Applying Human Context to Data


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Applying Human Context to Data

  1. 1. Leah Spalding, VP - Western Region, Dynamic Logic, Millward Browns Digital PracticeBrian Doyle, Sr. Director Mobile Sales & Strategy Development, ESPNDan Hill, President, Sensory Logic & Author, "Emotionomics"Session Leader: Jason Burnham, Partner & Social Engineer, Burnham MarketingApplying Human Context to Data
  2. 2. NEUROGRAPHICS [neu-ro-graph-ics] plural:The statistical characteristics of human cognition and theirrelationship to common behavioral attributes that identifythe predictable drivers of decision making cause and effect.
  3. 3. The Force of Certainty:Past ThinkingThe Force of Probability:Present ThinkingThe Force of Possibility:Future ThinkingRationalRisk AdverseFears ChangeQuality DrivenSeeks TruthSkepticalPrudentValidatesAnalyticalSelectivePracticalRealisticControlledProcess DrivenSeeks OrderUtilitarianMethodicalPlansComparesOrganizedOptimisticImpulsiveAspirationalHope DrivenIndividualisticSpontaneousEnthusiasticFickleChaoticProactive
  5. 5. IntroductionCommunicationUnderstandingPerceptionMotivationBehaviorSatisfactionResultLearningExpressShareFavor“How It Should Look”“How It Should Be Said”“What They Will Need ”“How It Will Resonate”“What It Will Take”“How They Will React”“Will It Fulfill Them”“What It Will Be”“What It Will Require”“How They Do It”“To What Extent”“In Relation To”ADDRESSABLEPROSPECTCUSTOMERADVOCATE
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE: Position .NET as the TLD for small businessAUDIENCE: Small Business Owners & EntrepreneursKEY MEASURES: Awareness, Familiarity, Favorability, IntentMETHODOLOGY: Control/exposed comparisons, 1700 respondents
  7. 7. PROBABILITYPRESENT THINKINGPOSSIBILITYFUTURE THINKINGCERTAINTYPAST THINKINGMindTime® is a registered trademark of MindTime Inc. ©2009 MindTime Inc. Patent Pending.
  8. 8. SportsCenterIs…35 years in the making…and still innovating9
  9. 9. SportsCenter Is… An ESPN Driver113 Million FansEveryWeekSource: ESPN All Day, Every Day Fall 201210
  10. 10. 111162 Million Fanson Non-TV Media55% of Fans Are Using Our Non-TV Platforms at Any Given MomentSource: ESPN All Day, Every Day Fall 2012
  11. 11. 126PM SportsCenter+ 3% increase among A18-49Jan.‘12 vs. Jan. ‘13SC InstantReplayThe first-of-its-kind73% over-deliveryon ESPN video adstartsSource: Nielsen Media Research, Live US Rtgs; Arbitron Nationwide, Fall 2012SportsCenter Is… the Leader on Every ScreenSportsCenter LiveNo. 2 watched programon WatchESPNDirectly behind Notre Dame vs.Alabama: 2013 Discover BCSNational Championship gameSportsCenter LiveNo. 4 ranked ‘Sport’ onWatchESPN via iPadBehind football, basketball, tennisSportsCenter UpdatesEvery 30 Minutes.5 Million Weekly Reach, + 16% vs.2010Jan. ‘13Jan. ‘13
  12. 12. Best Available ScreenUsage of TV, Internet and Mobile is place-based:Users select the best available screen
  13. 13. 02,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,00014,00005001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0003,5004,0004, ESPN Mobile ScoreCenter WatchESPN ESPN NetsOctober 2012College FootballESPN Media AssestsNet Users by Hour SaturdayWeb/MobilePersons(000)TVPersons(000)Source: Nielsen NPOWER Reach (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS) for TV; Adobe/Omniture for Web/Mobile; Saturday, October 6th, 2012
  14. 14. 02,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,00005001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0003,5004,0004,5005,0005,5006,0006, ESPN Mobile ScoreCenter WatchESPN ESPN NetsOctober 2012NFLESPN Media AssestsNet Users by Hour SundayWeb/MobilePersons(000)TVPersons(000)Source: Nielsen NPOWER Reach (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS) for TV; Adobe/Omniture for Web/Mobile; Sunday, October 7th, 2012
  15. 15. Source: Adobe Omniture, 9/10/12 – 9/16/12; Index = Index of per hour page views relative the typical hourly traffic for that platform• MORNING: Standings, Player Statistics, Game Recaps• MIDDAY: Preview Pages, Schedule, Features/Stories• LATE AFTERNOON: Game Previews, Fantasy• EVENING: Gamecast, Boxscores, Scoreboard MobileMLB Traffic Flow
  16. 16. 17Not Who Won but How They WonSocial ConversationContext and PerspectiveLive Pressers and HeadlinesThe Biggest Stories of the DayWhat’s Now Is What’s OnThe Day in SportsClosing out the Night’s EventsYour Weekend Ticket18 hours of live coverageguides fans throughout the sports day17
  17. 17. 1) What is currently the biggest problem with big data andhow it is being utilized for marketing and advertising?2) How should we define the "human" element and how dowe incorporate this understanding of people into anincreasingly data-driven industry?3) What is the social medias role in understanding humanbehavior and where are agencies falling short?