Application Form (en) Youth Multistakeholder Consultation on the Post2015 Dev Agenda in Bali


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Application Form (en) Youth Multistakeholder Consultation on the Post2015 Dev Agenda in Bali

  1. 1. Youth Multistakeholder Meeting in Alignment with HLPEP Consultation on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia Position Description: Youth DelegateOverview:As the end of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is just around the corner (2015), it is imperativethat young people play a progressive role in holding multilevel stakeholders accountable to theircommitments and obligations in poverty alleviation.In alignment with the upcoming High Level Panel of Eminent Persons (HLPEP) chaired by PresidentYudhoyono of Indonesia, President Sirleaf of Liberia and Prime Minister Cameron of the UK that takesplace in Bali, youth working group envisions to further utilize the parallel stakeholders meeting tofacilitate the input of young people into discussions around ‘Global Partnerships and Means ofImplementation’ for the post-2015 framework, the theme of the 4 th meeting of the HLPEP. Theupcoming meeting is a pivotal event for the youth constituency as it will shape the future of thedevelopment agenda and its effectiveness in addressing the issues that disproportionately affectyoung people such as health, comprehensive education, access to decent employment, ecologicalconservation and economic inclusion.We are eager to welcome young people across the globe to join us at this meeting and we are lookingfor bright and passionate young people to come to Bali as youth delegates. Youth delegates will cometo represent various groups as well as regions around the world and will convene in Nusa Dua, Balifrom March 24th to 25th 2013. Youth delegates will be given the opportunity to debate, discuss andchampion with high-level decision makers on what a post-2015 development agenda should look like,how it should be implemented and how youth voices are well integrated into the process.Activities:a. Youth Caucus/Strategy Meeting, March 24th 2013 One day consolidation meeting to further adjust the level of knowledge on HLP activities; various processes within the post-2015 framework such as Rio+20 Summit, SDGs, ICPDs, thematic consultation, etc; as well as planning youth input into into the multi-stakeholder meeting.b. Multistakeholder Meeting (Parallel Group Discussion for Youth), March 25 th 2013 A strategic meeting with the focus on constructive dialogue in inputting the HLP members on the interplay of key stakeholder, impact and scale of post-2015 development agenda as well as translation from aspiration to goals and indicators.Location:Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali, IndonesiaClassification:- At the age of under 30 years old by March 24 th, 2013- Strongly passionate in development field, especially Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) andother related issues- Experience and familiarity with HLPEP and Post-2015 Development Agenda- Active in organization(s), preferably those with working areas related to development and youthissues- Stellar leadership and organizational skills- Prior experience(s) in consultation meetings related to Post-2015 Development Agenda ispreferable, but not compulsory- Fluent in English is preferable, but not compulsoryThe committee will ensure that the final selected delegates will bring together a wide range of lifeexperiences, abilities and social, economic and cultural backgrounds
  2. 2. Youth Multistakeholder Meeting in Alignment with HLPEP Consultation on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia Youth Delegate Application FormA. Basic Information 1. First and Middle Name: ________________ 2. Surname / Family Name: ________________ 3. Date of Birth: ________________ 4. Gender:  Male  Female  Other 5. Nationality: ________________ 6. Current address: ________________________________________ 7. Phone number (including country code): ________________ 8. Email address: ________________________B. Organization 1. Name of organization: ________________ 2. Description of organization (not more than 100 words): ________________________ 3. Position in the organization: ________________ 4. Area of work (you may tick more than one):  Youth empowerment  Women empowerment  Children  Access to decent employment  Comprehensive education  Ecological conservation  Human Rights  Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights  LGBTQ  HIV / AIDS  Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous People  People with disability / diffable  Other, please specify ________ 5. Organization’s website (if any): ________________________C. Your Suitability for this position (please answer in not more than 250words/question) 1. Why are you interested to be a youth delegate? 2. How can your experience and knowledge in MDGs and Post 2015 Development Agenda enrich the discussion process during the meeting? 3. What do you envision the Post-2015 goals should look like?
  3. 3. Youth Multistakeholder Meeting in Alignment with HLPEP Consultation on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia 4. What do you expect to take away from this experience? 5. How do you intend to disseminate and implement the outcomes of this meeting to a wider audience at national and/or regional levels?D. FinancingWe strongly encourage each participant to cover his/her participation costs by him/herself sincefinancial support is very limited.How do you finance your participation in this meeting?  I am fully self-financed  I need full support  I need partial support on (please specify percentage if possible):  Airfare ticket  Airport Tax  Accommodation  Stipend  Other, please specify _______E. References 1. - Name: ________________________ - Institution: _______________________ - Position: _____________________ - Email address: _____________________ - Phone number (including country code): ____________________F. Diversity What is this section and how will the information be used? Young people are different in so many ways. We want to ensure that young people taking part in the UN High Level Panel Event reflect this wonderful diversity. Therefore, were asking you to complete the following form. This is not compulsory but the information will be treated as confidential. If you have any questions about how this information will be used please contact and Country of Birth Language Spoken Racial Background What is your current employment/education status?
  4. 4. Youth Multistakeholder Meeting in Alignment with HLPEP Consultation on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia Im in formal education (e.g. school, university, college) Im employed full time Im employed part-time Im self-employed Im unemployed and/or job-seeking Im volunteering Other (please specify): Id prefer not to say What level of education have you completed? (please X all that apply) Not completed any education (no qualifications) Primary School Secondary school Under-graduate degree Post-graduate degree Other formal training / qualifications (please specify) Id prefer not to say How would you describe where you live? I live in a large town or city (i.e. an urban area) I live in a village or very remote area (i.e. a rural area) Do you consider yourself to have a disability? Yes, please specify No Id prefer not to say Thank you for completing this diversity section.All application must be submitted by 11.59 PM WIB (GMT +7) on February 28th, 2013 with theattached resume/cv. Only complete applications are considered. If the website doesn’t work, you maysend the complete applications to . Due to an expected high volume ofapplications received, the selection team is unable to notify you on your application status before theannouncement date.All applicants will be notified of the selection outcome via e-mail after March 4 th, 2013.Should you have questions or comments about the selection, please address them and