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Presentation 2011
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Presentation 2011


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Special Report:Offline Marketing for Local Businesses Explained
    Internet Marketing Strategies Your
    “Web Guy” Didn’t Tell You About
  • 2. 5 Fundamental Elements of Successful Marketing
    Product – You must have a quality product or service with widespread appeal and you need to be either competitively priced, or offer something that’s superior to what anybody else offers.
    Message - You need to create compelling marketing messages that interested, qualified prospects find difficult to resist.
    Sales Leads – To succeed in business, you need to attract customers. You need a method of accessing the best possible prospective customers in order to make your offer available to them.
    Media – You need a method of accessing the best possible prospective customers in order to make your offer available to them.
    Customer Retention – Customers mean revenues and profits. Your focus as a business owner should be the continuous building and nurturing of your own customer list.
  • 3. Sales Lead Generation
    Online Leads
    Offline Leads
    Mobile Leads
    Social Media Leads
    Paid Leads
  • 4. Marketing Media (Traditional)
    Yellow Page
    Local Newspaper
    Direct Marketing
  • 5. Marketing Media (New Era)
    Mobile Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Website Marketing
    Google Marketing (Google Local Listing, SEO)
    Video Marketing
    E-mail Marketing
    Special Ads
  • 6. Customer Retention
    Auto Follow-up System
    VIP Client Club/Coupon
    Birthday /Anniversary Marketing
    Memorial Marketing
    Survey/Please Complain
    Ticket System
    Online Order System
    Brand Management
  • 7. Mobile Marketing
    • A tenfold increase in the number of mobile Internet search users during the forecast period—from 5.2 million in 2008 to 56.2 million in 2013”
    • 8. 5 billion people walking around with mobile phones.
    • 9. 27% of mobile users have a smart phone, and by the end of 2011 50% of all mobile phone users are expected to own a smart phone.
    Internet traffic from these mobile devices is already approaching double-digits. Are you willing to give up one in ten potential customers just because your website is not compatible with a mobile device?
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 10. Mobile Marketing (2)
    Don’t Be Left Behind! “Going mobile” will turn into the fastest, most valuable business success you’ve ever made!
    • Mobile Website Building
    • 11. SMS Marketing Campaign
    • 12. Local Geo Listing (Four Square)
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 13. What is Social Media Marketing?
    Utilizing the various social media platforms to network with other people who are interested in your niche – especially potential buyers
    Social media is HOT online – that’s where everyone is!
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
    Has a viral effect
  • 14. What is Video Marketing?
    One of the most powerful and effective marketing means online today
    Helps your customer get to know you
    Appeases to the customer who likes to watch instead of read
    Has a viral effect due to the ease of referring the video to other users
  • 15. 5 Ways To Use Videos To Market Your Business
    Add a video to :
    your website
    Google Maps
    Provide potential customers with an insight to your restaurant, the type of food on the menu, unique selling points , your staff and of course, your location.
  • 16. Understand The Process
    • Module 5:Online credibility/reputation
    • Module 4:Traffic!Traffic!Traffic!
    • 17. Module 3:Squeeze page/Landing
    page/ Autoresponder
    Lead Generation
    • Module 2:Website design/SEO
    Understanding Internet Marketing
    • Module 1:Online marketing basic explained
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 18. Why Online Marketing?
    Almost 3 billion LOCAL searches are performed each month online
    Yellow Pages and Newspapers are becoming less effective
    Devices such as TiVo and DVRs allow people to skip commercials
    Web-enabled phones are taking over
    The Internet has totally changed the way we do business
  • 19. What is Website Design?
    Usually JUST a website design – no marketing included
    Online marketing success takes more than just a pretty website
    Discuss everything included in your web design package and get it in writing
  • 20. Your Web Developer
    • Good at his job
    • 21. His job is building websites
    • 22. Not a marketer
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 23. What is a Direct Response Website?
    Includes a call to action for your visitors
    Will help you build a list of subscribers
    Usually offers a free gift in exchange for an email address
    It’s easier to sell to an existing buyer than a brand new buyer
  • 24. Company Blog
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 25. What is a Lead Capture Page?
    A page created to simply capture leads
    Helps you build a list of prospects
    Once they are on your list, you can market to them over and over again
  • 26. What is Email Marketing?
    The act of marketing to your highly targeted list via email
    Keep your customers and prospects coming back with newsletters, coupons, tips, or whatever you want to communicate to them
    A powerful relationship-building tool
    Very easy to track and tweak campaigns
  • 27. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    Optimizing your website for optimal performance in the search engines
    Involves proper keyword research to make sure the content includes the right search term
    Involves building links directly back to your website
  • 28. What is Search Engine Management (SEM)?
    Covers all aspects of giving your business a complete online presence
    Includes geo-targeted campaigns and first page Google listings
    Ensures that your site gets great visibility in the search engines, social media networks, Google Local Listings, and many other properties
  • 29. What is Keyword Research?
    Researching relevant keywords that customers are typing into the search engines to find your product, service, or business
    Keyword research is the foundation for most online marketing strategies included website content, articles, press releases, and much more
    ALL traffic is not GOOD traffic – keyword research allows you to get only the best traffic to your website
  • 30. What is SEO Copywriting
    Copywriting is the use of words to promote or sell a product, service, or business
    Writing specifically for the web pages and that uses targeted keywords to pull traffic
    Examples of content that incorporate copywriting are articles, website content, press releases, sales pages, and lead capture pages
  • 31. What is Pay-Per-Click?
    PPC is the most powerful form of paid online advertising
    An ad is created and displayed at the top or along the sides of the organic search results in the search engines
    When someone clicks on your ad, the price you are paying per click is taken from your budget
    Easy to run out quickly if you do not know what you’re doing
  • 32. What is Article Marketing?
    A continuous process that will create many back links directly to your website via online articles
    Keyword research is performed to see how people are searching for your product or service
    Articles are written based on this keyword research
    These articles are distributed to many online article directories
    Once the articles are out there, they are out there for good!
  • 33. What are Press Releases?
    Similar to articles, press releases are short, informative releases that are sent out to create a buzz about your business
    They drive sales as they contain links directly back to your site
    Can be picked up to be syndicated in local or national newspapers giving even more exposure
  • 34. Classifieds Marketing
    Unikon International Inc.
  • 38. Outsourcing
    • Learning curve / expertise
    • 39. Repetitive tasks
    • 40. You spend time running your business
    Unikon International Inc.