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  • Presenter Notes— Put simply, we advocate everything that’s second-nature by simplifying the way people interact with machines— We humanize technology so that doing your job and finding what you need feels natural and effortless— We invent amazing technology that makes everyone easier to understand— We convert burdensome tasks and workflows into seamless experiences
  • Presenter Notes— Many of us don’t go a single day without interacting with some form of technology that is powered by a Nuance voice and natural language solution— It might be consumer technology like a smart phone, book reader, navigation system, television or desktop computer— You might also encounter Nuance when you are calling for customer service on your phone, searching for the right answer on a website or having a conversation with a specialized customer service assistant— Virtually every leading global consumer technology manufacturer has embraced Nuance as the gold standard for powering meaningful voice recognition and natural language interactions— It’s reached the point where technology powered by Nuance is so effective, it’s becoming expected everywhere— We’re trusted by the world’s largest and most prestigious companies
  • Demo: Disrupt! "Advertising"

    1. 1. Nuance: reinventing the relationship between people and technology – Defining the next generation of human-computer interaction: Intelligent Systems – Deeply invested in creating effortless and natural user experiences – Best known for rapidly advancing voice-recognition technology
    2. 2. With leading global relationships, it’s rare to go a day without Nuance
    3. 3. Rethinking mobile advertising News flash: most mobile ads suck. • Wrong size — small spaces and big thumbs • Wrong placement —little space to tell a story • Wrong value — unless you’re wildly differentiated, how do you break through to earn the tap?
    4. 4. The Rise of Voice Interactivity
    5. 5. Nuance Voice Ad Ecosystem Mobile Partners Demand Side Advertiser Ad Agency Ad Tech Partners Ad Production Tools Celtra Mobile Theory Ad Theorent Juice Mobile Ad Network Millenial Ad Marvel Widespace Etc… GLOBAL TECH PARTNERS Supply Side App
    6. 6. Ad network partnership across the Globe China Top 3 Ad nets Korea #2 Ad Net Europe - Two premium networks integrated India Top 2 Ad nets North America - Millenial, Opera, Celtra - Agencies and Advertiser involvement Australia #1 ad net. Brazil/LATAM, Russia, S. Africa, Australia – in the pipeline! Japan largest ad market in Asia
    7. 7. First Voice Ad just launched: JetBlue • • • • Integral part of JetBlue’s new advertising campaign focused on “underappreciated fliers.” Uses pigeons — “the most overlooked and underappreciated fliers of all” — as the face of the campaign. Campaign will feature a unique voice activation unit that will teach consumers how to speak pigeon on their smartphones. JetBlue and Mobile Theory partnered on the mobile campaign, leveraging Nuance’s voice recognition technology
    8. 8. Next 3 month timeline • • • Campaigns and innovated advertising campaigns with • FMCG • Auto • Entertainment • Finance • Travel Global expansion by • Partnering with Ad networks • Language support • Dialog creation tools and Ad creation Automation Conversational flow • Multiple language dialog creation support • Tools to automate and simulate ad creation • Two way help with Demographic data to enhance experiences
    9. 9. © 2002-2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 11
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