Case Study: "Scaling Social Content: How The Clorox Company Stays Social across 15+ Brands"


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  • we used to get this question a lot from our partnersThey didn’t understand when we wanted to post about everyday things outside of signing up for the website, entering a sweepstakes, or watching our newest commercial on youtube.At the time, the joke was that all people used twitter for was to post what they just ate for lunch
  • Well, each discrete tweet, facebook post, and instagram pic can add up over time to tell a bigger story about who you are as a brand.The beauty of social media is that it allows brands to cut thru the noise and hopefully build more meaningful longterm relationships with consumers
  • So that’s a great thought. But it gets kind of complicated.Before I started in 2010, day to day community management and social media campaigns were being handled and executed by multiple different agencies. Each brand had its own agency. The problem was….One hand didn’t know what the other was doingEach agency was creating its own set of editorial calendars and visual assetsWe didn’t have a centralized way to measure performance across brandsWe werent sharing best practicesWe couldn’t leverage shared assetsAgencies were siloed out and couldn’t tap on various other departments for content ideas or assetsIt was also incredibly expensiveSo who creates all this content, how does it get approved, and how do you get into the right hands for maximum reach and impact?
  • But we can’t do it all in house. We realized that the brand has to own the long-term relationship with our consumers. Agencies come and go and so do entire platforms. But the brand has been around for a long time and hopefully will continue to thrive and be consistent despite the changes in technology and toolsLong term brand building and strategies in houseBut keep short term tactics and campaigns with agencies
  • So once we made the decision go to bring some of it in house, we had to start getting more efficient
  • You cant do it all in one time. It took us nearly 2 years to get here. [how long did this take us? It took 3 years. We did this in waves.]Too much stuff – there was no way we would be able to get legal to approve every single post and brand – so our brand and legal partners have given us leeway to post content that we think delivers on brand persona and long term objectives
  • The real magic of social is real time relevancy
  • Another way to get great content is to think outside your floor – and sometimes even the building.Breaking down silos is a great way to get amazing content from different parts of the organization.We got this picture from one of our plant managers in Burnside KY, but we’ve also sourced content from our corporate archivist, scientists, spokespeople, media partnersGiving the right content to the right audience – we have a lot of stories walking around our halls. People are resources. What we consider mundane might be considered cool by our fans
  • Before I started at Clorox, our agencies were active on several different platforms that didn’t connect to one another – or to us. Some were on Wildfire, Buddy Media, Sysomos, Sprinklr, Hootsuite, and native platforms.This resulted in a lot of confusion, missed messages, inadequate approval layerBenefitsDecreased SLA timesSeeing every single @reply on Twitter, nested comment on Facebook, intermittent comment on a Youtube video we may have uploaded ages agoEfficient posting of creative across platforms
  • So the next slide is going to get a lot of eye rolls
  • Everybody says listen first. But it’s trueListen first to learn – because social is like a big cocktail party. You can’t roll up to a crowd and just start talking about yourself. You have to know your audience – find out what they’re interested in, and talk about common interests that you share. You had also better know what ppl are saying about you on social – whether you need to leverage a golden opportunity or downplay a potential PR disaster.Listening can come in many different forms across the organizationInsightsPRCommunity managersSales
  • Focus on mobile – that’s where they are spending most of their time. Users are sharing what they’re doing and what they’re buying via mobile. (Vine, instagram, foursquare, twitter, facebook – all more mobile than desktop)Design write and cta everything for mobile – it’ll look good there, it’ll look good almost everywhere elseBe strategic about which platforms you are active on and the metrics you track – tiered brands. And commit to them. Is that what you’re gearing up for?
  • Not all brands are equalLifestyle brand like Fresh Step have great potential for user generated content – some brands get it for free. If youre one of those brands, count your lucky starsFor utility brands like Pine Sol– we often have to start the conversations first.It’s insanely difficult to get studio shots of cats that are authentic and realIt’s a brand’s dream – internet gold
  • Test prize messaging, calls to action, creativeBecause of this, our Facebook page along w emails are driving the most quality traffic back to our site (time on site, pages visited, bounce rate)
  • Might be paid, viral thru good content, or strategically hooking in w influencers– look for influencers who can help your cause or use the right paid product to amplify your reach. It’s effective and extremely targeted.
  • Case Study: "Scaling Social Content: How The Clorox Company Stays Social across 15+ Brands"

    1. 1. How Clorox Scales Content Across Our Organization @helenlee510 Group Manager, Social Media The Clorox Company
    2. 2. What’s the point of tweeting about your lunch?
    3. 3. They add up to a bigger story
    4. 4. But you can’t tell a cohesive brand story when you’re dealing with… Many brands Disparate tools Multiple platforms
    5. 5. Tactic 1. Bring (some of) it in
    6. 6. Brands must own long-term relationships w consumers Long term (brand) Short term (agencies) Social success
    7. 7. Tactic 2: Create internal efficiencies
    8. 8. First, empower the team (it’s okay…this didn’t happen overnight) 2010: Agencies • No unified process or guidelines 2011: Build new capes in house • Legal training • Prepared responses • Escalation guidelines • Integration with consumer affairs 2012: Centralized group • Voice documents • Content strategies • Testing plans
    9. 9. Plan content in batches to save time for real-time opps • Back-pocket content 2 mos in advance • Idea banks with regular team brainstorms • Design templates for graphics and pins • Content themes & buckets • Jr. graphic designers for day-to-day content execution • Batch ed cals by division (cleaning vs specialty) • Bimonthly photo shoots
    10. 10. Break down silos
    11. 11. Give them the right tools to help scale…Spredfast Our Requirements:  Consolidate multiple social channels into one social inbox  Monitor, moderate, and respond to every customer post  X-functional workflow  Surface actionable insights & automate reporting  Quickly respond to product updates  Scalable & flexible for our internal infrastructure  Willing to grow with us
    12. 12. Tactic 3. Be strategic (aka Be scrappy)
    13. 13. Listen to learn Who are they? What are they looking for? Are they talking about you?
    14. 14. Then go where they are • Mobile first • Choose platforms & metrics wisely • Know who they are & if they’re the right people
    15. 15. User-generated content
    16. 16. Measure to optimize creative 318 link clicks 66 link clicks
    17. 17. Don’t forget to amplify Influencers Viral lift Pay wisely
    18. 18. 4 Tactics .. and additional reading • Bring (some of) it in • Focus on efficiencies • Be strategic • Do your homework
    19. 19. 7 Subjects for Scaling Content and Social
    20. 20. Thank You! @helenlee510 @jimrudden