Noteworthy Social Media Campaigns in indonesia 2012


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Noteworthy Social Media Campaigns in indonesia 2012

  1. 1. Noteworthy Campaignsfrom Indonesian Social Media Scene
  2. 2. Internet Penetration in Indonesia Penetration growth of internet in Indonesia is one of the highest in world in the last 3 years Source: Frost & Sullivan 2012 Mobile device is the key driver in expanding internet penetration in Indonesia Source: TNS Indonesia Net Index 2012
  3. 3. Indonesian Social Media Among The World Facebook largest countries Twitter largest countries43 million of Facebook users in Indonesia, equals Source: CheckFacebook,, to about 18% of the population Semiocast 19 million Twitter account in Indonesia, generates 2 millions of tweets per day With its extensive user’s data, With its swift and rapid stream, Facebook can inform a lot about twitter can inform a lot about demography activity
  4. 4. Indonesian Facebook Demography Source: Admax Network
  5. 5. Indonesian Twitter ActivityIndonesia has the fifth most active Indonesian tweets almost all day users in the world long, peaking in the evening *accounts with at least one post within two months Ubertwitter and Twitter for Blackberry, are the most used twitter client - indicating mobile usage as well as prominence of Blackberry devices Source: Sociocast,
  6. 6. Case Study 1: Axe Facebook PageAs one of the largest Facebook page (1,8 million Likes - reached 1 million Likes in October 2011) , Axe ID page is managed with consistent pattern that effectively attracts you men’s attention. Most frequent posts: 1. Fresh takes on young men’ interests: football, video game, exotic destinations 2. Axe Girls. Photos, profiles, and occasional competition to win a date with them 3. More beautiful girls. Celebrities, footballer girlfriends, models 4. Supporting Axe’s TVC thematic campaign (Axe Provoke, Axe Twist) 6AxeID : 1,858,609 likes @Axe_ID : 5832 followers
  7. 7. Case Study 2: Pocari Sweat Heavy Rotation Dance Competition Result: 1314 video submitted in 30 days (1 - 30 June 2012) A dance competition that amplify the TVC’s catchy music and dance. The original TVC utilize the adaptation of Japan’s popular girlband AKB48 into Indonesian JKT48. The energetic dance embodies Pocari Sweat’s slogan ‘Youth Sweat Beautiful’ Key Components: Frequent airing TVC Emerging favor toward girlband Fun and easily replicable dance,(run from January - June) from Japan and Korea Aspirational prizes (group trip to provided with tutorial and Singapore & gadgets) downloadable music Pocari ID : 186,411 likes @PocariID : 28,718 followers PocariID : 2,010,294 views
  8. 8. Case Study 3: Pocari Sweat Ionopolis Social Media Game Indonesia’s first social media game, that revolves around the message of dehydration. Gain points through Foursquare Actions and points are translated from social media activity check- ins and mentions in Twitter (check in, mention) as well as finding QR codes, trivia game, and Facebook and product purchase. Result: 93,700 people participated within 4 months (Dec 2010 - Mar 2011)Main prize: trip to Japan for two winners Trivia quiz along the way that test knowledge about dehydration Points gathered from product The game step out into real life bypurchase that utilize scratch card challenging players to find QR codes
  9. 9. Case Study 4: Acer Slimpossible Acer introduced the slimmest ultrabook, high performance machine crammed into an impossible 1.5 cm thin shape. A futuristic stage was made inside mall for three days (1-3 June 2012) where prominent twitter figures accept impossible challenges from their followers using hashtag #Slimpossible @zarryhendrik accepting challenge to @chantalconcetta accepting challenge @pwgdochi, a band frontman is mimic Agung Hercules, a singer- to arch her back, demonstrating her challenged to make instant music comedian-bodybuilder body shapeAcer ID : 690,506 likes @AcerID : 25,639 followers These photos were submitted by users who participated in the live- tweeting (reporting) contest Results: The stunts made Acer a buzzworthy brand among youth, overlooking its me-too product strategy toward Apple’s Macbook Air that was recently launched its latest series. Indonesia became the number one search traffic in Google to seek for ‘Acer Slim’
  10. 10. Case Study 5: WRP Diet To Go @Rahneputri,Writer, 28170 followers @myartasya Radio announcer, 14417 followers WRP Diet To Go is a product with solid promise: weight loss in 6 days To really demonstrate the product in a fun way, they utilize two buzzer: @rahneputri and @myartasya - actual friends that are also prominent figure in twitter. The girls were plotted to engage in a 6 days competition of weight loss. Followers cheered the girls’ effort and learned about the product along the way. Soon followers team up to support each girl. The girls need motivation as they crave for snack every now and then. WRP product which consists of nutrition beverage and low calorie cookies, became the hero. At the end of the challenge, both girls reported on twitter that they loose weight. The followers cheering and asking for more information, responded by the recommedation to follow @WRPdiet - today’s one of the most followed brand among Indonesian consumers @WRPdiet : 109,375 followers
  11. 11. Key Highlights• Relevant content is always the key to communication, but in social media the relevance of content becomes more dynamic, it follows the current trend and latest amusement of the target audience• Importance of challenge and game - sometimes the level of participation and depth of the rabbit hole is underestimated. People upload and play despite poor internet connection• Multiple platform adds excitement to the campaign, especially when it steps beyond digital into real world - dancing, hunting QR codes, and take a diet brings the campaign to life• Emergence of Twitter as social media channel that provides real-time engagement especially because the importance of mobile access - where Facebook platform is still lagging behind Twitter• Highly influencing paid buzzer or prominent figures became a common practice, but the planned engagement and conversation is even more vital. Pay attention to the circles of friends