Partnering with IEEE— Continuing Education


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Partnering with IEEE— Continuing Education
Workshops for technology professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Partnering with IEEE— Continuing Education

  1. 1. Partnering with IEEE— Continuing Education Workshops for technology professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region
  2. 2. IEEE Asia-Pacific Continuing Education IEEE Educational Activities is proud to offer high-quality workshops to help engineering and technology professionals in the Asia-Pacific Region enhance their communication skills. Workshops are coordinated through IEEE’s Asia-Pacific Office in Singapore. Internationally recognized, peer-reviewed We partner with the finest training organizations and technical conferences to present our high-quality, practical workshops for students and working professionals. Course materials are developed by internationally recognized experts in technical communications and peer-reviewed by a team of technical and communications specialists. Technical professionals who participate will earn an IEEE Certificate of Completion. Never one-size-fits-all Our workshops are small and highly interactive, customized to your needs. Workshop facilitators have been trained to teach these materials in a highly engaging, interactive format that addresses real world communication issues, using classroom activities drawn from the students’ own work lives.
  3. 3. Competitive Advantage Learn relevant, practical content developed by recognized experts in technical communications. Meet Employers’ Demands Show employers that you are a dedicated technology professional with the knowledge and skills they require. On-the-Job Performance Implement new modes of communication to better represent yourself and your employer. Credibility Establish your credibility among your peers, work teams, employers, and customers. Evaluate Applicants Completion of IEEE training workshops is an unbiased measure of the baseline knowledge held by a candidate. Turn-Key Training Save time and money by using IEEE workshops as the basis for your global training program. Competitive Advantage Establish credibility among customers and partners. Expand Your Capability Prepare your organization to meet the increasing demand for quality communication professionals within the technology field. Professionals Professionals and organizations can both benefit from IEEE Training Workshops. Key advantages are: Employers 1 Why Do You Need IEEE Training Workshops?
  4. 4. Designed for business and industry managers who want to improve their writing skills and create quality documents, the IEEE Technical Writing Workshop explains the proper ways to communicate technical information in print, online, and spoken contexts. This course will explain why technical writing is different from other types of writing, explore both industrial and non-industrial writing styles, and discuss different multicultural issues. The emphasis on real-world industry examples will facilitate fast, practical learning. • Technical Writing Process • Understanding Your Audience • Correspondence: Letters, Memos, Emails • Short Reports–Long Reports Proposals, Specifications, Instructions • Technical Writing for Web 2.0 • Fundamentals of Document Design Course Outline IEEE Technical Writing Workshop
  5. 5. Providing participants the skills to deliver con- tent-rich scientific and technical presentations, the IEEE Technical Presentations Workshop includes real-world presentation examples from representative industries. This course will teach how to raise and maintain a high interest level and how to improve interaction during technical presentations for both internal and external customers. Participants will learn the nuances of form and how to transform technical information into dynamic presentations. The focus goes beyond grammatical and form issues to help attendees learn how to think in English and better predict and meet international expectations for scientific and technical communication and presentations. • Preparing for a Technical Presentation • Structure of a Technical Presentation • Preparing Visuals—Dos and Don’ts • Delivery of Technical Presentation Course Outline 3 IEEE Technical Presentations Workshop
  6. 6. Designed to improve communications in the English language for business and engineering professionals, the IEEE English for Engineering Workshop will develop technical and practical skills for speaking, reading, and writing English. Students will be better able to participate in international conferences, publish in major journals, and communicate effectively with other professionals. This workshop specifically covers language skills that are useful for engineering and other technical professions, and includes modules for learners at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels of expertise respectively. • Listening and comprehending fundamental technical concepts at a high level when spoken in English • Reading technical materials and understanding concepts in English in the context of engineering applications • Technical writing to describe engineering concepts in English • Speaking about technical concepts using an expanded vocabulary in English Course Outline IEEE English for Engineering Workshop
  7. 7. The IEEE Educational Activities Department includes educators, instructional designers, and publishing professionals. We leverage relationships with a vast array of subject matter experts and partnerships with universities and training organizations to create continuing education materials in IEEE’s fields of interest. Key Accreditation IEEE Continuing Education Programs are peer-reviewed by a volunteer editorial board and external content experts, using a process similar to that used in IEEE journals and magazines. This peer review guarantees both quality of the technical content of learning materials, as well as adherence to IEEE’s strict criteria for educational excellence. All programs that pass this strict review process are entitled to award the IEEE Continuing Education Unit (CEU), recognized as the standard of excellence for continuing education programs in IEEE’s fields of interest. 5 IEEE Continuing Education
  8. 8. To learn more about IEEE training workshops in the Asia-Pacific Region, visit or email IEEE Asia-Pacific Limited 1 Fusionopolis Walk #04-07 South Tower Solaris, Singapore 138628 About IEEE | IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. 13-EA-0139 05/13