Amateurs provide surprise Provides insight on how your brand is perceived
  • Your brand is whatever your customers say it is.
  • Don’t hate me.
  • Your brand is whatever your customers say it is.
  • Keep me honest.
  • Best Practices and ROI
  • Your brand is whatever your customers say it is.
  • Best Practice # 1: Tap the Crowd
  • How the WD-40 brand used crowdsourcing to tell a new story.
  • 336 ideas submitted 26 ideas investigated 10 existing ideas validated 5 ideas awarded 1 new ownable “platform”
  • Endless stimuli for internal global ideation session.
  • "We are delighted to discover that crowdsourcing can play an important role in our innovation process. We were pleased to see our internal ideas validated and really excited to get fresh new ideas.. some of which we laddered up to opportunity spaces for potentially new business models.” - Graham P Milner Executive Vice President Global Innovation, WD-40 Company
  • Best Practice # 2: Democratize Your Brand
  • How Starbucks invited their consumers into the conversation.
  • 70,000 ideas in the first year.
  • 100,000 ideas by Nov 2010 40 people reviewing ideas 100 ideas implemented to date
  • Best Practice # 3: Be Interested
  • How P&G missed the conversation and left their customers feeling ignored.
  • Raise your hand if you want to be talked at.
  • I am not talking about advertising.
  • I am talking about collaboration.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Banners Ads – all become unwanted intrusions when used the wrong way.
  • Use digital tools to make friends.
  • Best Practice # 4: Lead by Example
  • How Toyota is giving its customers more ways to feel good about the brand.
  • Organizations are being flattened by transparency.
  • Best Practice # 5: Spread the Word
  • How great brands don’t just stop with a great digital solution.
  • Best Practice # 6: Target Key Voices
  • How Virgin America found its influencers and had a little fun.
  • So…
  • Connect to tell the story Connect to create the story Connect through digital tools Connect by collaborating
  • Connect often Connect respectfully Connect with relevance
  • Your brand is whatever your customers say it is.
  • The new world can be seen as a threat to what you do.
  • Or, a powerful force to distance yourself from your competitors.
  • A final word.
  • Crowdsourcing Can Flat Overwhelm Client
    • Positives:
    • Abundance of Ideas
    • Buzz worthy
    • Fast
    • Not So Positives:
    • No Creative Guidance
    • Lack of Focus
    • No Organization
    • Overwhelming
    • Time Intensive
  • Being Afraid.
  • Take the plunge.