Budweiser Tackles a New Approach to Content


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Budweiser Tackles a New Approach to Content

  1. 1. Insight AddressBudweiser Tackles a New Approach to Content Erin Matts Global Director Digital Connections AB InBev
  2. 2. Budweiser:Sweating our Assets for Content Erin Matts Global Director, Digital Connections Anheuser-Busch InBev
  3. 3. It all began with FIFA 2010 As official beer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, Budweiser United beer drinkers around the world, and celebrate the game of football by bringing passionate fans closer to theGOALS game.1. Generate 400 million impressions through bought & earned media • Result: 3.8 billion2. Achieve 10 million consumer engagements with the program • Result: 19.2 million direct engagements3. Match or out-rank global peers (Coke, Adidas, McDonald’s, Visa) • Result: Consistently #1 or #2 sponsored channel – always above Coke • Result: World Cup buzz above any other beer (2 to 1 vs. Carlsberg)
  4. 4. New outlets for social fandom • We enabled a global conversation • The speed and volume of the conversation took us by surprise • It was largely an outlet for national pride and celebration • When a country was out, fans transferred their passions • Passion, competition and celebration created powerful bonds of friendship • This is a very big space for Budweiser to play in
  5. 5. Not just “Ads”
  6. 6. The traditional approach Consider the asset of MLB in 2010-We concepted, tested andproduced a :30 TVC forc.$500,000-We aired the ad numeroustimes at a cost of severalmillion dollars-We do the same for all of ourassets-This is the traditional behaviorof big companies
  7. 7. Creating ownable platforms By combining our assets under platforms-We appear larger within thoseassets and avoid beingwallpaper-We unlock global economiesof scale for our investments-We create a lastingparticipatory platform unitingour beer drinkers around whatwe own and what they love
  8. 8. First foray into content: The Big TimeThe First Global Social RealityCompetition: The Big TimeMillions of people from aroundthe world are brought togetherto compete for THE SHOT OFA LIFETIME.
  9. 9. The world is connected by the dreams we share Social BasketbaRace Car Wiz Kid Good ll Player Driver Rock Star Footballer Baseball Movie HockeyTop Chef Jet Pilot Model Player Star Player
  10. 10. Budweiser can make these happen And tell great stories along the way
  11. 11. Experienced content partnersProduction and Distribution Show Creation Evan Weinstein
  12. 12. New methodologies of testing Next*TV +“Digital” Research flowIn order to measure online success, how we attract and engage the consumer for testing must be adapted for the online experience. However, digital ads are still expected to increase brand equity, communicate key message, and ultimately induce persuasion. NextTV Component Digital Component TV Results (One Digital Results Score) Click Reach Shareability Persuasion Search for more info Brand Equity Digital AS if not combined with TV Key Message
  13. 13. Measuring potential viralityThree key measures are defined to access the viral potential: 1. Likelihood to click on the ad: A significantly higher percentage of consumers agreed they would definitely / probably click on The Entrance compared to the norm. 2. Intent to search for more information: A significantly higher percentage of consumers expressed intent to search for more information about the product, relative to the benchmark. 3. Shareability of the ad: Consumers also expressed significantly stronger intent to share and email the ad to their friends and family, as well as visit websites. 100 100 Visit Websites 31 Probably/Definitely to See Similar 39 Not 39 Ads 75 46 26 75 66 63 May or May Not Email to 25 18 Friends & Family 50 24 50 Probably 25 31 26 22 18 Intent to Share Definitely with Friends & 22 17 22 25 25 17 Family 6 22 33 27 8 26 11 19 11 15 8 6 6 4 0 0 US UK Norm US UK Norm US UK Norm
  14. 14. Moment by moment analysis50 US UK45 NO OF SCENES: 56 Emoti*Trace403530 Interest rises and then levels25 off in the US and rises in the Interest levels off in the US and dips in the UK UK20151050 1 6 11 16 21 26 31 36 41 46 51 56 61 66 71 76 81 86
  15. 15. Digital assets are the cornerstone
  16. 16. Tune-in drivers, vertically aligned
  17. 17. Healthy Brands – Strong Sales
  18. 18. Great content on a global stageCanada’s 2 minute Flash Fansmini film1.7MM views in 48 hoursOverwhelmingly positive buzz7 global markets