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Geofences Everywhere

Geofences Everywhere



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2011 03-i mmbc-geofenceseverywhere 2011 03-i mmbc-geofenceseverywhere Presentation Transcript

  • "Geofences Everywhere – How Can Marketers Benefit?“
    Michael Leis, VP, Management Director, Digital, DraftFCBAlistair Goodman CEO, Placecast
  • 42% of consumers 18 – 34 interested in mobile alerts from favorite retailers
    Source: Placecast The Alert Shopper II, Harris Poll, July 2010
  • The location-based mobile landscape
    Check-in/Social Apps
    • Part friend finders, social city guide, game and discounts
    • Users check in to location through “around me” search or venues can be added with address
    • Venue-specific promotions and experiences; loyalty
    • Provide mobile marketing technology to brands and carriers
    • Offer white-label services for SMS, mobile web and other mobile marketing to agencies, brands and operators
    • SMS/MMS mobile web with location targeting/triggering
    Local Discovery Apps
    • Mobile applications that provide content specific to a user-expressed (search) or detected location
    • Location-relevant mobile banner, text units, alerts, promotions and sponsorships
  • What is a geofence?
    Geō-fence noun : a virtual field around any location set to deliver a personalized marketing message to a consumer when they are inside.
    How it’s created:
    • Upload location addresses
    • Proprietary translator creates a “Place Profile”
    • Program the desired geo-fence around a location
    • Geo-fences can be created around any location
    • Add, remove & optimize geo-fences
    Geo-fencing Strategy:
    • Based on program objectives, trade areas, and customer demographic/psychographic profiles
    • Obvious relationship between offers and locations
  • Geofence User Experience
    Geo-fence is triggered
    Dynamic message delivered
    Consumer Opts-In
    • She/he receives an SMS alert on mobile
    • Message presents a personalized offer
    • Dynamic message- promotional, branding, sponsorship or a reminder
    • Option to leverage digital assets & WAP
    • Customer is out shopping in a retail area, office area during lunch time, sporting event, concert, or any other location POI
    • Triggers the geo-fence set by brand
    Customer opts-in through
    • Web site
    • Social Network
    • SMS or email program
    • Web or mobile banner
    • Inside store locations: window signage, POS cards, receipts, etc.
  • Used for both acquisition and retention
    • Program participants
    • Portal with multiple brands
    • Program owns the audience
    • White label program for brands
    • Brand owns their audience and data
    • Can integrate to CRM or loyalty programs
  • How are brands using location-based alerts?
  • Getting to scale in mobile & location
    Reach is a challenge…(% US Population = 310 million)
    Particularly with Location Based Apps…
    Source: Mobile Marketing First Quarter Trend Report AdAge February 2010
    4% Use LBS*
    Source: Pew September ‘10, *Forrester June 2010 includes check in services like Foursquare
  • ShopAlerts by AT&T
    • Combines reach of subscriber network with quality of AT&T
    • Hosted solution – Software as a service
    • AT&T secures offers from retailers
    • One-stop shop provides seamless experience for consumers and advertisers
    • Enhanced ROI and optimization across a larger number of consumers
  • Why it Works for DraftFCB Shopper Marketing: Behaviorally Relevant Technology
    • Fits neatly with our 6.5 Seconds That Matter
    • The maximum amount of time any person will give a brand to capture their attention
    • Must be simple and relevant enough to make a difference and work for the audience
    • Must help the audience make decisions before the shelf
    • Placecast reduces friction typical in mobile brand experience now
    • Combines all the essential elements of valuable communication
    • Right time
    • Right place
    • Right message
  • Why it Works for DraftFCB Clients: Effectiveness
    • Placecast service with AT&T foundation
    • Fundamentally broader reach at the carrier level
    • Makes brands the second-party instead of the third-party
    • Targeted Scale
    • The national scale brands need while only delivering (and paying for) the messages that make sense to the audience.
    • Works like a typical ad buy
    • Easy to understand it within an existing budget structure
    • First-mover advantages
    • Priority within competitive markets
    • Literally, physically competitive spaces
    • Intelligence on consumer behavior
  • Emerging insights from early programs
    • Must create an obvious relationship between offers and locations
    • Incentives are absolutely needed for brands to recruit them into the programs
    • Consumers are very positive about the use of their location information, provided there is an exchange of value
    • Texts have most immediate impact on low-consideration products with many retail outlets - more chances to purchase, triggers impulse buying.
    • But texts also help to build loyalty and increase awareness of new product intros for higher-consideration products, and serve as reminders
    • Successful recruitment can happen via dedicated email blasts, in-store signage and promotions, direct SMS and social networking
    • Geo-fencing and messaging strategies depend on a number of factors, from the purchase consideration cycle for the product to the number of outlets, time of day and traffic patterns
  • Thank you
    Michael Leis, VP, Management Director, Digital, DraftFCB
    @mleisAlistair Goodman CEO, Placecast