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The Student Creative

  1. 1. The Student Creative A Global Arts Challenge StudentCreative.orgSunday, November 11, 12 1I hope to offer some inspiration and resources for your classrooms,while at the same time invite you all to participate in this year’s challenge,MyThology!
  2. 2. Matt Cauthron Digital Arts Technology Academy, Cathedral City High School Tw i t t e r : i m a g e m o n k i E m a i l : mcauthron@psusd.usSunday, November 11, 12 2
  3. 3. My Resource Page h t t p : / / b i t . l y / Q r P x LYSunday, November 11, 12 3
  4. 4. Fill Out a Card!Sunday, November 11, 12 4
  5. 5. e Student Creative is a collection of global art challenges which invites secondary students from around the globe to collaborate on a common theme. Selected digital images, video, and animation are arranged as a digital text and made available as a benefit for the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi. StudentCreative.orgSunday, November 11, 12 5
  6. 6. Do schools REALLY kill creativity? Not in the arts!Sunday, November 11, 12 6I wanted to show HOW creativity was being taught, further emphasizethe importance of the arts, while at the same time answer my ownquestion of what WAS creativity
  7. 7. Sunday, November 11, 12 7Over 12,000 members World Wide!
  8. 8. David Gran Mike Skocko Matt Cauthron Shanghai Valhalla Cathedral City American High School High School School, China San Diego, CA Palm Springs, CASunday, November 11, 12 8
  9. 9., November 11, 12 9
  10. 10., November 11, 12 10
  11. 11., November 11, 12 11
  12. 12. Paint the World with LightSunday, November 11, 12 12This was just getting started during CAEA, Los Angeles. What we noticed wasthat we were doing the same thing on basically opposites sides of the world.This commonality is what guides our projects
  13. 13. Inviting students to.... use light painting to suggest a story or reveal something magical about the places that they live.Sunday, November 11, 12 13
  14. 14. Sunday, November 11, 12 14We were certainly building the plane as we flew it. And it was gainingmomentum...When it hit the NPR photo blog it was that phone book moment from The Jerk!
  15. 15. Sunday, November 11, 12 15From there, we produced the first Student Creative book for print.With all proceeds benefiting the Jacaranda Foundation, a school for children ofthe AIDS epidemic in Malawi.
  16. 16. Sunday, November 11, 12 16So, continuing with our common curriculum...We went from SLOW shutter speeds to FAST based on Phillipe Halsmann’sJumpology
  17. 17. Inviting students to.... to use high speed photography to capture an instance of magical realism.Sunday, November 11, 12 17
  18. 18. Sunday, November 11, 12 18During the production of this book, Blurb made the print version downloadablefor the iPad....
  19. 19. http://edexchange.adobe.comSunday, November 11, 12 19Over 68,000 members world wide
  20. 20. Sunday, November 11, 12 20Now the ball is getting rolling! We opened it up to all media andalso encountered the conversation of Creative Commons vs.100% student created.
  21. 21. Inviting students to.... learn about Surrealism by creating a self portrait that contains clues about their life, dreams, culture, and community using operational techniques for transformation.Sunday, November 11, 12 21For this, David put together a nice presentation on OperationalTechniques.We’re also starting to see more resource sharing fromparticipants (Pintrest, etc)!
  22. 22. Sunday, November 11, 12 22Now the ball is starting to roll! A little more coverage inSchoolArts magazine....
  23. 23. Sunday, November 11, 12 23... and we’ve got the ear of Adobe Education, and here theycome with a new toolfor digital book making....
  24. 24., November 11, 12 24... the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).Download Adobe Viewer on the iPad and get a copy ofSurrealisticMe the AEE!
  25. 25. ht t p: / /w w w. b l u r b . c o m / u s e r / S tude ntCSunday, November 11, 12 25Now we’re looking at THREE books for print and the iPad with over20 schools from the US, Asia, the UK, and South America
  26. 26. Studentcreative.orgSunday, November 11, 12 26We now have a new website to support this year’s project, MyThology! Weactually tried several other sites encouraging interaction between schools, butare seeing that ArtEd2.0 and the AEE are two sites where teachers live toconverse
  27. 27. Inviting students to.... investigate a modern interpretation of classical and cultural myths.Sunday, November 11, 12 27For this, David put together a nice presentation on OperationalTechniques.We’re also starting to see more resource sharing fromparticipants (Pintrest, etc)!
  28. 28. • Retell a classic myth that explains something about the modern world. • Create a work of art about a mythical creature that lives in their community. • Create a work of art about a modern god.Sunday, November 11, 12 28All media will be considered from traditional media, throughdigital arts, and into animation and video.Since we’ve gone from PRINT > CROSS MEDIA, we can includeMORE s t u d e n t c r e a t i v i t y!
  29. 29. Sunday, November 11, 12 29Desert funky > Cahuilla Culture is how my studentsmay approach it
  30. 30. Please consider joining us on..., November 11, 12 30Look me up!
  31. 31. Now lets look at some books... (Don’t let me forget about the raffle!)Sunday, November 11, 12 31