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Imaginea brings more than 12 years of product engineering and services to software companies from several different industries at any stage of the life-cycle process. Through the use of several technologies and strong, innovative development processes, we deliver dependable software products at a lower cost and fulfill our customer’s business needs.

It is no wonder then that all of our customers, from the startups to the big guys, call on us for comprehensive development of core products and are often return customers!

We provide product engineering services with a very reliable technology partnership to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses. Services are comprehensive and cover the development process from beginning to end.

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Imaginea - Ideas to Life - About Us

  1. 1. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. How do you build software for tomorrow’s customers
  2. 2. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT with islands of technology Imaginea shapes these key interactions Cloud Mobile As A Service Enterprise Social  Quick and contextual  Infrastructure as a service  Married to platforms  Finicky trends  UX delights  Cloud storage (iCloud onset)  Flexibility with M&A growth  Viral nature  Graceful upgrades  Big Data  New payment methods  High visibility  Less is more  Rising importance of security  Social ranking > Google  Prevailing platforms  Performance  Hybrid Private/Public Adoption  New business agility  Situational apps  Local experience  Social and collaboration focus  Brick & mortar + Online UX  Augmented reality
  3. 3. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT by following but by leading Imaginea engineers are mentored in volatile product environments 10+ years of developing our own line of Java products, industry-standard application servers Won the Top IT Product Company for 2011 in India Over 500+ installations and OEM deals with ISVs, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies Developer of the Qontext Enterprise SAAS platform, winner of Cool Vendor 2011 from Gartner Top 5 social campaigns for 2011: Sara Lee uses Social Twist to promote Jimmy Dean D-Lights Distinguished Technology Product Company, National Product Summit 2005 RED HERRING Asia 100 Winner, 2005 Best App Server: 5-star rating by ServerWatch Top 5 Market Campaigns 2011
  4. 4. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT by parroting processes but evolving them At Imaginea, agility is driven by need for speed and visibility ALERTS / TWEETS CONTINUOUS WIKI AGILE STREAM DISCUSSIONS INTEGRATION PRODUCT SPRINT 24HR/WEEKLY INCREMENTAL BACKLOG UPDATES CYCLES TESTABLE RELEASE NOTIFY QA GROUP FILE BUG REPORT REQUIREMENTS SPRINT DISCUSSIONS BACKLOG Testing Client Engineering * Qontext is an agile developer collaboration platform and was built at Imaginea
  5. 5. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT by shunning complexity but by embracing it Qontext™ is how we make offshore and onsite teams equally agile Collaboration platform that facilitates content sharing, contextual conversations, social scrumming, collaboration across applications.
  6. 6. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT by just adopting but creating the tools we need BrighTest™ Tools is how we met the ajax page testing challenge! Imaginea built BrighTest – a Java-based tool built on top of Selenium – to keep the test suite up with the changes of an evolving code base. BrightTest uses DSL-based test development, making it easy yet very powerful for test engineers, unit testing teams and business analysts for quick validation of products or applications. Now, test automation and agility can go hand in hand.
  7. 7. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. NOT by playing safe but by riding the risks XML-based Dekoh Web Generic Java Server Healthcare SaaS Java Dashboard 2.0 server , PAAS for virtualization platform in Ruby and Application CLOUD Controls launched on EC2 with platform with bare Java with iPhone and Server with AS 2.0 EC2 controls metal management Android clients Dekoh Photo Sharing Facebook and OpenSocial SocialTwist, Qontext, SaaS Platform, with basic Widgets for enterprise-grade based enterprise photo editing tools in micropayments over widget service for collaboration tool SOCIAL the browser Social Networks marketing campaigns with integrations Set up ODC for a Mashup Studio for SaaS-based supply B2B auctioning platform major ISV to build assembling chain platform with that uses Perl and jQuery their next generation enterprise objects social features applied with smart templating ENTERPRISE ESB platform into workflows to business partners and widget service Qontext, employee Barcode-based product Location-based service on engagement app on information app using Red iPhone with BlackBerry using Laser SDK for iPhone, and OpenStreetMaps and MOBILE PhoneGap Framework Android iOS4 integrations
  8. 8. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. And how it fans out… Mobility True Agility Innovations Robust Mobile Offerings Enterprise Disruptions Attuned Enterprise Pulse Prototypes Proven Social Expertise Social Web Scaling Re-engineering Extensive Cloud Competency Compelling User Experience Cloud & SaaS Customer Experience Your ideas What it takes Where we play
  9. 9. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. The landscapes of technologies where we play Core Java HTML 5.0 PhoneGap Hadoop Facebook JEE Framework CSS 3.0 Titanium MongoDB Four Square Struts, Spring jQuery SenchaTouch HUE Places JMS jQuery Mobile HTML 5.0 CouchDB Transit Mule ESB Prototype.js iPhone iOS 5 Cassandra Latitude Hibernate Sproutcore iPad Sinatra S3 Qontext Zend PHP Dojo Android Amazon EC2 SocialTwist Yii PHP extJS Gingerbread SOLR Social CRM Wordpress GWT Honeycomb RackSpace Google+ Drupal Backbone.js Red Laser VMWare Joomla Adobe Google Zxing Server Social Sensors OSCommerce Balsamiq Virtualization Ruby on RAILs Axure Mobility Tapestry Big Data & Cloud Python Front End Django Perl Enterprise
  10. 10. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. What we can do for you… Prototype your ideas Design experience Produce software Scale engineering Tune performance Automate tests.
  11. 11. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. A piece of middleware history… Pioneered award-winning Java app servers This cartoon appeared in in 2001 after Pramati challenged main line Application Server vendors like IBM, BEA, and Oracle in ECPerf performance benchmark tests. By then, Pramati was already the first J2EE server to be 100% standards compliant. The performance win was the icing.
  12. 12. © Copyright 2011. Pramati Technologies Private Limited. Product development from people who know products.