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Information for DATA families about the trip to the SkillsUSA California conference at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego.

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DATA-SkillsUSA California

  1. 1. ATA D State Information
  2. 2. Your Commitment
  3. 3. Return Commitment, Field Trip Notice, Form 1 Assume Financial Responsibility / Fundraise Understand Behavior responsibilities Travel / Stay with the DATA team Attend Competitions signed up for Meet Competition Criteria Maintain clothing & resume requirements
  4. 4. Required to Reserve for registration and hotel
  5. 5. DATA-SkillsUSA Provides
  6. 6. Equipment for competitions SkillsUSA jackets / blazers Fundraising opportunities Adult Chaperones Bus Transportation
  7. 7. Behavior
  8. 8. At all times during the conference, students are expected to act properly and in accordance with PSUSD and SkillsUSA rules and expectations. Any student who violates any rules will be eliminated from their competition, face disciplinary action at CCHS, and will be picked up in San Diego at the expense of their parent/guardian. NO SWIMMING at the hotel!
  9. 9. What’s the Trip Cost?
  10. 10. Reg. Deposit $60 - March 7 Final Registration $100 - March 21 Hotel $85 - April 18 Food Bring $50-$70 to San Diego Registration includes conference events, some meals, t-shirt, and state pin
  11. 11. Hotel Rooms
  12. 12. DATA teachers will chaperone 3 - 4 students per room Boys with boys Girls with girls Adults have separate rooms Depending on the total amount of students, there may be a 3-person room
  13. 13. State Opportunities
  14. 14. While at the conference, Students can also participate as Delegates and Statesmen or be a Courtesy Core Volunteer $110 for Courtesy Core registration
  15. 15. What to Wear?
  16. 16. Official dress will be needed each day. Street Clothes will also be needed daily. DATA-SkillsUSA shirt for Thursday!
  17. 17. Official Dress
  18. 18. What to Bring?
  19. 19. Updated Resume, Contest Projects, Small Notebook, Pen, Flash Drive, Clothes, Toiletries, Food $, Snacks, and Spending $ if desired. Sleeping Bag? Check the weather in advance in case of rain!
  20. 20. Video game consoles, portable electronics and/or movies are Okay NO large coolers!
  21. 21. Gold Medalists?
  22. 22. If an individual or team earns GOLD in their competition, they will advance to Nationals in Kansas City, MO., June 23-27 They will be chaperoned by a DATA advisor and will need to raise about $2,000 to attend
  23. 23. Parent Group
  24. 24. Help is appreciated! Please sign up with Name, Email, & Phone #
  25. 25. Questions?