Case Study: “How to Monetize in Mobile"


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Case Study: “How to Monetize in Mobile"

  1. 1. The Average Smartphone User… • Checks their phone 150x per day • Has 20 apps installed on their device • Goes to their phone 12x per day to play games
  2. 2. M-Commerce • • "M-Commerce" is growing: 55% of time on retail sites is spent on mobile devices 142 million U.S. consumers owned smartphones, 69 million owned tablet devices (6/13) – – close to one of every 10 e-commerce dollars was transacted via smartphones and tablet devices spending per buyer was higher on smartphones than on tablet devices.
  3. 3. Mobile Influences Shopping Behaviors Effect of Mobile directly seen across Verizon channels Shopper Visits: Feb 2012 – June 2013
  4. 4. Mobile is Not a Silo Shopping Aside, How Are Consumers Using Mobile Devices? May 2013 “How US Consumers Shop On Mobile Devices”
  5. 5. Mobile Media: In-App vs Mobile Web CONSUMER LANDSCAPE •Device: Smartphone is mostly in-app, while tablet is growing in mobile web •Shopping: Smartphones used more for browsing and tablets for transactions VERIZON APPROACH •Focus on in-app, with some mobile web across segments/devices – – – For in-app, app download KPI Some mobile web for broad reach More conversion driving environments, sales KPI 82% of all time spent on mobile is in-app
  6. 6. Core Mobile Marketing Challenges Identification & Targeting Creative & Engagement Measurement
  7. 7. Identification: Operating Systems Fragmentation Mobile Web and App have separate tracking mechanisms - not in sync with ad networks and publishers “Without sophisticated tracking, running mobile advertising is like throwing money out the window. It's worse than buying TV advertisements”. - Ravi Kamran, CEO of Trademob
  8. 8. Targeting: A single user may look like one or more separate individuals
  9. 9. The Screen Size Effect Are mobile ads intrusive or engaging?
  10. 10. Mobile Measurement Evolution Account for consumer behavior and measurement advances to enhance mobile approach and justify investment Current • Minimal differentiation between smartphone and tablet • KPIs the same as desktop 2014 and beyond • Unique goals by device based on user behavior • Evolve measurement capabilities and performance goals • Increase mobile spend (i.e., CPGA, online conversions) • Limited mobile media presence
  11. 11. Monetization Opportunities Audience targeting App discovery Accessory Sampling Connectivity and smart appliances and hardware, to and through the device -In the home -On the go -For business Goal: Use mobile tech + big data to empower & simplify people’s lives
  12. 12. Audience Profiles Precisely Target the Right Audience with Our Mobile Solution • 20+MM Mobile Unique Visitors • 100 Million Customers Profiles • #1 Mobile Network Provider in the US
  13. 13. Mobile Targeting Capabilities Device, OS, Carrier Location Content Categories Keyword Targeting Demographic & Psychographic Remarketing
  14. 14. Sample VZW 1ST Party Data Segments • Age • Presence of Children • Device Profile • Primary Language • Education • Ethnicity • Gender • Current Location • Homeowner Status • Household Income • Marital Status • Mobile Operating System • Top Browsers • Top 100 Apps. Used • Top 100 Apps. Downloaded • Top 25 App. Categories • Top 25 Site Categories • Top 100 Sites Visited
  15. 15. Quiz • A: • Top grossing app? • Percentage of total app revenue the top 100 apps account for? • A: 85% • What portion of apps in the App Store have never been downloaded? • A: Two-Thirds (900K apps available for iOS
  16. 16. Appvertising On Mobile • Formats – Mobile Display • • • • Mobile Web or In-App Banners or Full-Screen Usually CPI Static or Rich Media – Appwalls • CPI Revenue Share Source: AppTap Source: AppLift
  17. 17. Appvertising on VZW Desktop • • App marketing not as prevalent on Desktop, but still significant opportunity – even with a CPI model New ad networks allow users to text themselves links to download the app on their mobile device Source:
  18. 18. How to Solve Mobile Non PII Cookie-less tracking that enables accurate identification, targeting and measurement across Mobile (app+web) and cross device
  19. 19. Utilizing Mobile to Measure Digital’s Impact IP Matching Several measurement opportunities are based on the concept of IP Address Matching User clicks on Mobile Ad User parameters are logged in a database for future identification on desktop devices User is sent to mobile landing page User does not complete specified activity (purchase or App install) User is identified later on a desktop device by matching IP address and referring URL patterns User is retargeted on desktop device
  20. 20. How It Works UIDH UIDH UIDH Integration with buying platform Device identification is the key to unlocking this fragmented media space – cross-device marketing