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  • 1. Emilio Aguinaldo CollegeDocumentation Submitted To: Mr. Jomar Ignacio RN Submitted by: Agustin, Mary Jean Calaycay, Aaron Clarito, Joy Camille Claudio, Ann Allison De Vela, Princes Dueñas, Kristine Anne Parza, Henry Polecina, Kathleen Angelica Raagas, Atkinson Sesperes, Emmanuel Soriano, Janet
  • 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to all the people who havebecome significant in this worthwhile endeavour. Our hard work and perseverance would not begiven reward without your guidance and assistance. To the families on Block 36, Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City we are gratefulfor accepting us in your community and allowing us to play a part in assisting you towardsachieving wellness. Despite the upheavals, you welcomed us in your home with open arms.Thank you for the cooperation and participation. To Barangay Chairman Posadas of Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City and tothe Medical Staff of Panatag Health Center we are beholden by your leadership for giving us theopportunity to assess the possible health problems in your community. Thank you for keepingus safe and essential in your projects. To our clinical instructor, Mr. Jomar Ignacio who became our eye in our four weeksexposure in the community, we are humbled in all your efforts to nourish us with discipline andhonesty. Thank you for being there to understand and to correct our shortcomings. We willalways remember your teachings. To the other clinical instructors, who have inculcated their knowledge and shared theirtime to mold us to become future leaders and client- advocates, we are forever in your debt.Thank you for the consideration and the criticism in our works. We will remember them alwaysto make us better persons the next time our paths will cross. Thank you so much for teachingus the ideal way of practicing nursing not only in the hospital setting but most importantly in thecommunity where all of us are part of. And finally, to the members of group D, Camille, Allison, Kar, Jean, Ces, Kat, Janet,Aaron, Henry, Emman, and Atkin for allowing yourself to go beyond your limitations and riseabove the expectations. Thank you very much for making this once in a lifetime event fruitfuland exciting. Thank you for the late nights of extended paper works, patience in everydayrevision, participation and most significantly the sacrifices we have all carried on our shoulders.Thank you for the trust and respect. The fellowship we built today will live across the ages. Most especially, we thank God for the wisdom, knowledge, strength and guidance Hehas given us. Seize each day future nurses and be the best in everything you can be!
  • 3. INTRODUCTION Health is the fundamental right of every individual. In line with this, the lawmakersassembled Republic Act No. 9173 or the Philippine Act of 2002 to be the core reference amongFilipino nurses in promoting health, preventing illness, alleviation of suffering and restoration ofhealth or if not possible, assistance towards a peaceful death. Nurses are considered practicingtheir profession when they initiate and perform nursing services to individual, families andcommunities in any healthcare setting.Community health nursing is the expanded scope of the nursing practice dealing not only withindividuals and families but more significantly on how the community perceive and resolve theirown problems. It is seen as the primary client of the nurse for two important reasons. First, thecommunity has a direct influence on the health of the individual, families and sub- populations.Second it is at this level that most health service provision occurs (Spradley, 1990). Thus,community health nursing is a learned practice discipline with the ultimate goal of contributingas individuals, and in collaboration with others to the promotion of the community’s optimumlevel of functioning through teaching and delivery of care (Jacobson).Caring for the community starts with determining their health status through data collection inorder to identify the different factors that may directly or indirectly influence them. Analysis toseek explanation for the occurrence of health needs and problems of the community will becrucial in developing and implementing community health nursing interventions and strategies.This is the context of community diagnosis, be it comprehensive or problem oriented. It aims toexplain the interrelationship of the different elements such as the population, the physical andtopographical characteristics, socioeconomic and cultural factors, health and basic socialservices and the power structure within the community in the health and illness pattern in thecommunity.Comprehensive community diagnosis aims to obtain general information about the communityand identify health problems affecting the people while problem- oriented community diagnosisfocuses on a specific problem already present in the community that needs to be resolved bythe people of the community
  • 4. BARANGAY HISTORY Block 36 is located in Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. It is located in thesouthwestern part of Brgy. Addition Hills. Block 36 is bounded by Block 35 in the north, Block 37in the east, Brgy. San Jose in the west and Brgy. Plainview in the south. Block 37 is part ofBrgy. Addition hills which is bounded by San Juan in the North, Brgy. Mauay in the east, Brgy.Hagdang Bato and San Jose in the west and Brgy. Plainview in the south. Mandaluyong isbounded by San Juan in the North, Pasig in the east, Makati in the south and Manila in thewest. Brgy. Addition hills is the largest barangay in terms of population and has 81,221residents which is 26.57% of the total population of Mandaluyong City (305,567). PanatagHealth Center caters to 10 blocks namely Blk. 15, 22, 22 Ext, 32, 32 Ext, 34, 35, 36, 37, 37 Exttotaling 17,267 residents. Brgy. Addition Hills is the 2nd largest barangay in Mandaluyong andhas a total land area of 162 hectares 100 of which is welfareville. The road and streets in thearea consist of many alleys. The narrow streets are also crowded with plenty children, streetvendors and vehicles are park on either side. The roads have many slopes. The roads havemany trash or garbage, open canals, exposed water lines, and stray dogs and their animalexcreta. Many of the houses are made of light and mix materials and are usually very close totheir neighbors. The electric cables are very disturbing sights since they are bundled together.These connections of electric cables are the usual causes of fires in many communities. The area despite being in the city, have plenty of trees. Block 36 has a “talipapa” orsmall market place where in resident buys their everyday supplies. This is good for the residentsbecause they can save more if they do the marketing and cooking for themselves. Markets likeMartinez Flea Market are also located at Brgy. Addition Hills. Many Schools like AndresBonifacio Integrated School and Jose Fabella Memorial School is located in the barangay. Thisis where residents send their children to study. Churches like Sacred Heart of Jesus and BaptistChurch are also located near the area. Many Government Institutions are located in Brgy.Addition Hills like Nayon ng Kabataan, DSWD NCR Sanctuary, and Commission onPopulation.Police Station which is beneficial for the resident’s safety, city Animal Shelter andMaterials Recovery Facility. Four Health Centers are located in the barangay namely Block 37 or Panatag HealthCenter Welfareville Main, Block 38 Health Center and Block 39 Health Center. The residents ofBlock 36 go to Panatag Health Center. A day are center is located in the 2nd floor of block 37HC. This is good for the residents since they can buy medicines near their houses. Otherestablishments like Water Refilling Station, Barbershop, Parlor, Lotto Outlets, Police Station, arealso inside the Barangay Addition Hills.
  • 5. The climate in the area is like the rest of Manila, humid with wet and dry seasons.Tagalog is the primary dialect spoken and tricycles are the primary mode of transportation inblock 37 since its small built is favorable to the narrow roads in the area.Spot Map
  • 6. Health ResourcesWelcome Arc Barangay hall
  • 7. Brgy. Health Center Santuary Center Jose Fabella Center Center for Health Dev’t. SchoolsJose Fabella Memorial School Andres Bonifacio In tegrated School
  • 8. Nueve de Febrero Elementary School Churches Sacred Heart of Jesus ParishBible Seminary Babtist Church
  • 9. Church of Christ Stores Martinez Flea Market Vendors AssociationSari-sari Stores Bakery
  • 10. Carenderia Fruit and Vegetable Stand Dress Shop Other Establisments
  • 11. PawnshopPolice Community Precint Hardin ng Pag-asa City Animal Shelter
  • 12. Materials Recovery FacilityDisaster Brigade Command Post 2 Correctional Institution for Women
  • 13. Commission on Population Nayon ng Kabataan Freedom Park Barangay truck
  • 14. TransportationHealth Treats
  • 15. Garbage
  • 16. Open drainageElectric cables
  • 17. Daily Activities
  • 18. Day 1Sir Ignacio orientated us about the barangay. He also discussed the format of the community diagnosis.
  • 19. We had our courtesy call on the barangay on the same day.Return demonstration on parenteral medication (intramuscular and subcutaneous injection) was done on the barangay health center. Day 3
  • 20. We had our pre test in the skills lab at the same time Sir Ignacio oriented us in the outreach program in the adopted community.We had our ocular inspection in the adopted community in barangay 674, Zone 73, District V ManilaWe give the communication letter to the barangay Chair woman Geraldine Sia. And inform her about the outreach program that we’re going to conduct in the their barangay.
  • 21. Day 4 We had the weight and vital signs taking.Tetanus toxoid was injected to the pregnant women and fundic height where taken.
  • 22. Filipinay conducted a family planning seminar to the pregnant women.
  • 23. Ocular inspection in Addition Hills. Some by standers asked us to take their blood pressure Day 5 Weight and vital signs taking
  • 24. Interview of the residents in block 36, our respondents in our community diagnosis. Day 6 Tallying of the scores of the surveyed data.
  • 25. Day 7 Weight and vital signs taking.AH1N1 vaccination was given to the residents F Finalizing the tally of data
  • 26. Day 8 Weight and vital signs taking.Making the Community Diagnosis and rechecikng the tally
  • 27. Day 9Finalizing the community dagnosis for the presentation. Day 10 At the COPAR booth in Bldg. 6.
  • 28. Day 11 and 12Our duty was pull out, we support the games of the School of Nursing and Midwifery in the Talakasan.
  • 29. STUDENT PROFILENAME: Agustin, Mary JeanBIRTHDAY: June 09, 1989ADDRESS: Malabon CityNAME: Calaycay, AaronBIRTHDAY: October 14ADDRESS:Cavite CityNAME: Clarito, Joy CamilleBIRTHDAY: September 10, 1992ADDRESS: Mandaluyong CityNAME: Claudio, Ann AllisonBIRTHDAY: April 14 1991ADDRESS: Tondo, Manila
  • 30. NAME: Princes R. De VelaBIRTHDAY: May 31, 1992ADDRESS: Mandaluyong CityNAME: Dueñas, Kristine AnneBIRTHDAY: February 10, 1985ADDRESS: Sta. Ana, ManilaNAME: Parza, HenryBIRTHDAY: October 23ADDRESS: Paranaque CityNAME: Polecina, Kathleen AngelicaBIRTHDAY: September 17 1991ADDRESS: Pasay City
  • 31. NAME: Raagas, AtkinsonBIRTHDAY: May 2ADDRESS: Pandacan ManilaNAME: Sesperes, EmmanuelBIRTHDAY: July 31, 1992ADDRESS: Taguig CityNAME: Soriano, JanetBIRTHDAY: October 23, 1990ADDRESS: Cavite City