Techcello Application Development Framework
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Techcello Application Development Framework



SaaSify your Application with less SaaSify your Application with less EffortEffort

SaaSify your Application with less SaaSify your Application with less EffortEffort



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  • When do you plan to start your development / migration to SaaS?ImmediatelyWithin the next 3 months3-6 months> 6 months
  • Is there a business case for Multi-tenancy maturity model 3 or 4 for your product? Or do you think Maturity model 1 and 2 is sufficient to begin with?Maturity Model 1 and 2 (Separate instance for each tenant / Customer)Maturity Model 3 and 4 (Shared Instance for each customer)
  • Have you used data connection abstraction in your product to support partitioning and tenant data isolation?. Answer Yes, No.
  • Will your tenants / Customers expect the access control policies and data scope policies to be configured by themselves to suit their own organization?Answer Yes / No
  • Will your tenants / Customers expect that they should be able to add Custom Fields, Customize Views and Reports?Answer Yes / No
  • Will your tenants / Customers expect Business Rules and Workflows to be customized by themselves to suit their organization?
  • Do you plan to build your own billing / invoicing and price book management system or integrate with a third party billing provider?Own Billing SystemThird party Billing provider.
  • Will your product require auto-sign up and auto provisioning for tenants / customers?Answer : Yes / No

Techcello Application Development Framework Techcello Application Development Framework Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud Ready Multi-tenant Application PlatformRam Kumar - Director – Product Division of Asteor Software Inc)
  • Innovation Featured by Gartner for its Innovative, Cool and Potentially disruptive offering
  • Executive Summary – Company OverviewWays to build Multi-tenant Applications for SaaS and Cloud Alternative 1 Alternative 2 SaaS Business Ground-up Functionalities APaaS Custom Development Techcello Multitenant PaaS Application Platform On-Premise or IaaS IaaS IaaS / PaaS Faster time to market Freedom, Flexibility & Control Freedom, Flexibility & Control Complexities, Risks, Cost and Time Overheads Productized Engineering Excellence Platform Lock in Save time and cost, Reduce risk Proprietary Development Environment 4GL for simple apps
  • Case Study - 1 Invision, Germany – Leading player in Workforce Management – Bought 30 developer licenses – Was planning to build an in-house multi-tenant engineering platform before coming across Techcello – Evaluated Techcello for 2 months with extensive performance testing and POCs – Decided to standardize on our platform as the engineering foundation and framework for all their present and future products – Migrated part of their product to Amazon using Techcello within 6 weeks. – Has a migration road map for the next 2-3 years
  • Case Study 2 Benefits Administration Platform for Secova USA ( HRO ) – The entire product built on top of the Techcello Platform – Designed for 1 Million + Employees and 5000 Concurrent users – Deployed on Private Cloud – Views, Access Control Policies, Benefit Plans, Business rules and workflow are customizable by end users at the tenant level – Customer sees increased market opportunities because of the flexible product design: • Operations and Marketing people can configure and implement product to suit each customer.
  • Benefits Administration System built on Techcello Before After Only IT personnel can make system Only domain expertise is required to changes make a change 3 months to configure a new client 3 days to configure a new client Poor Scalability Scale up and Scale out capabilities to accommodate several new and large clients Manually configured business processes Uniform and template-ized business + processes and rules Complex and disparate rules for each + customer Operational manager can make even the + most fine-grained system change to the Heavy dependence on direct backend system from his laptop in a holiday resort updates
  • Case Study 3 Synergita –Start up in Talent/Performance Management System – Had a young team (2-4 years experience) – Needed a strong, tested and scalable Multi-tenant platform so that they can focus only on the business domain functionalities – Successfully live at Amazon – Extensively leveraged the customizability and configurability aspects of Techcello on a multi-tenant architecture. – Is able to offer an enterprise class platform on a disruptive SaaS pricing model with a product that can be “self-configured” by customers across verticals, domains and organization sizes.
  • Other Applications (being ) built on Techcello Business Management Portal – Rofarez Malaysia CRM – Duosoft Colombo Retail KPO – Mobius Large BPO : Migrate multiple CRM instances to Multi-tenant architecture, Customize and configure for each client differently, while maintaining a single code base; Retail Software ISV : Migrate Loyalty Management Module to Cloud based SaaS Educational Software ISV : Migrate to a SaaS business Model
  • Multi-tenancy – Maturity Levels
  • The Development Platform
  • The Architecture
  • The Process
  • The Value Proposition Develop on .NET, Deploy Anywhere Cloud ready scalable, Multi-tenant Architectural and Engineering excellence packaged and delivered as a product and used during development as a framework 30-50% saving in cost and time to market Strategic and Technical control over the entire application stack Freedom Flexibility and Control of Custom Development without the complexities, risks, costs and time overheads associated with ground up development
  • Key Features Scalability – Data Connection Abstraction and Data Partitioning Support – Distributed Caching,, Stateless Design (For application scaling) Access Control – Role – Privilege Mapping, Data Scope Policies – Licensing, Subscription and Usage Control – Tenant – Sub tenant Hierarchy , Tenant Config. templates – Supported for Federated Authentication and SAML Tenant User level Customization – Themes, Logos, Forms , Grids, Data models, Custom Fields – Business Rules, Workflows, Ad hoc Query / Report / Chart design
  • Key Features.. Contd.. Others – Code generator and Fluent API – Master Data and Pick up List management – Admin and Config Data management – Audit Trails, Logging, Exception Management, Performance Instrumentation, Pre and Post Processors. Policy injection – Schedulers, Notification Engines – Ready to use Admin Screens for • Tenant Management, User Management. Role-privilege mapping, Data scope policy management, License / Subscription / Package Management Inherit and extend classes, Call APIs and WCF Services
  • Licensing Model Developer License (Based on no. of Developer machines in which the package is installed. – USD 3000 – USD 2000 per developer • Depending on Volume of licenses. – AMC from second year : 20% Production License – USD 2000 per server instance per year. – Or USD 5000 per server instance perpetual + 20% AMC No separate run time container. - The Binaries of the Techcello framework can be deployed along with your product.
  • Distributed Caching
  • Distributed Data Architecture Partitioning • Distribute Load Across Servers Based On TenantI Id • Vertical Partitioning • Distribute Load Across Servers Based On Functionality • Horizontal and Vertical Partitioning • Functionality +Tenant - server Mapping • Connection String Management By Functionality and Tenant Data Isolation • Tenant View Filter
  • Data Architecture
  • Authentication Authentication • Tenant Code Based Authentication • Single Sign On • SAML • Federated Authentication • Support claims • Identity Provider • Password Policies
  • Authorization / Access Control ACL Policy • Privilege Based Authorization • Named Privileges • Entity Action Privileges • Custom Access Control Policies • Global Roles • Tenant Defined Roles • License and Privileges • Features Privilege mapping • Role Privilege Mapping • Access Control Units • Tenant – Sub Tenant Hierarchy and Tenant Configuration templates Data scope Policies • Static and Dynamic Data Scope • Tenant defined policies
  • Audit Trail Types • Event Auditing • Snapshot recording • Change tracking • Performance Audits When to Audit • Time based audits • Event based audits
  • Data Security Data Security • Strong Algorithm • Key Storage • Minimal Dual Storage • High Privileged User For Key Consideration • Performance • Direct Data Access In Reports
  • Customization Customization Units • View Customization • Data Customization • Report Customization • Business Rules • Workflow View Customization • URL Customization • Logo, Themes • Form Fields – Visibility, Edit ability, Mandatory • Labels
  • Customization Report Customization • Adhoc Query / report / Chart builder • Pre-canned reports customization – custom fields support, visibility, order End user Customizable Business Rules • Business Rule Editor and BRE Engine • Domain Model Driven End user Customizable Workflows • Workflow Editor and WFE Engine • Human Workflow
  • Customization
  • Business Rules Customization by end user
  • Work Flow Customization by end user
  • Notification Notification • Email Notification • FTP Notification • Notification Templates • Notification Audits • Batch Notifications • Background Jobs
  • Subscription Management Package Management • Modules and Features Based Subscription • Usage Based Subscription • Fixed • Blocks • Seat Based Subscription • Custom Subscription – Pick and Choose Access Control By Subscription • Privileges Based On Subscriptions Metering • Usage Audits • Usage Reports Billing • Integration with your Own billing or Cloud Billing Providers
  • Tenant Provisioning Provisioning • Auto Provisioning • Passive Provisioning • Background Jobs On Provisioning De-Provisioning • SLA implementation • Tenant Exit Jobs
  • Data Management Utilities Data Management Utilities • Backup Utility* • Restore Utility* • Bulk Import / Export Utilities* *Roadmap
  • Thank You For more information – Ram Kumar (