Ceramic membranes


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Ceramic membranes system is a kind of reliable technology used to produce bacteria, virus and protozoa present in impure water, ground water, fresh water and other solids.

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Ceramic membranes

  1. 1. Ceramic MembranesCeramic Membrane Filtration SystemsEveryone around the world agrees that water is a main source for the survival of allliving organisms. There are of lots of products in the market for the filtration ofcontaminated water and make it useful for the consumption of human being. Ceramicmembranes system is a kind of reliable technology used to produce bacteria, virus andprotozoa present in impure water, ground water, fresh water and other solids. There is aspecial membrane made up of ceramic, you will be able to get a pure and tasty waterfree from germs. This system is low of cost and it can help you to meet the recent waterdemands.Special Features:It almost removes the small micro organisms, organisms and all kinds of bacteria.It can operate in a continuous process without any shut down if there is a suddenincrement in raw water.It has more than 97% of raw water recovery and frequency.The membrane is chemically and mechanically strong and offer simple operations.Because of its strong membrane it reduces the cost of operation.Filtration Process:At the beginning water is passed through the filter, it blocks the large size things whichis larger than the pore size. Ceramic filters can also be treated with a silver for its longlife, helps in the prevention of growth of algae around the filter and also it kills thebacteria. There are two most important type of ceramic filters, they are pot type filtersand candle filter. When the impure water is passed into the ceramic filter, the largerparticles will get settled down on the top surface of the filter, later it can be removed bycleaning. Soap and water can be used for the purpose of cleaning. Some ceramic candlefilters uses carbon which is used to remove the chemical compounds like chlorine but ithas to be changed periodically because carbon may tends to get clogged because of theforeign material.Usage in various process:1 ) Beverage Industry2) Industrial Parts3) Liquid FiltrationTypes of Filtration Systems:1) Micro membrane filtration2) Ultra membrane filtration
  2. 2. 3) Nano membrane filtration4) Reverse osmosis type filtration5) Testing units in pilot plantsApplications in Filtration Process:1) Dairy industries2) Beverage and food industries3) Waste water management systems4) In bio technology and fermentation process5) Installation of turnkeyThere are some types of portable filters made of plastic. It is a manual pumping processwhich filters the drinking water which come along with house pumping. Cleaning ofthis filter can be done with clay filter but it can also allow reverse process cleaningwhere the pure water is forced to come out through backwards. The major risks in theceramic filtration is the formation of hair line cracks around the filter. Since the natureof the ceramic is brittle can allow and it is very hard to see the cracks. If untidy water isin contact with untidy hand and impure water then the filtration process will becomeineffective. If this occurs then ceramic filter should be sterilized before use.http://www.ilovethesmoke.com/ceramic-membranes/http://www.ilovethesmoke.com