THE DEN                                                                                              DEC. 2012CONNECTING A...
FAVORITES FROM THE DEN TEAMIn each newsletter, we’d like to share some of our favorite free sites and resources with you. ...
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December Romanian DEN Newslettter


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December Romanian

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December Romanian DEN Newslettter

  1. 1. THE DEN DEC. 2012CONNECTING AND SHARING The Discovery Educator Network was created in 2005 toconnect educators to their most valuable resource...each WHY  NETWORK?other. Over the years, the community and grown andthousands of educators have realized the importance of • To  learn  with  othersnetworking. If you asked one of these networked teachers the •  To  serve  your  studentsreason they began connecting with others, you would probablyget a variety of reasons. However, most of those reasons are •  To  access  a  dynamic  resourceprobably related to the five mentioned in an article titled “5 •  To  extend  your  learning  baseReasons Why Educators Should Network.” You’ve made the •  To  stay  engaged  in  educationcommitment to network by joining the Romanian DEN. Sharethis article with your colleagues and help get them connectedand learning with others, too.INFOGRAPHICSInfographics are a popular way to share information about a particular topic. iiiiiiiiiBelow are three infographics about social media, teachers who use technology,and different styles of learning. Click on each infographic to view a larger version. iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii
  2. 2. FAVORITES FROM THE DEN TEAMIn each newsletter, we’d like to share some of our favorite free sites and resources with you. Steve Dembo - LucidChart- Create flow charts, mind maps, and other diagrams with this site. Collaborate in real time on group projects. A number of great tools are available to make your final product look professional. Porter Palmer - Exploratorium - This great museum site is an ongoing exploration of science. There is a vast collection of online interactives and activities to explore. Chad Lehman - Symbaloo - This site allows you to create a visual page displaying your favorite sites. Anyone can access these bookmarks from anywhere. Here’s a great example using Math resources. Kyle Schutt - beeclip - is a site that allows students to create digital scrapbooks. Students can combine images, videos, and text. This easy to use site allows for easy collaboration on project as well as simple sharing, downloading, and printing. CONNECT WITH THE DEN Connect via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Edmodo, and Pinterest. Simply click on the icons. iii iii iiiiiiii iii iii You can translate this newsletter to Romanian using Google Translate at: