IMAGINE Project Presentation - Long Version - August 2013


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IMAGINE is a Research & Development project, funded by the European Commission under the “Virtual Factories and Enterprises” theme of the 7th Framework Programme (FoF-ICT-2011.7.3, Grand Agreement No: 285132) The project targets the development and delivery of a novel comprehensive methodology and the respective platform for effective end-to-end management of dynamic manufacturing networks in an innovative plug and produce approach, and aims at supporting the emergence of a powerful new production model, based on community, collaboration, self-organisation and openness rather than on hierarchy and centralised control

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IMAGINE Project Presentation - Long Version - August 2013

  1. 1. Project Presentation
  2. 2. Innovative End-to-end Management of Dynamic Manufacturing Networks • IP Project, co-funded by the European Union under the Virtual Factories and Enterprises theme (FoF-ICT-2011.7.3, Grant Agreement No: 285132) • Project start: September 2011 • Duration: 36 months • Project Coordinator: INTRASOFT International S.A. • 15 different organisations from 11 different countries 2 Project Overview Date Event - Place
  3. 3. 3 The IMAGINE Consortium 3 leading IT industry corporations 2 specialized SMEs 7 leading IT Research organisations Date Event - Place 5 Living Labs
  4. 4. Context Limited point-to-point connections between Business IT & Factory Automation • No global visibility • No timely reaction to problems & changes • No easy entry points for SMEs From static & inflexible to dynamic on demand manufacturing networks Network Management Product Lifecycle IT Support 4Date Event - Place
  5. 5. • A novel management method for effective and cost-efficient DMN management in the form of the IMAGINE Management and Monitoring Framework: – The IMAGINE DMN lifecycle management methodology – The IMAGINE ICT Platform • Development, pre-commercial demonstration and experimentation, and strong validation via a 5 Living Labs approach: – Aerospace and Defense domain (EADS) – Multi-site single factory context (Fraunhofer IPA) – Furniture Manufacturing domain (AIDIMA) – Car Manufacturing domain (FIAT) – Engineering domain (UoW/WMCCM) Objectives & Contribution (1/2) 5Date Event - Place
  6. 6. • Recommendations and Best Practices for Solution-oriented Networked Manufacturing • Contribution to Standards • A program of Education, Training and Specialist Courses in networked manufacturing, the Benefits and Risks of DMNs, the need for to open up data and support visibility across the networked manufacturing enterprise • Spreading Excellence by disseminating knowledge and research results, and close collaboration with relevant EU projects • Commercial Exploitation of the IMAGINE Framework that will help SMEs to compete in the post financial crisis environment Objectives & Contribution (2/2) 6Date Event - Place
  7. 7. • Relies on end-to-end integrated ICT solutions that effectively enable the management of networked manufacturing supply chains • Is market-oriented with focus on value chain streamlining and support for innovative business models IMAGINE DMN Framework 7 End-to-end management of DMN Production Project O1.1 O1.1 .1 O1.1 .2 O1.2 O1.2 Planning Manufacture DeliverSourcing SC1 SC2 SC4 SC5 SC3 SC6 DesignConfigure Monitor & Manage blueprint blueprint blueprint blueprint Collaboration platform & Information Bus CRM ERP SPC WMS APS LIMS Date Event - Place
  8. 8. IMAGINE DMN Framework Lifecycle 8 An innovative flexible service engineering methodology that supports and guides developers when developing large-scale, complex manufacturing applications on integrated collaborative manufacturing management systems Monitoring & Management Suite Simulation Production Integration Bus CRM ERP SPC WMS APS LIMS Partner Blueprint Repository Manufacturing Blueprint Repository Quality Assurance Blueprint End-to-end Production Process Repository End-to-End Manufacturing Design Suite Network Configuration Blueprint Customizer Profile Selector Profile Composer Simulation Network Configuration Monitor Compliance Assurance Date Event - Place
  9. 9. The central component of the IMAGINE framework will provide: – correct and timely information to manufacturing from the rest of the business – timely and accurate updates on actual production from manufacturing to the rest of the business IMAGINE DMN Framework Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 9Date Event - Place
  10. 10. A source of knowledge for the DMN lifecycle To accumulate and modularize the knowledge needed to help manage enterprise resources, product life cycles, supply chains, partner relationships, operational planning, manufacturing process execution, compliance regulations and safety issues lifecycle IMAGINE DMN Framework Blueprint Model 10Date Event - Place
  11. 11. • Driven by the blueprints • Provides the technical backbone to support the DMN lifecycle and integrate virtually all the aspects of the virtual manufacturing network and processes • Designed to monitor end-to- end processes against plant metrics • Will enable performance analytics of end-to-end manufacturing processes for impact analysis and production performance optimization IMAGINE DMN Framework DMN Platform 11Date Event - Place
  12. 12. • Definition of the IMAGINE Framework and associated DMN lifecycle • Design and development of the ICT IMAGINE Platform • Demonstration and evaluation of the envisaged benefits of IMAGINE according to the Living Lab approach • Creation of awareness of the benefits of networked manufacturing and, in particular, the enabling solution offered by the IMAGINE Framework within the EU manufacturing community, especially targeting SMEs • Divided in 7 interdependent Work Packages Strategy & Workplan (1/2) 12Date Event - Place
  13. 13. Strategy & Workplan (2/2) 13 WP2: Technology Foundation and Architecture Specification - IMAGINE use cases -Architecture of the IMAGINE components and platform WP6: Stakeholders Engagement and Dissemination Activities - Dissemination and communication of the project - Attraction of stakeholders WP5: Evaluation and Market Deployment - Impact Assessment of the end-to- end DMN Management approach -Business model for the DMN management WP1: Novel Approach to DMN Management - A novel end-to-end management methodology - Suitable case studies WP4: Living Lab Demonstrations 5 Living Labs (Aerospace and Defense, multi-site single factory, Furniture Manufacturing, Car Manufacturing, Engineering) WP3: Design, Development and System Integration - Design, development, integration and testing of the IMAGINE platform - Quality assurance Date Event - Place
  14. 14. 14 Expected Impact Large Industries • Agile value chain streamlining • New business models based on sustainable value creation • Economy of scope and scale • Dynamically respond to global competition • Improved efficiency, adaptability and collaboration • Smart recourse management within a supply network SMEs • Collaborative entrepreneurial innovation • Favorable business environment and access to wider markets • Boost competitiveness • Joining of complementary skills and capacities • Brand building and reputation management – better visibility • Sharing of risks and recourses Research • End-to-end management of manufacturing networks formulated for the product’s lifecycle • Sustainability concerns integrated within next generation enterprise • Integrated information pipelines across the supply networks • Bi-directoral technology and knowledge exchange Trade Associations • More dynamic business ecosystems in their industry of influence • Better negotiation and consulting power IT Industry • Opening up new market opportunities for ICT products and services • ICT support for a more social and sustainable enterprise Date Event - Place
  15. 15. Target Audience 15 EU Manufacturing Enterprises Standardization Organisations IT Industry Research Communities Date Event - Place
  16. 16. More details: Event - Place 16 Get Involved Date IMAGINE partners Special Interest Group #1 IMAGINE Industry Community Special Interest Group #2 IMAGINE Scientific Community General Stakeholders IMAGINE Partners’ Supply Chain Collaborators IMAGINE Collaborators Network (SMEs) Join the IMAGINE Specific Interest Groups for collaboration during the different phases of the project!
  17. 17. Imagine Future FactoryImagineFF Thank you for your attention! ImagineFutureFactoryImagineFutureFactory Event - Place