Joan Of Arc


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Joan Of Arc

  1. 1. Joan of Arc JTS, OLF, and CGC
  2. 2. Joan’s Early Life Born in 1412 Born as a peasant (illiterate) Born in Domrémy, France Mother taught her to sew, spin, cook and to serve God Spent much her time praying in church
  3. 3. Joan’s Visions Started to receive visions at thirteen years old (1425) Heard voices of saints and angels Commanding voice: “Daughter of God, go, go, go. I will come to your aid.” She knew she had to follow voices
  4. 4. Her Mission Joan of Arc claimed that God told her that her mission was to drive the English from French soil The voices also told her to cut her hair, put on men’s clothing and to gather arms In order to complete her mission, she had to make these sacrifices
  5. 5. Joan Starts Her Journey Asks permission from Robert de Baudicourt, the local lord, to go to talk to the dauphin, Charles VII about her goal. He refused to help a poor peasant.
  6. 6. Her Challenges Robert de Baudicourt A girl peasant Uneducated A women in Medieval times The invading English army Her father threatened to drown her if she tried to pursue her visions Voices commanded many things that turned out quite challenging for Joan to complete
  7. 7. Joan’s Accomplishments Managed to persuade the dauphin of her calling He gave her troops to command and the rank of a captain Joan was victorious in battle against the English
  8. 8. The Hundred Years’ War Started in 1337 French vs. English Joan and her troops ended the long battle and were victorious First woman (even though she wasn’t allowed) to fight in war
  9. 9. Joan’s Traits Determined to complete her mission She was honest in her religion as well as faithful She showed leadership as a captain She also showed bravery as a warrior and disobeying her parents She was kind and loving to all the poor
  10. 10. Joan and Medieval Women Joan Medieval Women • disobeyed her Dad • always had to get parents consent • never got married • almost always • never had kids married • was never educated • had kids • fought in war, • couldn’t take part in women were not important jobs allowed to do that
  11. 11. Joan’s Death Joan of Arc was captured by the Bergundians She was held a prisoner and offered back to French for a lot of $ French didn’t accept, and at trial punished for witchcraft and not believing in the religion and burned to death
  12. 12. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed our presentation!