Double page spread analysis 1


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Double page spread analysis 1

  1. 1. Imebvore Aigbochie AS Media Double Page Spread Analysis 1They are arranged in importance, obviously with First things first we can clearly tell that this magazine cover is about ‘The Vaccines’ due to the headline of these pages. The NME uses a colour palette of white, black and the lead singer in the front and the rest of the headline is the largest font on the page so we can clearly see that the article is about ‘The Vaccines’ since it’s immediately blue for the design parts of the page, like for band behind him. Then behind them we see a obvious who the article is about. For young people it’s all about getting information straight away because we have no instance the random shapes around the page, very grungy background which was probably patience at our age, so by making the headline large and extremely noticeable anyone who is interested in ‘The Vaccines’ drop letters and quotes. NME’s readers are edited in and also the colour of their clothing can immediately see that the article is about them and begin reading on. young so they purposely used blue because matches together with the grunge background, it’s bright and clearly visible but it’s also a as I said before the men have slightly cold colour associated with cold and coolness. And expressions on their face and I think that they if you take a look at the expressions of thewere told to have these expressions purposely in artists in the picture on the page on the left order to create a quite tense and solemn you can see that they all have cold expressions atmosphere in the image. Indie music and style on their faces which they were probably toldtends to be quite solemn so NME probably tried to do to make them look really cool andto recreate that solemn feeling in their image by untouchable, and these are traits whichusing specific costumes and facial expressions for appeal to a younger audience who probably the artists in the picture. want to look cool and trendy.The large image which takes up the whole of the left page and some of the right is a long shot If we look at the layout of the article we see image which cuts off the artists’ bodies’ around that NME has used columns for their article. ¾ of the way down. The image is put on the left These are one of the codes and conventionssince we read from left to right, so the first thing which are vital for making a magazine look like we are drawn to on the page is the image then a magazine and also no one wants to read an the headline, then the quote then the sub- extreme wall of text. By breaking an article heading. In the image we see 4 men dressed in into columns it makes the article seem smaller quite vintage clothing from around the 60’s and easier to read, which is definitely which is popular fashion for indie artists like appealing to a younger age group since they themselves and also to the readers of the won’t exactly be into reading so much and magazine so readers may want to buy clothes would like to get the vital information straight that they see these artists wearing. away. Dull colours are used throughout the image purposely to mix in with the dull and solemn NME uses a quote from Justin Young (an artist in the band) which is Sub-headings are used to summarise what an article is atmosphere. Colours like burgundy, cream and black which don’t have any real bright eye formally known as a ‘Pull Quote’ and places it right in-between text. Pull about and to give a little insight into what someone is catching features to them. This way the colours of the clothing won’t take away from the quotes are vital in double page spreads since they are normally quite about read. It is deliberately placed underneath theoverall tone of the image. The colours used throughout are also very serious since the band interesting and controversial, which will entice a reader’s attention into an headline on the page so immediately after we read the is serious, their type of music is serious and the audience of the band is probably just as article or highlight the key topic of the article. The quote is in blue so we headline we next read the sub-heading.serious, indie rock isn’t like pop music which is really bright and playful it has a much more can clearly make it out apart from the text. solemn and serious tone so NME showed this via their selection of colours.