Caterpiller to Butterfly (part 2) Planting positive seeds


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Helps you develop skills needed to become more positive in life. Helps you change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. How to fill your inner self with positive fuel.
This slide presentation is based on the Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook that was created by I M Confident Niagara Canada. The workbook has 84 pages of information that will provide you with the tools needed to get you started on your own personal journey to happiness and success plus activities to reinforce what you have learned. You can order your own copy today or download the e-book immediately. Visit for more information.

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Caterpiller to Butterfly (part 2) Planting positive seeds

  1. 1. CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY A Journey to Happiness and Success Part 2 – Planting Positive Seeds Presentation by I M CONFIDENT Niagara Canada Created by Brenda Silveira
  2. 2. IS YOUR LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS? ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? Most people search endlessly for happiness and success but many fail because they lack confidence and have little self-esteem. Is it really possible to find happiness and success? YES, but there are NO quick fixes and NO easy methods as others may promise. It takes a personal commitment to a lifetime of hard work and patience. This slide presentation will take you on a journey inside your soul. It will help you understand and control your emotions and show you how to develop skills needed to become more positive in life.
  3. 3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please note that our visual presentations and printed information are not intended to replace any professional help you are receiving. Use them in conjunction with your current services and/or programs. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life situations or feel this information is not helping you properly, please contact your health professional for assistance.
  4. 4. WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM, SO DOES HOPE. ~Lady Bird Johnson What is planted in your garden of life? If you have planted positive seeds, you will produce crops of: Beautiful words Kind thoughts Caring actions These will develop into: Plants of confidence Bushes of self-esteem Flowers of happiness Trees of success
  5. 5. OUR GARDEN OF LIFE Just as plants need proper care to grow and flourish, people also need proper care. By establishing strong roots and becoming grounded in love, we will keep any nasty weeds from coming into our garden and wiping away all the beauty. Let’s learn how to take proper care of our own personal garden of life.
  6. 6. DOES SELF-ESTEEM GROW IN YOUR GARDEN? A garden needs proper nourishment in order to grow. It needs: Good seeds Fertile soil Watering Weeding Pruning Continuous care When these conditions are met, the garden will be sure to flourish with beautiful flowers, healthy plants and fruitful trees.
  7. 7. ENVIRONMENT IS IMPORTANT When butterflies lay their eggs, they carefully choose the proper plant leaf, so when the egg hatches, the baby caterpillar will have the proper nourishment. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed plants as they are the only leaves they can safely eat.
  8. 8. ALL LIVING THINGS NEED PROPER NOURISHMENT…. …in order to survive and grow. Babies are nourished in their mother’s womb where it is: Comfortable Warm Safe & secure If the mother cares properly for her own health, the baby will grow and flourish.
  9. 9. THE SEED IS PLANTED IN FERTILE SOIL A good gardener takes time to prepare the soil and plant good seeds, so the garden will produce healthy plants, flowers and trees. Preparing for a child is extremely important, so the child will grow up in a proper, healthy environment. Yet, do parents and peers spend as much time in preparation for a child as they do for a garden?
  10. 10. CHILDREN ARE OUR MOST PRECIOUS GIFT In order to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, children need to:  Grow in a positive, loving environment  Learn healthy moral standards  Build strong commitments  See positive examples  Hear encouraging words As parents and peers, we can provide a solid base that will help give our children a secure future.
  11. 11. THE SEED GROWS When a seed is ready to grow, it starts to poke through the ground. When a baby is born, it is pulled or taken out of its safe, secure place and: • Smacked on the bottom • Taken away from its mother • Moved from person to person • Poked, prodded and pushed • Left alone in a small bed How traumatic!
  12. 12. THE BABY CRIES • I want attention • I am angry • I am confused • I am afraid • I am hungry • I am lonely • LISTEN TO ME! Doesn’t this sound like many adults today? • I want this • I need that • Why are you not listening to me
  13. 13. BABIES ARE NATURALLY SELF-CENTERED & NEGATIVE • Everything is ‘I’ or ‘me’ • The world revolves around them • Everything they see and hear will affect their growth • Without proper guidance, children will become selfish, negative adults • They need good role models • They need to learn proper behaviours
  14. 14. CHILDREN NEED TO BE MOULDED • Babies are like a lump of clay that is waiting to be moulded into something beautiful – a unique individual. • Just as shaping clay is a delicate process, children need to be handled with care or they can become damaged and broken.
  15. 15. WATERING YOUR GARDEN What would happen if we didn’t water our gardens? Water is a basic need for all living things. Without water and proper nutrition, everything would wither and die. People have the basic needs of:  Food & water  Shelter  Clothing Is there anything else?
  16. 16. EMOTIONAL NUTRITION Children and all humans need emotional nutrition – love and attention. We can EXIST without it, but we cannot LIVE without it. Too often, children They become adults with: are given the wrong • Insecurities & fears food: • Anger, resentment • Disrespect & bitterness • Abuse • Relationship issues • Neglect • General inability to • Being ignored cope with life
  17. 17. OUR BODIES ARE EMOTIONAL TANKS A tank is a ‘receptacle for holding, storing…’. Our bodies already store water, but imagine it as a holding tank for emotions. Every day, we pour hundreds of emotions into our emotional tanks, both positive and negative. As humans, we tend to fill ourselves with more negative than positive and this can have disastrous effects!
  18. 18. POSITIVE & NEGATIVE FUEL Filling our tanks with positive fuel makes us.. …..MORE positive. Filling our tanks with negative fuel makes us… …..MORE negative. It is impossible to stop negative emotions, but we CAN fill our tanks with more positive emotions. HOW?  Surround ourselves with positive people and things  Fill others with positive fuel
  19. 19. WE ARE CREATURES OF HABIT People often do things without thinking, simply because we have formed habits.  Research shows that it takes about 21 consecutive days to develop a new habit  Since people tend to be negative and self-centered, bad habits are easy to form. Good habits can be easy to start, but they require more time and patience, so we lose interest quickly Need to practice and repeat new habits to reinforce them
  20. 20. GOOD HABITS BUILD CONFIDENCE Learning new, good habits will help overcome: • Feelings of worthlessness • Fears and insecurities • Addictions • Poor behaviours • Pressures and stresses • Depression and anxiety Replacing bad habits with good habits will improve ourselves: • Physically • Mentally • Emotionally • Spiritually
  21. 21. WEEDING & PRUNING YOUR GARDEN • Gardens need to be weeded and pruned in order to gain strength. • People also need weeding and pruning so they can become strong and confident. • Negative words and actions need to be changed into positive words and actions.
  22. 22. POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SELF-TALK • People often talk to themselves in a negative way • We are ‘our own worst enemies’ • Negative self-talk can destroy our self-confidence • Need to be aware of what we are saying • Need to change bad habit • Consciously replace negative with positive words and actions
  23. 23. CONTINUOUS CARE IN YOUR GARDEN If you want a beautiful garden, you need to care for it on a continuous basis even when it looks good or appears to be lying dormant. People need continuous care: • Always give love and appreciation • Fill emotional tank with positive fuel • Fill others with positive emotions
  24. 24. WHAT IS IN YOUR GARDEN? What would others see in your garden? Beautiful flowers with bright, vivid colours Thick trees with ripe, juicy fruit Full bushes and healthy plants OR  Wilting and drooping flowers  Dead and brittle branches  Ugly weeds  Rotting leaves and debris
  25. 25. THE GRASS IS GREENER If your personal garden of life is not as healthy as you would like it to be: Determine what is missing Review the steps needed to create a beautiful garden Make a plan and start growing KEEP IN MIND The grass is only greener on the other side of the fence if they are taking better care of it. Try taking good care of your grass and it will also be green.
  26. 26. Thank-you for viewing this presentation. The Caterpillar to Butterfly Self-Esteem Workbook will help you get started on your journey to happiness and success. Order your copy today! Visit our website for order information.