Gain a Deep Insight into the Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services Market


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Gain a Deep Insight into the Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services Market

  1. 1. Gain a Deep Insight into the Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services MarketDriven by a strong demand of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and clinical trial materials; the global marketfor healthcare cold chain logistic services is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.IMARC Group, one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms, has recently launched one of themost comprehensive studies on the global healthcare logistic services market. The study entitled“Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast (2011-2016)” provides ananalytical and statistical insight into the logistic opportunities in the global healthcare market. The studythat has been undertaken using both desk based as well as qualitative primary market research hasanalyzed three aspects of the global healthcare cold chain logistics market.The first aspect involves the quantification of the global market for temperature sensitive healthcareproducts into three major classes and evaluation of the current and future opportunities in each of theseclasses. The second aspect involves an in-depth understanding on the global healthcare cold chaindistribution process and logistic requirements for various temperature sensitive healthcare products. Thethird aspect involves the quantification of the global healthcare cold chain logistic services market and acomprehensive evaluation of its various segments.What we have achieved in this report:Comprehensive Market Analysis of Temperature Sensitive Healthcare ProductsClasses Covered: Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines & Clinical Trial MaterialFocus of the Analysis in Each Class:• Drivers and challenges• Historical sales trends• Logistic requirements• Impact of temperature excursions• Opportunities in cold chain services• Market outlook (2011-2016)Understanding the Operations of a Healthcare Cold Chain Distribution ProcessFocus of the Analysis:• Understanding the various methods of cold chain distribution and their advantages/disadvantages.• Understanding the cold chain requirements for various temperature sensitive healthcare products andthe impact of temperature excursions.• Understanding the various costs involved in cold chain transportation and comparing it with non-coldchain transportation.• Understanding the key steps required in the setting and organization of an efficient cold chaindistribution process.imarc© 1
  2. 2. Comprehensive Market Analysis of the Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services MarketFocus of the analysis:• Quantifying the global healthcare cold chain logistic services market• Quantifying the market size by product• Quantifying the market size by service• Quantifying the market size by regionInformation Sources:Information has been sourced from both primary and secondary sources:Primary sources include industry surveys and face to face/telephone interviews with industry experts.Secondary sources include proprietary databases and search engines. These sources include companywebsites and reports, books, trade journals, magazines, white papers, industry portals, governmentsources and access to more than 4000 paid databases.Table of Contents:1 Research Methodology & Market Definitions2 Executive Summary3 The Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market3.1 Current Trends3.1.1 Healthcare Cold Chain Products are Exhibiting Exponential Growth3.1.2 Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products Have Well Defined Logistic Needs3.1.3 Outsourcing Trends in Research & Manufacturing Have Increased Logistic Demands3.1.4 Increasing Regulatory Focus on the Integrity of Transported Healthcare Products3.1.5 Cost is Not Always the Most Important Driver in Supplier Decisions4 The Global Healthcare Cold Chain Products Market4.1 Current Market Trends & Forecast4.2 Market Segments4.2.1 Biopharmaceuticals4.2.1.1 Current Market Trends & Forecast4.2.1.2 Cold Chain Requirements for Biopharmaceuticals4.2.1.3 Cold Chain Opportunities for Biopharmaceuticals4.2.2 Vaccines4.2.2.1 Current Market Trends & Forecast4.2.2.2 Cold Chain Requirements for Vaccines4.2.2.3 Cold Chain Opportunities for Vaccines4.2.3 Clinical Trial Materials4.2.3.1 Current Market Trends & Forecast4.2.3.2 Cold Chain Requirements for Clinical Trial Materials4.2.3.3 Cold Chain Opportunities for Clinical Trial Materials5 Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics: How Does It Operate?5.1 Cold Chain Packaging & Transportation Methods5.1.1 Dry Ice5.1.2 Liquid Nitrogen5.1.3 Gel Packs5.2 Modeling the Cost of Cold Chain Packaging & Transportation5.3 The Setting & Organization of Cold Chains5.3.1 Initial Considerations5.3.2 Choosing the Correct Model5.3.3 Regulatory/Custom Clearanceimarc© 2
  3. 3. 5.3.4 Final Stages5.3.5 Quality Assurance6 The Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services Market6.1 Current Trends & Forecast6.2 Market Segmentation6.2.1 Market by Product6.2.1.1 Biopharmaceuticals & Vaccines6.2.1.2 Clinical Trial Materials6.2.2 Market by Service6.2.2.1 Packaging & Instrumentation6.2.2.2 Transportation6.2.3 Market by Region6.2.3.1 North America6.2.3.2 Europe6.2.3.3 Asia Pacific6.2.3.4 Rest of the World7 Challenges in the Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market7.1 Cold Chain Infrastructure Remains Underdeveloped in Many Regions7.2 Lack of Funding to Implement an Efficient Cold Chain Infrastructure7.3 New Technologies Nullifying the Need of Cold Chains8 Key Company Profiles8.1 World Courier8.2 DHL8.3 Fedex8.4 United Parcel Service8.5 Kuehne and Nagel8.6 Cavalier Logistics8.7 DB Schenker8.8 Life ConEx8.9 American Airlines Cargo8.10 Continental Air Cargo8.11 MarkenTo buy the complete report or to get a free sample, please contact:IMARC Group AsiaEmail: apac@imarcgroup.comPhone: +91-120-425-6531IMARC Group North AmericaEmail: america@imarcgroup.comPhone: +1-631-791-1145To know more please visit:© 3
  4. 4. Key wordsBiosimilar market, biosimilar industry, follow-on biologics market, biogenerics market, us biosimilarmarket, biosimilar monoclonal antibodiesimarc© 4