The power of words


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Use your words to create positive changes in your own life and the lives of others.

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The power of words

  1. 1. THE POWER OF WORDS Presentation created for I M CONFIDENT NIAGARA CANADA By Brenda Silveira
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Reading books can help you gain all sorts of valuable information on various topics. They are full of words that can literally change your life. However, this can mean for the better or the worse depending on what you are reading. Make sure you are reading books with words that encourage, inspire and motivate you to learn and grow.
  3. 3. ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me’. Recorded in Folk Phrases of Four Counties (1894) as stated by one youngster to another Do you agree with this statement?
  4. 4. WORDS ARE POWERFUL Do you have any idea how much power you have in one small part of your body? What comes out of your mouth can do a lot of good or a lot of damage.
  5. 5. WHAT CAN WORDS DO? • Words can heal or hurt • Words can encourage or discourage • Words can stop wars or start wars • Words can build understanding or build barriers • Words can boost esteem or destroy esteem
  6. 6. JUST ONE MOUTH We have 2 EARS, 2 EYES, 2 NOSTRILS but just 1 MOUTH. Did you ever wonder why? Could it be because we are supposed to: • hear twice as much • see twice as much • smell twice as much • speak half as much
  7. 7. WHEN YOU SPEAK… What do you say? • Negative words or positive words • Complaining words or rejoicing words • Critical words or forgiving words • Nasty words or praising words • Judgmental words or non-judgmental words • Hurtful words or healing words
  8. 8. WORDS COME FROM OUR THOUGHTS Negative thoughts create Negative actions create Negative results Positive thoughts create Positive actions create Positive results
  9. 9. STOP THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS • Negative thoughts are destructive to ourselves and everyone around us • Negative thoughts keep our esteem low • Negative thoughts create relationship problems • Negative thoughts stop us from becoming happy and successful • Negative thoughts keep us from accomplishing anything of value
  10. 10. WHEN YOU HAVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS • Imagine a big red stop sign in front of your face, stop what you are doing and focus on a something positive • Wear an elastic band on your wrist and ping it, then replace the negative thought with a positive thought • Write your thoughts in a journal, review them at the end of the day and replace your negative words with positive words
  11. 11. SAY POSITIVE STATEMENTS • When you get up in the morning, don’t allow your mind to start focusing on negative thoughts • Flood your mind with positive statements • If you have trouble focusing in the morning, write them down the night before and leave them beside your bed • Do this every day and create a positive habit
  12. 12. NEGATIVITY FROM OTHERS People often communicate with negative words, often unintentionally • Take a couple of minutes to think about what was said • Make sure you understand their words and ask questions to clarify • Separate your feelings from your judgments, you don’t always know where they are coming from • Don’t allow their negative words to hurt you because they probably have issues of their own
  13. 13. USE POSITIVE WORDS • Positive words give positive power • Positive words help build confidence • Positive words increase self-esteem • Positive words provide energy • Positive words move you forward • Positive words motivate you • Positive words help you take action
  14. 14. POSITIVE POWER COMES FROM • Positive friends • Positive surroundings • Positive statements or affirmations • Inspirational music • Motivational books and movies • Continuous support from others • Taking action • YOURSELF!