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  • 1. Online Video: Consumption Habits of the Power Mom Jessica Hogue The Nielsen Company
  • 2. Online video usage is growing 144 million U.S. viewers and counting +45% growth in time spent streaming Source: The Nielsen Company; January 2011
  • 3. Mom’s time is precious … but she’s creating time for online video Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 4. Understanding the situational + emotional triggers of video usage
    • What distinguishes Mom’s consumption habits?
      • When is she viewing?
      • What genres top of her list?
    • What daily life occurrences and needs prompt her digital and video usage?
    • What mindsets prevail when she is viewing? Vegging out, staying connected?
    Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
  • 5. Blending audience measurement + digital ethnography for a 360⁰ view Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means Demographic Breakdown
    • Passive streaming behavior via
    • Nielsen VideoCensus
    • 35 women from Nielsen MegaPanel
      • M edium-high streamers (visit 4x+ in 6 mos. period)
      • Kids and no kids
      • 23 states represented
      • Working and non-working
    • Respondents equipped
    • with video cameras spent
    • 10 days documenting their digital lives
    Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 6. ‘ Prime time’ is all the time for Mom Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
    • Moms spend more time online compared to an all female audience.
    Total Time Online Indexed to Total Female Audience Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 7. Daily digital routines are structured Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
    • Online activity occurs in spurts
    • Setting the table for the day with email, then social nets (typically ) ), weather, news & financial headlines
    • Streaming full shows is infrequent
    • Moms (and all women) scour for snippets
    Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 8. Digital Routines Video
  • 9. Digital (+video) diversions = the new coffee break Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 10. What they’re watching … Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means Source: The Nielsen Company; March 2011
    • Initially moms demonstrated a lot of co-viewing behavior but mainstream sites not consume most of their time
    Top Online Video Brands by Unique Viewers Female 21+ w/ Kids 2-17. March 2011 Video Brand Unique Viewers (000) Total Streams (000) YouTube 20,846 1,091,970 Facebook 7,253 27,302 VEVO 7,152 60,730 Yahoo! 5,100 30,127 MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 2,945 32,245 Hulu 2,110 106,033 Fox Interactive Media 1,962 16,817 AOL Media Network 1,911 14,123 Disney Online 1,792 16,960 The CollegeHumor Network 1,620 3,508
  • 11. What they told us … Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
    • Hulu, Netflix and YouTube are popular with working and non working moms
    • Most ethnography respondents stream TV on Hulu due to:
        • Superior audio quality
        • Superior video quality
        • Low/Minimal buffering
    • Tolerance for commercial breaks is high! Advertising is deemed a small price to pay for convenient content
    Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 12. Videos shared through her social networks are embedded with trust Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means Source: The Nielsen Company Moms account for 1/4 of all streams occurring on social networks
  • 13. Video fits into her structured digital life – a key benefit for Mom Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
    • Rich Experience: Videos go deeper and offer a more tangible connection given the personal nature of shared content or novelty of subject matter
    • Trust/Reliability: Moms favor videos that are sent to them owing to Trust/Reliability of sources while cutting through the clutter
    • Controlled Viewed (“When I want it”): Videos are filed for later viewing when “I need a break or I am feeling bored,” thus reiterating its role as a mental energizer OR
    • “ Because I missed it”: I catch up on shows at work as I go to bed early…”
    • Low / No Cost
    Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 14. Emotional Triggers Video
  • 15. … and meets emotional needs too Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
    • Social Currency: She needs to be in the know
    • Help, I’m bored. Please energize me!: Women look to viral videos, TV shows and movies as boosters; checking Facebook and email are “mini-breaks”
    • Loneliness: SAHMs crave connection
    • Time to Decompress, “Get Happy”: Escaping the stress of the workday by surfing before bed balances out the day, contributes to their overall well-being
    “ After reading so many SEC filings in a day, it’s nice to have something fun … like Facebook or another online venue where you can just sort of enjoy it and not think too much about it in the end, and that’s what I do.” – Alisa G. Source: The Nielsen Company
  • 16. Three Big Opportunities
      • Mom will most value:
      • “ Snack-sized” content that she can easily find and share (remember she’s got 7 minutes a day!)
      • “ Extras” like behind-the-scenes interviews, outtakes and other extras
    • Content and creative that meets her need to “catch up,” “energize,” or “decompress,” and keep her from “feeling alone.”
    Objective How We Did It Insights What It Means
  • 17. Thanks!