Turning Browsers into Buyers
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Turning Browsers into Buyers

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We love seeing all the web site traffic, but how do we make a browser into a buyer? The truth is, about 96% of all visitors don't make a purchase. So how do you increase your sales conversion rate......

We love seeing all the web site traffic, but how do we make a browser into a buyer? The truth is, about 96% of all visitors don't make a purchase. So how do you increase your sales conversion rate when the odds are against you? Rick Wilson, President of Miva Merchant has some tips to help guide you and your buyers in the right direction.

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  • 1. Turning Browsers Into BuyersThe Four Things You Must Do To Boost Conversions
  • 2. The Four Things You Must Do To Boost Conversions• De-clutter and Simplify• Speed Up Your Site• Make Your Customers Feel Secure• Remind And RewardSlide 2 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 3. De-clutter and Simplify• Rule #1 – Your Shoppers Get Distracted Easily • We live in a multi-tasking interconnected world • Don’t provide your customers any reason to jump to something else • If you force them to navigate a maze, they’ll likely just navigate awaySlide 3 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 4. De-clutter and SimplifySlide 4 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 5. De-clutter and SimplifySlide 5 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 6. De-clutter and SimplifySlide 6 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 7. De-clutter and SimplifySlide 7 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 8. De-clutter and Simplify• Simple Doesn’t Have To Be Artsy• High Conversion Sites Aren’t Always “Pretty”Slide 8 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 9. Speed Up Your Site• Rule #2 – Your Shoppers Are Impatient • Multiple studies have shown site speed impacts conversions • Every 1/10th of a second improvement in page speed load helps • See Rule #1Slide 9 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 10. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/Slide 10 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 11. Speed Up Your Site http://blog.yottaa.com/2011/09/ecommerce-season-–-why-site-speed- matters-more-than-you-think-in-2011/ From RetailTouchPoints.com: “One leading online furniture store made performance improvements that led to 20% faster page loads and was able to attribute an increase in revenue from online sales directly to this effort.” From Shopzilla.com: Improving the site speed of this popular ecommerce portal by 20% resulted in an improvement in conversion rates of 7% to 12%. Page views went up by 25%.Slide 11 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 12. Make Your Customers Feel Secure • Rule #3 – Your Shoppers Are Skittish • The same principles apply offline as online • Customers must feel welcomed by your site • They must intuitively trust your site • They don’t want to be in an online “ghetto” • See Rules #1 & #2Slide 12 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 13. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 13 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 14. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 14 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 15. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 15 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 16. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 16 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 17. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 17 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 18. Make Your Customers Feel SecureSlide 18 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 19. Make Your Customers Feel Secure – EV SSLSlide 19 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 20. Make Your Customers Feel Secure • Use an SSL • Display The SSL Seal • Show Credit Card Symbols • BBB and/or TRUSTe • Test Your Site For Insecure Links • Scan Your Site For MalwareSlide 20 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 21. Remind and Reward • Rule #4 – Your Shoppers Easily Forget • When someone navigates away from your site, if they don’t return within 1 hour, they’re essentially gone forever • If your customers don’t click through an email within 24 hours, they’re not going to respond • You’re fighting between your customers wanting a good deal and their short attention spanSlide 21 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 22. Remind and Reward • Use Shopping Cart Recovery Tools http://www.getelastic.com/8-tips-for-recovering-abandoned-shopping-carts/ “Shopping Cart Recovery: Triggered emails recapture 29% of abandoned carts” http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=31904#Slide 22 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 23. Remind and RewardSlide 23 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 24. Remind and Reward • Use Email Marketing The DMA puts email marketings ROI for 2011 at $40.56 for every $1 invested. The figure for 2012 is predicted to "fall" to $39.40, when email will account for $67.8 billion in sales. 72% of respondents to an Econsultancy survey in early 2011 described emails ROI as excellent or good. Only organic SEO scored better http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/basics/why.htmSlide 24 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 25. Remind and Reward http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/32854/10-Simply-Awesome-Examples-of-Email-Marketing.aspxSlide 25 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 26. Remind and Reward • Use Retargeting • Retargeting is a cost effective way to only advertise to people who are already interested in your product line “comScore Study with ValueClick Media Shows Ad Retargeting Generates Strongest Lift Compared to Other Targeting Strategies” http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2010/9/comScore_Study_with_ValueClick_Media_Shows_Ad_Retargeting_Gen erates_Strongest_Lift_Compared_to_Other_Targeting_Strategies/ • http://searchengineland.com/3-ways-to-connect-the-dots-with-search- marketing-75508Slide 26 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 27. Remind and RewardSlide 27 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 28. Remind and Reward • Use Behavioral Offers • Runa • Spring Metrics • Steelhouse • Close Browser OffersSlide 28 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 29. Remind and RewardSlide 29 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 30. Remind and RewardSlide 30 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 31. History • Based in San Diego, California • Founded in 1995 • Data Centers in California, Florida and Georgia • Focus on scalability, rapid deployment and ease of useSlide 31 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 32. Competitive LandscapeSlide 32 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 33. Typical CustomersSlide 33 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 34. PartnersSlide 34 Miva Merchant: Goals Template
  • 35. Thank You Rick Wilson rwilson@mivamerchant.com www.mivamerchant.com (800)608-MIVASlide 35 Miva Merchant: Goals Template