Cycling Bachelors


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An initiative to target Bike to Work campaign toward young white collars that work Jakarta.

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Cycling Bachelors

  1. 1. Cycling Bachelors CampaignCampaign
  2. 2. • Among issues challenging B2W, is the lack of focus in its campaign
  3. 3. • Anak Kost is a strategic segment to target on, because – Represents a specific characteristics yet significant in numberin number – Open minded, adaptable, and highly accessible through digital media – Cycling fits them!
  4. 4. Anak Kost (Bachelor) • Male and female 22 – 30 years old • White collar, early jobber to senior staff • Kost around business areas of Jakarta
  5. 5. Why not cycling • Don’t realize it as a feasible option of transportation at their conditions – Never come across my mind – I know some people are cycling, but it’s not for me – I want to go / I do cycling for fun, but not for daily– I want to go / I do cycling for fun, but not for daily transportation • Hesitate to invest in cycling – I’d rather spend it on gadget / saving – Unlike gadget that is a symbol of my ability to earn my own money
  6. 6. Why Cycling Actually Fits Them – They get to choose where they want to live – Help to know better their new surrounding – In line with the freedom and independence they are enjoying and expectingare enjoying and expecting – Economical and convenient aspects are also strongly apply to this segment
  7. 7. • You are perfect for cycling!
  8. 8. Some Predictable Questions To Answer • What I need to prepare for cycling? • What kind of bicycle and how much? • Where is the route, and how to cycle on the road?road? • How am I going to store & park my bicycle? • How to anticipate the weather and manage perspiration?
  9. 9. Fun Facts And Issues • Cycling and dating • Bicycle as success symbol • Utilize gadget in cycling • Spending weekend on your bicycle• Spending weekend on your bicycle
  10. 10. Touch Points • Twitter account • Info Site • Blog • Forum (Hosted in Kaskus? B2W? Sepedaku?)• Forum (Hosted in Kaskus? B2W? Sepedaku?) • Flyer in convenient store, food hawker, and for them to spread around • etc
  11. 11. Beyond Advertising Ideas • Give A Try – borrowing bicycle to the Hesitates • Together Ride – based on office / kost location • Advocacy to Decision Makers / Employers • etc• etc
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