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Imaginea Service Sheet - Performance Engineering

  1. 1. imaginea service sheet Soar with Imaginea’s Performance Engineering Expertise Let your Product Outclass the Competition Imaginea’s proven performance engineering and optimization expertise ties together Architecture and Planning with Performance, Scalability and Sizing to reduce operational costs and eliminate risk, by assuring that your enterprise system- whether hosted internally, SaaS-enabled, or on the Cloud, will exceed every functional, reliability, availability and operational objective — AT PEAK LOADSCopyright © 2010, Imaginea Inc. Imaginea is a Pramati business. All Trade Names and Marks belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. SERVICE SHEETSOAR WITH IMAGINEA’S PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING EXPERTISE 2Imaginea’s experts have the knack of overcomingcomplexity, and aligning architecture and design forperformance, scalability as well as reliability,irrespective of what platform or technology yourapplication runs on. Our experts provide detaileddocumentation with review of existing architectureand recommendations for improvements that giveyou and your customer, immediate benefits.Performance Analysis-CharacterizationWith a focus on design and code reviews, Imaginea’sexperts study the application lifecycle and provide growth on existing configuration. Identify room forauditing services. Our analysis process reviews the operational growth or new application loading.performance, availability and reliability features in Explore hardware alternatives. Develop a datathe application. We determine the ways to improve center growth-roadmap for hardware andthroughput and response characteristics smoothly application workloads. Identify current andwith rising loads, based on your infrastructural and anticipated capacity requirementsbusiness needs and requirements that work best for Performance Testingyou and your customers. Leverage extensive Load, Scalability and BenchmarkTuning-Optimization Test capabilities, testing tools and techniques thatEnhance processing efficiency. Minimize resource use simulated and real-time loads. We validateconsumption and costs per transaction. Identify root performance service levels of providers, and docauses of performance bottlenecks. Capture functionality testing of apps on the Cloud, or on ainformation for sizing analysis. Assess the current SaaS model. We use EC2 and other cloudstate of your application environment. Determine environments for realistic test loads or scenarios,appropriate changes required at all levels – system, not available conventionally. We have have requisiteplatform, application and database. tools to orchestrate, record, and analyzeSizing and Scaling applications and test provider services.Leverage information from performance analysis.Determine the current state of your hardwareenvironment. Understand the impact of anticipatedimaginea
  3. 3. SERVICE SHEETSOAR WITH IMAGINEA’S PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING EXPERTISE 3 CASES 3-Week ISV application performance sizing and analysis 2-week performance analysis of payment • Review ISV application design gateway • Port Application to Pramati J2EE Server • Understand application and workloads • Verify ISV-Pramati Server environment • Analyze configurations, environments & issues • Customer bundle functionality testing • Setup automated load tests • Initial analysis, and minimal tuning where Performance engineering, clustering, possible SaaS –enabling Configurator • Characterize and size hardware requirements • Performance improvement by over 60% • Identify application bottlenecks • Recommend performance improvements 4-week ISV application review for Products performance, clustering Certified Application Servers • Detailed architecture & code review Application Designer • Focus on coding standards Write-Run-Debug-Deploy IDE • Assess and recommend frameworks JMX Management Framework • Compliance to the design Application Diagnostics Framework • Automated performance characterization Cloud App-Service Analysis, Tuning • Source configuration and build process Experts 4-week performance characterization for JCP Expert Group Member Intel Sun J2EE Licensee • Capacity and resource utilization analysis on ECperf and SpecJAppServer Contributor various system configurations J2EE Centers of Excellence • Tune application for improved performance Cloud-scale Performance Testing • Develop server sizing and capacity planning SaaS Application Performance Testing document • Develop deployment guide on IA-based serversimagineaImaginea provides product engineering services to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partner. Servicesstretch end to end, from interaction design to development to testing to managing clouds. For more information on Imaginea, visit Imaginea is abusiness unit of Pramati Technologies ( Contact: 1975, W. El Camino Real, Suite 301, Mountain View, CA 94040 | +1 (866) 660 6533 | sales@imaginea.comCopyright ©2010, Imaginea Inc. Private Limited. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners.