Imaginea Scales Application using Amazon EC2


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Imaginea Scales Application using Amazon EC2

  1. 1. imaginea service sheet Imaginea Scales Application Using Amazon™ EC2 Dekoh™ Leads the Way Dekoh Desktop™, a cross-OS desktop platform combines the best of the desktop and the web, enabling secure sharing of content and applications deployed on the Dekoh Desktop. Imaginea built the Dekoh Network to scale on-demand leveraging the resizable compute capacity of Amazon EC2. Dekoh Network’s sophisticated load balancer and monitoring framework are smart enough to know when a new EC2 instance is needed and fire automation scripts to spawn new nodes.Copyright © 2010, Imaginea Inc. Imaginea is a Pramati business. All Trade Names and Marks belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA SCALES APPLICATION USING AMAZON™ EC2 2Dekoh™- The Personal Server Dekoh consists of the Dekoh Desktop– aImaginea built Dekoh Desktop™, a cross-OS desktop installation including web server,desktop platform that brings several key J2EE, extended services and portal framework, anddatabase and web services modules together, in a the Dekoh Network. The Dekoh Desktopcompact footprint package. Dekoh combines and runtime –a JEE compliant small footprintoffers users the best of the desktop and the web, application server runs on the user’s desktopenabling secure sharing of local content and and converts it into a secure server. The Dekohapplications deployed on the Dekoh Desktop. End Network is a complete server-side solutionusers can thus give others controlled access to ecosystem built on top of Amazon EC2personal digital assets from their desktop through environment. Dekoh desktops can network andthe Dekoh Network. share content through the Dekoh network.Enterprises can write RIA branded apps that can When users share content or applications, theytake advantage of the web programming standards become available to othersand built-in Web 2.0, Social-networking enabling(Tagging, Commenting, Sharing and Rating)framework.Dekoh’s amazing capability ensures that enterprisesimaginea
  3. 3. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA SCALES APPLICATION USING AMAZON™ EC2 3can make their applications available offline afterbundling them with Dekoh. After offline use, users "It seemed like Imaginea knows what it takescan easily synchronize updated data with the main to build a large-scale production system onserver by going online– a feature of immense benefit Amazon EC2. Hence, we invited them toto users in the field, or in areas of poor connectivity, share their architecture, insights and bestor say for 24x7 mission-critical businesses that need practices with the community...I stronglyreliable offline capabilities during scheduled down- encourage you to check out Dekoh!"time or server maintenance. - Jinesh Vaira, Evangelist, Amazon WebDekoh Leverages Amazon EC2 ServicesEven as Dekoh was being developed, Imaginearealized the advantages of using Amazon’s Elastic Monitoring Tools and Alert Framework built byCompute Cloud (EC2), a web service that provides Imaginea is smart enough to know when a new EC2resizable compute capacity in the cloud, and instance (a node) is needed and fires automationdesigned to make web-scale computing easier. scripts to spawn new nodes. During peak loads, aImaginea adopted EC2 for the following reasons: new instance with its Load Balancer automatically• Unpredictable load conditions envisaged from detects the node when it comes up and distributes thousands of potential Dekoh applications load to that new node.• Low up-front hardware costs Each desktop instance connects to a set of loosely coupled components hosted in the EC2 cloud. Each• Complete infrastructure control component manages its own master-slave database• High reliability replication model, making this type of loosely• Instant provisioning capabilities coupled on-demand model not only scalable, but also easier to manage.• Dynamic scalabilityImaginea built the Dekoh Network to scale Imaginea Strengthson-demand so that when thousands of Dekoh • Early adoption and mastery over Amazon EC2applications access the hosted architecture, a few technical fabricclicks provision Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and • Experience in running heavy-duty Dekoh serversthey can dynamically join the network. This is on EC2 and using cloud computing for consumermanaged by a sophisticated load balancer and applicationsdashboard monitoring tool built by Imaginea. Theimaginea
  4. 4. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA SCALES APPLICATION USING AMAZON™ EC2 4• Unmatched design, architecture, deployment and Imaginea JEE AMI- Extension of EC2 to management capabilities Support JEE Out-of-Box• Solution engineering approach with multi-man JEE AMI years of experience Clustering• Ability to migrate legacy, non-standard, complex Transaction Handling software solutions to Cloud with right choice of technology and tools JEE Cache Manager Load Balancer Pramati Server Platform Hardware Provisioning EC2 Dynamic DNS Backup on S3imagineaImaginea provides product engineering services to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partner. Servicesstretch end to end, from interaction design to development to testing to managing clouds. For more information on Imaginea, visit Imaginea is abusiness unit of Pramati Technologies ( Contact: 1975, W. El Camino Real, Suite 301, Mountain View, CA 94040 | +1 (866) 660 6533 | sales@imaginea.comCopyright ©2010, Imaginea Inc. Private Limited. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners.