Comparison shopping engines 101 getting your products found


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Maybe you've heard about comparison shopping engines and want to learn more. Perhaps you've never even considered them for your ecommerce web site. In either case, this is the session for you to attend to learn the basics of comparison shopping engines. In this beginner to intermediate level class, SingleFeeds' Liam Supple will give you the knowledge you need, teach you the ins and outs of comparison shopping engines and show you some expert techniques to getting your product indexed on the comparison shopping engines.

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  • Google Shopping really is the goliath of shopping engines and search marketing – Not necessarily easy, but it works!
  • Let’s be honest, Google Shopping is pretty intimidating. But there are somanay good reasons to Just Do IT.
  • Some of you are here because you want to find out how to get listed on Google Shopping. Google has the highest traffic and highest conversions of all the CSEs
  • Some of you are listed – or were listed when Google Shopping was free – but want to know how to drive more traffic and create better ads.
  • But everyone should think about what drives CONVERSIONs on Google Shopping and all CSEs – Customer shopping experience from search to cart.
  • Google Shopping is part of your Search Marketing Strategy
  • Google Shopping is part of your Search Marketing Strategy
  • Modules and plug ins for data export
  • There are over 13,000 product categories across just the top 12 comparison engines
  • Product Listing Ads are a unique ad format that allows you to include specific product information like an image, title, price, promotional message, and your store or business name. Product Listing Ads appear in their own box on Google Search, separate from standard text ads, as well as Google Shopping.
  • More traffic and leads: Many businesses experience significantly higherclickthrough rates (CTR) with Product Listing Ads compared to standard text ads shown in the same location for Google Shopping searches. In some cases, advertisers have experienced double or triple standard clickthrough rates.
  • Google will scale down your thumbnails for different locations – make sure the smallest ones will still work.
  • PLAs don’t use Keywords – AdWords do PLAs use Auto Targets – AdWords don’t - but they are all grouped in your Adwords account – Click the Auto Targes tab and your PLAs will all show.
  • You can always rely on the safety net of setting a low campaign budget if you're worried about spend, and not very knowledgeable about product ads. As long as you set up ad groups under your main PLA campaign, they will always be restricted by that campaign budget, no matter how many you set up.  Example above has a daily limit of $20.
  • Google Product Search was largely a set-it-and-leave-it type of campaign. Other than optimizing your feed and landing pages, there wasn’t much you could do to increase visibility on Google Product Search.In contrast, paid comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like Google Shopping require weekly (if not daily) campaign management. If you’ve already set up PLAs, you should actively check on which ad groups are performing well, and identify specific products, categories, brands, etc., to elevate or exclude.Pro Tip: Use Google Analytics to determine which products perform well on the CSEs to set up PLAs.
  • As inventory changes, as products go in and out of season, and as certain products become less profitable than others based on click costs and conversion rates, you may be tempted to constantly pull out and then add back products into your data feed.
  • A simple use of labels would be marking your high-margin products, so that you can bid more aggressively on those items. Low cost items – label these items ‘low cost’ and then bid higher on these. Your lower priced items will then display next to your competitors' higher priced items – winning you the traffic and click. ‘Motorcycle tyres’
  • Comparison shopping engines 101 getting your products found

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    7. 7. Data FeedService Provider
    8. 8. A data catalog of your store inventory,prices, descriptions, titles and images. Data Feed Service Provider
    9. 9. Data Feed Service Provider Correction Validation Categorization CSE Rules Marketing Rules
    10. 10. Data FeedService Provider
    11. 11. AdWordsPaid Ad PLAsAdWordsOrganic
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    16. 16. • 2c CPC bid• $20 daily budget
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    20. 20. “We keep just one feed updated, and bothour shopping engines and our mobile storeremain updated and selling.”-- KitchenKrafts CEO Dean Sorensen
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