User-Centered Mobile Concept Development
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User-Centered Mobile Concept Development






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User-Centered Mobile Concept Development User-Centered Mobile Concept Development Presentation Transcript

  • User-Centered MobileConcept Development22 April 2012Soeren EngelbrechtNordic Head of Development - Digitalization Det handler om at være
  • Agenda 1. Introduction – Why consider Mobile ?? 2. Concept – What should you Offer ?? 3. Case: ”Tryg på Rejse”2 23. april 2012
  • Everybody wants has a Smartphone Have a smartphone today (DK, 2011) 41% Uses mobile internet daily (DK, 2010) 64% Smartphone percent of sale (DK): May 2010: 20% Jan 2011: 60% Gartner predicts: 80% of all phones in use worldwide are smartphones in 20133 23. april 2012
  • So what Happens ??4 23. april 2012
  • Have we been Here Before ??5 23. april 2012
  • Agenda 1. Introduction – Why consider Mobile ?? 2. Concept – What should you Offer ?? 3. Case: ”Tryg på Rejse”6 23. april 2012
  • Platforms from an End-User Perspective PC Laptop Tablet Smartphone Featurephone © Soeren Engelbrecht – Large screen Small screen Stationary Portable Longer interaction Shorter interactions Fewer daily tasks Vs. Many daily tasks Shared between users Personal Slow start-up Instant start-up Longer life-time Shorter life-time7 23. april 2012
  • Functionality Across End-User Platforms PC’s / laptops Tablets Smartphones Featurephones Mobile Web: Subset of functionality© Soeren Engelbrecht – Tablet Website: Apps: Website: Full Full Subset Mobile Apps: functionality functio- of Select functionality nality functio- nality Text Messaging: Specific tasks General use Situation-specific use 8 23. april 2012
  • Three Types of Mobile Apps• Content-based: News, Wikis, forums• Entertainment-based: Games, Music• Utility: Navigation, Weather, Calulator, Timer9 23. april 2012
  • How to Achieve Success… ”People will use your app if it solves a problem, gives ”People will use your app if it solves a problem, gives them a superpower, or just helps them unwind. them a superpower, or just helps them unwind. But without a clear, persuasive vision of when and But without a clear, persuasive vision of when and why people will use your app, you’re just building a why people will use your app, you’re just building a technology demonstration, a curiosity.” technology demonstration, a curiosity.” Josh Clark Josh Clark10 23. april 2012
  • Apps will be Downloaded and Kept, if… • They are perceived as relevant for the user • They are useful: 1. Take phone out of pocket 2. Solve problem 3. Return phone to pocket • They have a focused, easily understandable scope • They promise to serve a long-term purpose 85% of all Apps are deleted within 30 days11 23. april 2012
  • Apps will be Downloaded and Kept, if…12 23. april 2012
  • Apps will be Downloaded and Kept, if… • Next: Some personal viewpoints on six Apps for the iPhone • How do they live up to the ”provide a quick solution” mantra ??13 23. april 2012
  • DMI - Byvejr14 23. april 2012
  • Nykredit - Aktier15 23. april 2012
  • Stark – HåndværkerApp16 23. april 2012
  • Dansukker – ”Det søde køkken i mobilen”17 23. april 2012
  • Pandora18 23. april 2012
  • ”Ved Livets Afslutning”19 23. april 2012
  • Agenda 1. Introduction – Why consider Mobile ?? 2. Concept – What should you Offer ?? 3. Case: ”Tryg på Rejse”20 23. april 2012
  • Starting from Square Two • Collecting knowledge experience from previous Tryg projects • Compiling an extensive list of potential functionality • Gathering knowledge on Mobile platforms, usage patterns, successes and failures • Establishing boundary conditions: • 24/7 Customer promise • Limited technical integration • Strong Brand Focus21 23. april 2012
  • What does the Mobile Platform offer Tryg? Always on • Access – anywhere / anytime Paradigm shift: • No start-up time • Platform for efficient 24/7 services – solve the problem right away Technical features • Self-Service is better service • Location through GPS • Photographs and video • ”smart solutions” enabled by data • Motion sensors acquisition and mash-up (GPS, Google • ”Soft ID” through phone number Places, live data,…) • Barcode scanning Improve customer Internal cost relationship: reduction: • Convenient Self-Service • Guide traffic to relevant • Frequent interaction channels supports pervasiveness • Increase use of Self- • Permanent visibility on Service solutions phone supports brand • Viral marketing22 23. april 2012
  • Implementation with Partners External (mobile) design competencies E-Business Business Lab Marketing Brief / Specifications Private Sales Tryg Alarm External (mobile) CX competencies External developers23 23. april 2012
  • Roll-Out Scheme: Three Stages 1 1 3 1 1 3 2 2 3 3 3 324 23. april 2012
  • Concept: A ”Branded Utility” • Free download and useful for everyone – DK, NO, SE • Maximise potential reach for Branding • Full service for customers • Useful for potential customers • Specific focus • Easy to understand and use • Easy to communicate • Multi-string business case: • Internal cost reduction • Increased customer satisfaction – improves customer retention • Branding value – improves customer acquisition • Target Segment: Travelers25 23. april 2012
  • Vision: Customer Experience RedefinedSales & Convenience Prevention & Avoidance Online presence IncidentEva is going on a business trip. Tryg provides Eva with a While traveling, Eva checks up Eva’s bag is stolen. After a brief spell ofTryg helps her book the trip geotagging chip for her bag on the freight insurance that panic, she contacts Tryg for assistanceand provides travel insurance her company has with Tryg We have found your bag. You can pick it up at the Central Police Station. We recommend that you upgrade your return train ticket to get access to a safety box. Upgrade Have a safe trip home :-)Convenience Back on track ConvenienceEva reports the theft to both Eva gets instant feedback from Eva gets advice from Tryg onTryg and the local Police in one Tryg – 5.000 DKK has been where to buy clothes for nextgo using a mobile device transferred to her Visa Card day’s business meeting Back on Track / Prevention & Avoidance Tryg helps Eva retrieve her bag and suggests a non-classical insurance product 26 23. april 2012
  • Tryg på Rejse Help & Contact A list of critical situations typically encountered while traveling: Lost baggage, delayed baggage, theft, illness, car crash, etc. For each situation, we offer advice on what to do on the spot, and how and when to My Documents contact Tryg A password-protected place to keep track of your passport, credit cards, health insurance card and data, car papers, etc., including what to do when they are lost SMS Warnings Sign up to receive SMS messages with information about, e.g., political unrest, hurricanes, terror events, etc., in the country that you are currently traveling in27 23. april 2012
  • Visuals – Help & Contact28 23. april 2012
  • Visuals – My Documents The ”Passport” document template contains pre-defined Activates drop-down data fields and graphics for other names Back-up functionality Link to ”Help & Contact” or ”Service pages” A picture of the passport is optional29 23. april 2012
  • Visuals – My Documents 4571 6785 9087 665430 23. april 2012
  • Part Three: ”SMS Warnings” • Existing service from AidCom • AidCom and Tryg are looking into expanding the service31 23. april 2012
  • Other Screenshots32 23. april 2012
  • Prototyping: ”Think-Out-Loud” Testing Cl pr icka ot ot ble yp e Methodology: One-on-one testing (six users) using a limited functionality HTML prototype Research Question #1: Are we heading in the right direction – do our customers see a point in such a Travel App ?? Answer: Yes. 5 in 6 users saw the App as very useful and would definitely download it – one user had some reservations Research Question #2: Does the functional concept – Insurance Card and subsections – make practical sense ?? Answer: Yes. They understand the division into main sections and are unanimously positive towards the functionality. Work is needed on the use of the Insurance Card33 23. april 2012
  • Benefits Improved Customer Experience: • 24/7 assistance – personal or automated • No more calling the wrong number/channel • Convenience – on travel or at home • Improved ”value for money” perception Improved Business for Tryg: • Increased Interaction Frequency • Support of the Tryg brand • Less calls means reduced operating costs • Calls go through the right channels: reduced cost • Improved ”value for money” perception improves customer retention • Attraction of non-customers by being willing to help – even if you’re not a paying customer34 23. april 2012
  • Successful Launch • Approx. (Censored) downloads in the first three months • Retention rate (for Android) 70-80% Outdoor Web Mobile35 23. april 2012
  • Don’t Try this at Home…36 23. april 2012
  • Takeaways • Think platforms and channels – do you really need a Mobile App ?? • Or, rather: Do your customers need one ?? • Apply use case thinking – in which situations will your App be relevant to whom ?? • Don’t try to be everything to everyone • User testing is imperative • Have a communication strategy – make sure that you are found37 23. april 2012
  • Questions ?? (+45) 41 86 24 7638 23. april 2012