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Mobile Social Marketing
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Mobile Social Marketing


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Presentation at IMC Institute's Training on "Planning on Mobile Strategy" 29-30 May 2013 by Oranuch Lerdsuwankij

Presentation at IMC Institute's Training on "Planning on Mobile Strategy" 29-30 May 2013 by Oranuch Lerdsuwankij

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Oranuch LerdsuwankijTwitter: @mimeeEmail : :
  • 2. TV ShowThailand Can is thumbsup
  • 3. Official Partnerof EconsultancyOnline Marketing Course• Fast Track• SEO & SEM Course and Workshop• Social Media Marketing
  • 4. Content• Thailand Market Situation• What you should know• Mobile Marketing Type• Some advice for brands• Key terms that we should know
  • 5. Thailand MarketSituation
  • 6. Facebook Users(Mar 2013) : 18,202,320 Users% of population : 27.13%% of online population : 124.21%Thailand Facebook Statistic51%49%
  • 7. Thailand Instagram StatisticInstagram Users: 603,288 UsersAverage:• 656 Followers/User• 178 Photos/User• 69 Likes/Post• 2 Comments/Post
  • 8. Non voice revenue is growing up(Q3 2012)Source : nbtc.go.thMobile Nonvoice Revenue
  • 9. Forecast Number of Smartphone sales (2013): grow by110%, 7.5 million units [GFK]Forecast (2013) : Android 68% share, iOS 18% share,then Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 [GFK]Forecast Number of 3G subs : 25 Million[]Mobile Statistic
  • 10. Reducing digital divideCreating new Business Opportunity
  • 11. What youshould know
  • 12. What you should know• App Economy• Multi Screen World• HTML 5• Responsive Web Design• The rising of Mobile Appsfrom Thai Startups
  • 13. Mobile TelecomEcosystem (Before 2007)
  • 14. The Tipping Point….
  • 15. Current Mobile Telecom EcosystemApplicationStoresCarrierHardset VendorOS Providers3rd Party Players
  • 16. Mobile App business ModelsPay per downloadIn app purchaseAdvertisement
  • 17. In App Purchase
  • 18. The meaning of Top Chart on Appstore
  • 19. The New Multi-Screen World
  • 20. The New Multi-Screen World
  • 21. With the convenience introduced by HTML 5, it will be thepreferred standard for application design and developmentHTML 5
  • 22. Responsive Web Design
  • 23. The rising of Mobile Apps from Thai StartupsWongnai Stamp
  • 24. ShopSpot Symbols of StyleThe rising of Mobile Apps from Thai Startups
  • 25. What does it mean forThai Digital Marketers?Startup OnlineMarketerOnlineMarketer
  • 26. Type of MobileMarketing
  • 27. Type of Mobile Marketing• Mobile Search Ads• Mobile Display Ads & Real Time Bidding (RTB)• Rich Media Ads• Facebook Mobile Ads• Social Media - Instagram• Location-Based Marketing• Campaign with QR Code• Mobile with Print Ads• Interactive Catalogue App• NFC with Mobile Ads• Branded Mobile Application• Co-Campaign
  • 28. Global Mobile Ad Spending (BillionUSD)
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31. Mobile Search
  • 32. Mobile Search AdsDeliver relevant ads based on keywords (Generic/Brand Keyword)Text Ads Call Extensions
  • 33. Click to downloadMobile Search Ads
  • 34. Location ExtensionMobile Search Ads
  • 35. Mobile Display Ads
  • 36. Define ClearSet up yourWho is yourTarget group?
  • 37. Define “Call to Action”
  • 38. Real time Bidding (RTB)Method of selling and buying online display advertising with instant auction.Advertisers can get more access and more targeting.
  • 39. Understand Many factors• Demographic of your targetusers• Business Industries• Creative Ads• Bigger isn’t always better formobile ad clicksIn order to maximize the features and functionality of each device, mobileAdvertisers should build different creative for different screen sizes.“Keep monitoring and optimization”
  • 40. Mobile Rich Media Ads
  • 41. Mobile Rich Media Ads
  • 42. Mobile Rich Media Ads
  • 43. Average EngagementTime ~ 3minsCall to Action“Save invitation” +“Share on Facebook”Click-through rate (CTR)75% higher than theindustry averagePerfume Launch by LancomeCase Study: Lancome
  • 44. Nokia Lumia engages smartphone users with directinteraction from the actual device interfaceWinner at the Australian mobileawards 2012Average Click-through rate (CTR)0.82%, with a peak of 1.39%Engagement levelsAverage Visit Duration2min 20sec for every unique visitAverage % of new visitors79.3%, achieving the goal toexpose the product to newcustomers on an ongoing basis.Case Study: Nokia
  • 45. Drive awareness of the Audi Q3 by AudiPeak Click-through rate (CTR)1.025%Average Click-through rate(CTR)0.67%5% of consumers clickedthrough to download abrochure and 7% clickedthrough to the m-site formore information.Case Study: Audi
  • 46. Facebook Mobile Ads
  • 47. Sponsored StoriesPromote user generatedcontent including likes, statusupdates, and Open Graphstories.Facebook Mobile Ads
  • 48. Sponsored StoriesFacebook Mobile Ads
  • 49. Page Post Ads, Promoted PostHelp you reach a broaderaudience with the content youpost to your brand’s Page.(Photos, Offer, Questions, Videosor events)Page Post Ads - can be targetedto non-fansPromoted Post - can be shownonly to fans and friends of fans,Facebook Mobile Ads
  • 50. Page Post Ads, Promoted PostFacebook Mobile Ads
  • 51. Mobile App Install AdsMobile app install adshelp developers reachpeople on mobiledevices. When peopleclick on the ad on themobile device, theywill be directed to theApp Store or GooglePlay to install theapp.Facebook Mobile Ads
  • 52. Facebooks news feed redesignis mobile consistency
  • 53. Instagram with UGC(User Generated Content)
  • 54. Location-based Marketing
  • 55. Marketing
  • 56. Location-based + AR
  • 57. RedefineLocation Based Marketingby technology
  • 58. Touch PointQR CodeMarkerImageRecognition
  • 59. Case Study : Home Plus, Big C StoreWhat is the key success factor of this case?
  • 60. Case Study: Trident
  • 61. Study: Volkswagen
  • 62. Augmented Reality (AR)Case Study: IKEA
  • 63. Near Field CommunicationNear field communication (NFC) is a set of standards forsmartphones and similar devices to establish radiocommunication with each other by touching them together orbringing them into close proximity. - Wikipedia
  • 64. Case Study: NFC with Mobile Ads is the key success factor of this case?
  • 65. MobileApplication
  • 66. Case Study : Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy CalendarUseful
  • 67. This app uses technology that accesses McDonald’s supply-chain andAugmented Reality (AR) to deliver interactive information about McDonald’sfood (Where their food has come from).UsefulCase Study : McDonald
  • 68. The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned withGPS, giving you audio feedback as you run.Useful Study : Nike
  • 69. The game challenges you to hunt, catch and escape with a virtual MINI in Stockholm using aniPhone app and your own two legs. The catch is, you have to get within 50m of the virtual MINI tohit “Take The MINI Now” in the app before escaping as fast as possible, because anyone else whogets within 50m of you can instantly take the virtual MINI back! If you are the person holding thevirtual MINI after 7 days of 24/7 gaming, you’ll win a real MINI Countryman! Fun!GameCase Study : Mini
  • 70. Turning beachfront concept store into a lab for the company’s“Happiness Refill” project. A dispenser that give young cellphone usersdata credits to browse the internet rather than soda.UsefulBrand Experience Study : Coca-Cola
  • 71.’s-attention-once-again/Coca-Colas app Chok turns mobile devices in a remote control thatthe user shakes when a Coke commercial comes on the screen.Have Fun!GameCase Study : Coca-Cola
  • 72. Study : Muji
  • 73. Co-Campaign : LINENo. of Users : 10.2M (Dec 12)• Number 1 in Chat App in Thailand• Number 3 in the world after Japan & Taiwan• Increase of 1,150 % in just one year• Co-campaign with brand (Telco, Airline, FMCG, Banking,Tourism etc.)
  • 74. Recommended BookReview:
  • 75. 1
  • 76. Check your goalCheck your resourceMobile Web• Deliver content• Establish broad mobilepresence(Easily found on searchengines)Mobile App• Interactive engagement• Work like computer program
  • 77. 22 When we develop mobile product• Set up your goal.• Which devices your users use most and design for the rightdevice.• Start with People, not Technology - User experience is heart ofany product.• User shouldn’t search very far for your product’s key value.• What is product’s key value? Don’t try to put everything !!– few key features and make it work well– feature set fits the mobile experience• Agile Development and Test Test Test!
  • 78. Gamification is the concept of applyinggame-design thinking to non-gameapplications to make them more fun andengaging. – gamification.org terms that we should know..33MININIKEFoursquare Shopkick
  • 79. SOLOMOKey terms that we should know..33Social LocalMobileSOLOMOReal life x The internet x Real TimeMININIKE
  • 80. Key terms that we should know..
  • 81. “To win consumers’ attention and trust,marketers must think less about whatadvertising says to its targets and more aboutwhat it does for them”– Jeffrey F. Rayport
  • 82. Reference: Video ClipsVolkswagen Hello Baby Fusion (Trackmymacca) Happiness Coke Cola Chok
  • 83. Oranuch LerdsuwankijTwitter: @mimeeEmail : :