The cooke legacy chapter twenty six
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The cooke legacy chapter twenty six The cooke legacy chapter twenty six Presentation Transcript

  • The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Twenty Six – Happily Ever After
    • A joint legacy between ilovereecee & meadowthayer
    • Welcome back to my home! Since I last saw you, my wife Lisa and I have been wondering who would be chosen as the next heir for our family! The poll didn’t prove to be much help – it resulted in a three way tie! This chapter will cover the seven children who didn’t get any votes! The potential heirs are: my first born child Kenadie. . . . .
    • My third born son Kellan and my ninth child Kiara! All of them would make a great choice for heir, but this chapter won’t cover their lives.
    You will get to see Kenadie, Kellan and Kiara’s lives played out in the next chapter. So for now, they are all living back with their dear old mom and dad. Let me tell you what the other seven are up to these days!
    • Upon hearing the news that they weren’t in the running for heirs anymore, Kyla, Kimi, Katrina, Keegan and Kolton all moved out of the family home to start their own lives. Kingsley already has a home of his own that he shared with Kenadie before she moved back in. And Kolton is away at college at the present time.
    • I wish Kolton had stayed in school, but once he heard the news that he was a spare to the legacy, he decided that he was wasting his time in college and dropped out to move in with his big brother Kingsley. The two roomies are doing very well for themselves. Kingsley is a few promotions away from achieving his lifetime want and Kolton has found his desired career and is following the lead of his big brother!
    • Dash and Sassy, two of the family’s dogs, moved in with Kingsley when he moved out of our home. They were already elders and getting on in age when they moved out. I was surprised when Kolton called to let me know that both Dash and Sassy had moved onto the next life. I’m sad to say goodbye to our beloved pets, but at least we still have Chumpy, Tess and Goblin with us.
    • Kingsley is doing very well for himself. He is the assistant coach of a football team and his future is looking bright! He’s very well known in the athletic industry, but also has a secret hobby. As a knowledge aspiration, Kingsley is a nerd at heart and enjoys spending hours on his telescope.
      • Kolton has gotten a few promotions since becoming a dish washer after dropping out of college. He’s also met a very pretty young lady at work – her name is Brittany Wendland. Kolton brings her home from work almost every night and they have two bolts of chemistry together! I wonder if I will call Brittany my daughter in law one day in the future?
    • Kingsley had heard stories of alien abductions, but mostly he thought it was crazy old farmers telling tales. It wasn’t until it happened to him that he began to believe the myths of alien encounters! When Kingsley told me how excited he was to have a baby by these creatures, I was a little worried that they’d messed with his mind. But I keep forgetting, Kingsley is a knowledge aspiration and welcomes these strange sorts of happenings.
    • Kolton told me he’s advancing in his career just about as fast as he can! He says he brings home a promotion just about every night after work! I have been hearing less and less about him and Brittany – I hope this doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about her in all his career success lately.
    • Kingsley’s pregnancy passed without much notice! He has been staying out of the public eye and is worried what will happen to his career if his fans and colleagues found out he’s given birth to two alien twins! For now Kingsley plans to stay at home with Lee, his new son, and Lynn, his daughter, until he can figure out how to break the news to everyone that he’s become a daddy.
    • Apparently breaking the news wasn’t that hard! Once Kingsley went back to work, the media was so thrilled to have such a wild story to tell that all the extra attention earned
    Kingsley a promotion to Hall of Famer! Once my son reached his lifetime want, he retired early from athletics to raise his two newborn alien babies – my precious grandchildren!
    • My little grandbabies are growing too! Growing like weeds! Lee and his twin sister Lynn don’t look identical, but they are very similar. I know that they are alien children, but that doesn’t matter to anyone in our family. They are precious little toddlers and right now they hold everyone’s heart in the palms of their tiny hands.
    • My son Kolton has managed to achieve his lifetime want to reach the top of the culinary career! I’m so proud of him – I wish he had kept things going with Brittany though. But, Kolton assures me that he is happy with his career and all the friends that come along with being a celebrity chef!
    • Lee and Lynn are all grown up now! They’re starting to fill out their hollow cheeks and Lynn’s big alien eyes. They’re my first grandbabies and I’m so proud of them even if they’re standing still! I hope they grow up to be as successful as their father and many aunts and uncles! Speaking of their aunts and uncles, let’s see what they’re up to!
  • Kyla moved out of the house she offered to take all of the teenagers with her. So Kyla, Kimi, Katrina, Keegan and Kaden all live in one home. Kyla’s still working on her LTW to have fifty first dates! When she lived at home she could spend thousands of dollars on a date. Now she’s got a limit because she bought a house and is responsible for her younger siblings. Three dollar dates apparently gets you beak-nosed man and blue haired college students!
    • Kyla isn’t working, because reaching her lifetime want requires a lot of time. So in order to pay the bills and keep food on the table, the teenagers all got after school jobs and sell paintings. Kyla also paints at nights to help make ends meet.
    • Kyla knows that by her not having a job, her siblings are having to work hard and they are passing up a good bit of money. So she’s going on multiple dates a day and even calling the match maker over in the middle of the night so she can reach her LTW faster. Once she becomes permanently platinum, she can be happy for the rest of her days and get a job then to pay the bills in the house.
    • Just because my daughter is without a job, doesn’t mean she’s a bad guardian for her brothers and sisters. She wakes up every morning to cook breakfast for Kimi, Katrina, Keegan and Kaden. She also makes sure they have all their homework done and have a good nights rest.
    • Kyla’s told me that she has pretty much gone through all of the men in Desiderata Valley. So now she’s started going on blind dates with women that the matchmaker sets her up with.
    • That is exactly how she met Vicki Phillipine – she’s a good witch! Kyla has never met a witch before and was instantly intrigued. Instead of quickly saying goodbye to Vicki and moving onto the next date, Kyla chatted with her for a while and they got to have a nice conversation. Kyla even flirted with Vicki a little – she’s very pretty from what my daughter tells me.
    • When Kimi’s birthday came around, Kyla made sure she had a nice birthday cake and balloons to celebrate with! Everyone gathered around the small kitchen to cheer their sister on into adulthood! Kimi aged wonderfully and since she already had a job in the intelligence career, she doesn’t have to worry about trying to find her dream career. Kimi has the LTW to become the Head of the SCIA! I know she can do it! She’s such a smart girl.
    • Kyla has finally achieved her lifetime want of going on fifty first dates! DJ Verse was lucky number fifty and I’m so pleased that my daughter has done what makes her happiest in life! Now she wants to become a captain hero – I have no doubts that she can’t do that and more with the rest of her life. What I really want for my baby though, is for her to find someone to settle down and start a family with! I would love to have more grandchildren.
    • Everyone is doing very well with their jobs, teenagers included! The day following Kimi’s adult birth was wonderful – she went to work and received a nice raise and promotion to Field Agent. She’s well on her way to achieving that lifetime want.
    • Katrina and Keegan are aging into adults! Kyla has done a good job helping them through their last bit of their teenage years and now it’s time for them to make it in the real world as adults. They both aged wonderfully and, as always, I’m a very proud papa!
    • Kyla told me that she just hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Vicki Phillipine. So I told her she needed to follow her heart and see where things went. Luckily for me, Kyla took my advice and I’m happy to say my daughter has fallen in love. She’s been on fifty first dates, but she had her very first dream date with Vicki on the night that they fell in love. I hope many good things are yet to come from Kyla and Vicki.
    • Keegan, my only family aspiration driven child, has a new crush. I admit, when Keegan told me he wanted to pursue a relationship with the maid, I was a little disappointed. I hoped Keegan would end up with someone with a better career – but I just want my son to be happy. Brittany Langernak, kin to Kaylynn Langernak, and Keegan hit it off right away. So we’ll see where this leads!
    • I was thrilled when Kyla called and told me the news that she was pregnant! I’m going to be a grandfather to three children now! She admitted that she was shocked, but excited to become a mommy. I felt rather privileged, because she told me that I was the first to hear the news.
    • Vicki, the baby’s other mother, was the second to find out the good news. Immediately Vicki dropped to one knee and proposed to Kyla! I’m so pleased that this relationship is going so well. A new baby on the way and a wedding to plan – it couldn’t get any better! Vicki is thrilled beyond thrilled at the news of the growing baby inside Kyla. She’s a family aspiration and can’t wait to start their family together.
    • And they didn’t waste any time starting their lives together. Kyla and Vicki moved out of the house they shared with my younger children and into their own three bedroom home. They immediately tied the knot and Vicki took my family’s last name. I’m happy to have her as my new daughter-in-law. I can’t wait to see my new grandbaby too!
    • I have had pets in the house ever since I can remember, so I’m a pretty firm believer that a home is not really a home without a family animal. Kyla and Vicki welcomed a little male kitten into their new home together. They named him Goober!
    • It wasn’t long into Kyla and Vicki’s marriage that the baby was born. The newlyweds named their newborn son Lennox! I’m so happy to have another grandchild. Kyla also gushed to me the news that Lennox is going to be a big brother soon – that’s right, another baby is on the way! This time Vicki is the one carrying the baby.
    • Everyone in the house is growing! That includes Goober – he aged into a handsome spotted brown cat. Lennox is a toddler now and so adorable! I might be partially biased to that though, seeing how I’m his grandfather and all! Lisa’s blonde hair showed up in little Lennox, but he has brown eyes as all my children did. He’s enjoying all his parents attention for now, soon the new baby will be here and Lennox won’t be an only child anymore.
      • Kyla and Vicki welcomed two new babies into the family after their oldest son turned into a toddler. I now have another set of twin grandbabies! Kyla and Vicki have a new son and daughter – they named them Lane and Lucy!
    • My three grandbabies have turned out very fine indeed! Lennox is such a handsome child and I’m always amazed at how cute the twins are growing up to be. Lane and Lucy are just as cute as they possibly could be. All of them got my wife Lisa’s blonde hair! I’m happy that they’re still inheriting traits from their dear old grandparents who love them all so much :)
    • My wife Lisa and my daughter-in-law Vicki could be best friends! Vicki told Kyla once the twins aged into toddlers that she wanted ten children! Kyla, being one of ten, knew that if this happened she and her wife would be surrounded by love and laughter for years to come, but they just aren’t financially ready for ten kids. After talking about it, Kyla and Vicki both agreed it was better to spoil the three beautiful kids they have than struggle to put food on the table for the ten children they could possibly have. Lennox, Lane and Lucy completed their little family. I’m so glad Kyla got her happy ending.
    • Back in the house with Kimi, Katrina Keegan and Kaden a new family member has been adopted! Kimi decided it was time for a pet to join her sister and brothers. The little boy kitten was named Jay.
    • Kaden decided he didn’t want to miss out on the adventures that come along with the college life! He’d watched his sisters and brothers grow up and skip out on the opportunity and as a knowledge aspiration, he didn’t want to follow their lead. So one night after dinner he hugged his older siblings goodbye and headed off to SSU! I’m so happy for my son to further his education.
    • I’m proud to tell you that my son Keegan has found love! Since you last saw Brittany, she has ditched her cleaning job and found a new job in the journalism career. She and Keegan have also fallen head over heels in love with each other and they decided the time was right to get engaged! Brittany was already living in the house and Keegan couldn’t wait to start their very own life together as husband and wife!
    • Kimi has reached her lifetime want to become the Head of the SCIA! I’m so proud of my little girl –she’s all grown up and taking on the bad guys of Desiderata Valley!
    • Keegan and Brittany decided they didn’t need a lavish wedding to celebrate their love for each other! They got hitched in the bedroom that they share and Brittany became Mrs. Keegan Cooke!
    • Jay has grown from a small and energetic kitten to a full sized adult cat. His coat went from completely black to a mix of black and brown. He’s a very handsome cat!
    • When Brittany and Keegan found out that they were going to be parents, they packed their bags and moved into a new house. Katrina, who hasn’t been separated from her twin since birth, couldn’t be left behind. She also moved into the new home to help with the little one on the way!
    • Brittany gave birth to my beautiful black haired brown eyed granddaughter! They named her Liliana.
    • It didn’t take long before Brittany found out that she was going to have another little one! Keegan, as a family aspiration, was obviously over the moon when he heard the news!
    Even little Liliana, who was a toddler when his parents were expecting again, was excited for a baby “sister or bwother”! She’s such a beautiful little thing – I know her sibling will be the same way.
    • Keegan had every man’s dream job – the very tip top of the gaming career! He got to play test video games all day, tweak them and come up with new ideas. But as much as he enjoyed gaming, he loves his growing family more! Every day Liliana was learning new things and he didn’t want to miss a moment; so he retired early to be a stay at home dad. I made this choice too when I was young – I definitely don’t regret it!
    • It’s a good thing that Keegan retired young!! Brittany gave birth to identical triplets with her second pregnancy! It was a shock to everyone because her pregnancy had been so smooth. They named the three boys Landen, Lewis and Liam.
    • Time flew by and before anyone would ever think it, the triplets were toddlers and Liliana was growing into a wonderful big sister! Landen, Lewis and Liam are just as identical as they were when they were born – and of course just as cute as can be!
    • That ends this update from the spares!
    • Look back in the next chapter to see who became the heir from the tie when Haleigh updates the family!
    • As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
    • -Katie