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Culturemondo presentation in 2011 Experiences sharing.

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Culturemondo 2011 rio-updated

  1. 1. Smart Cultures:Culturemondo In Action Shih-Chieh @ilya Li Executive Consultant (TELDAP/Academia Sinica) International Steering Committee member of Culturemondo Network Dec 3, 2011 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. 2. Sharing These Experiences • What is TELDAP? • What is Culturemondo? • What is Culturemondo AP Secretariat? • What is Sharism❋?
  3. 3. TELDAP http://teldap.tw
  4. 4. TELDAP History• TELDAP stands for Taiwan’s E-Learning and Digital Archives Program•
  5. 5. What does TELDAP do?
  6. 6. TELDAP Collections A-Z Anthropology Archaeology Architecture Archive Artifact Audio & Video Botany Calligraphy & Painting Chinese Classics Geology Journalism & Mass Media Language Map & Remote Sensing Rare Book Rubbing Zoology
  7. 7. Overseas Culture Collaboration ! Sweden(1) Russia (9) U.K. (2) Germany (2) Canada (1) France (1) S. Korea (10) China (6) U.S. (11) Japan (16) Vietnam Singapore (3) Australia (1)
  8. 8. Culturemondo
  9. 9. the Culturemondo Network• Open, informal network of digital cultural specialists from around the world• Emerged from a roundtable at the Canadian Pavilion, 2005 World Expo, Japan• Annual roundtables hosted by Croatia, Cuba, Taiwan, New Zealand, Netherlands• Leadership of the Asia-Pacific Secretariat• Initially designed to serve the needs of those involved in cultural Web portal development• As Internet has shifted so has Culturemondo• Frontline view of the current transformation
  10. 10. CulturemondoTrajectories Year Host Place Countries Attendees WorldExpo, Aichi,2005 Canada 18 28 Japan2006 Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia 28 512007 Cuba Havana, Cuba 21 682008 Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan 21 34 Wellington, New2009 New Zealand Zealand Amsterdam,2010 Netherlands 15 39 Netherlands
  11. 11. Culturemondo & TELDAP• TELDAP attends the first 2005 CM Roundtable in WorldExpo, Japan• TELDAP had become the sponsor right after Canadian government in 2008 till 2010• TELDAP had host the 2008 Taipei Roundtable meeting right after Canada, Croatia and Cuba• TELDAP formed Asia-Pacific Secretariat project to syndicate exp. at regional level
  12. 12. Evolving Community Network • Methodology: global agenda, roundtable meeting and localized practices • Issues discussed: • cloud culture & new business models • publishing paradigm • culture policy at country and transnational level • Request for hosting proposal!
  13. 13. 2010 PICNIC Culturemondo • Collaborated with PICNIC Network, one of the biggest culture creative festival in Europe and the world • Hosted by Virtueel Platform, Netherlands • 3 debates, 18 speakers, 1 day roundtable meeting and workshop •
  14. 14. Smart CulturesNew Theme of Culturemondo Network Asia-Pacific Secretariat 2012 With the collaboration and inspiration of
  15. 15. Smart Cultures• What are Smart Cultures? • Smart as in “Smart Mobs”: realtime community networking • Smart as in “Smart City”: pervasive/ ubiquitous computing + IOTs • Smart as in “Smart phone”: new programmable interface and middleware to connect traditional culture and people• Smart cultures would be a new sharing paradigm for future culture specialists
  16. 16. Sharism❋• Connecting back to the software cultures • Free software movement • Open source hardware• Sharos: sharing heros leading the next trend• Re-embed the technologies back to society
  17. 17. Why Asia-Pacific?• In the past 5 years, cross-country collaboration dynamics & dialogues has been developed in regional conferences and projects • Japan: eCulture research and development in agriculture, virtual idol trend (vocaloid Hatsune Miku) and culture heritage institutions (e.g. LODAC) • China: digital natives’ smart resistance, turning into great profitable culture industries, against smart surveillance • Taiwan: virtual worlds culture, and hardware enabled innovation on new culture interaction
  18. 18. Japan: eCulture research & actions• eCulture integration framework across meta- disciplinary projects on food, agriculture and environment• Dissemination and remix within social media world• Open data practices within culture sector (e.g. first LOD talk in Taiwan at Sep. 2011)
  19. 19. image: Hideki Takeda @NII, Japan
  20. 20. image: Hideki Takeda @NII, Japan
  21. 21. China: Smart Resistance • Ai Wei Wei (2011) Let the Bullets Fly (2010) Subcomandante MarcosBox office: unknown Box office: US$ 111.1M (1994)
  22. 22. Ai Weiwei’s Busy 2011• 2011 Spring: since Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, massive interrogation, detention and forced silence of suspected dissidents, supporters, and online [micro] bloggers• 4.3 Ai Weiwei “disappeared” and detained on the way flying to Taiwan. Triggering global campaign to press China for his release• 6.22 Ai released after 82 days of illegal detention.• 11.2 Ai is notify for tax charge US $1.85 million• 11.4 Ai announce “borrowing money” on twitter• 11.13 Ai received 29,434 people’s donation total 869,3366 RMB (US $ 1.366 million).
  23. 23. Ai Weiwei’s Busy 2011 • 11.2 Ai is notified for tax charge of 15M RMB (US $1.85 million) • 11.4 Ai announced “borrowing money” on twitter • 11.13 Ai received 29,434 people’s donation total 869,3366 RMB (US $ 1.366 million).
  24. 24. Taiwan: social machinima• Major League Azeroth(2010) by Afk Pl@yers: using new collective tools to tell real-world stories
  25. 25. Taiwan: Finding New Disaster Communication Model MoSOS Dashboard Server Dashboard (APIs) Internet 3rd Party Beacon Database Data Other Server LBS Info Services MoSOS MoSOS Operators Backhaul Mobile Base Connection Phone Station Detector MSG MSC BSCDashboard: Federated Data ServicesLBS: Location-Based Service TBS TBSMSG: Message Service Generator TBS WithinMSC: Mobile Service Center Golden After 72 hours 72 hoursBSC: Base Station ControllerTBS: Temporary Base StationMPD: Mobile Phone Detector phoneBS: Base Station phone phone Contain Beacon information
  26. 26. Sharism: VJ Machine• Milkymist One: the new DJ(Data Jockey) • #OSHW Storytelling Machine • Open source dev. fm the chipset level • Programmable data remixing • The “patches” as the new “template” system that enables rapid commons generation • Establish new sharing conventions just like blogging and creative commons in 2001
  27. 27. Challenges of Smart Cultures • Design of participatory structure on open culture system (HW + SW + Services) • Beyond screensaver & iTunes visualization: integration everyware • New literacy and tactics are needed: “Switch on, and remix your story!” • Organic visual form co-evolves with life form: eCulture breakthrough
  28. 28. Thanks for UR Attention!