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Mc M7

  1. 1. Written by: ilovereecee The SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter Seven
  2. 2. Welcome back to The SiMania Joint Duelacy! This is Katie/ilovereecee with my last chapter. I wrote the past chapter in which Menolly and her three sisters graduated college. Her sisters – Fiona, Sadie and Giselle – all married their sweethearts and had their own children. This is the seventh chapter in which you will witness the life of Menolly (the fourth generation heiress) and her husband Roger. Before you read, I want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with this family – they honestly are a great bunch! Thanks for your support and kind words on the SiMania forum as well, it really means alot. Now without further ado, let's see how Menolly's life ended up after her college graduation :)
  3. 3. Menolly and Roger moved back home with Em's playful parents Ricky and Delia. Of course there was excitement all around the dinner table the first night back at home. Delia was so happy to have her first born along with her betrothed living under her roof. The excitement took on a whole new level when Em announced that her wedding was to take place the following morning!
  4. 4. Right away Em decided she wanted to get fit!* She worked long into the wee hours of the morning to get that perfectly slim body. The outrageously long workout was worth every bit of sweat though – Em went to bed satisfied knowing she'd look drop dead gorgeous in her wedding gown the next day! *Menolly actually did roll the want to get fit the day before her wedding!
  5. 5. Ricky and Delia didn't have any jitters or wants to work out for the wedding at all. They simply enjoyed each others company for the remainder of the evening and basked in the joy that came with Menolly and Roger moving back home.
  6. 6. All too quickly it was time for Menolly to walk down the aisle! All of her sisters, their husbands and a few of her nieces and nephews managed to make it to the hot pink and black themed wedding. There was so much chaos with all the guests running around before the vows that it was a miracle all but one guest (Sadie's adopted daughter Elizabeth) managed to find their seats in time for the ring exchange!
  7. 7. The wedding itself was beautiful all around. Menolly and Roger both vowed to love and cherish each other until death do them part. They exchanged their small gold wedding bands and shared their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. McMania!
  8. 8. When it came time for the first kiss as husband and wife all three of Em's sisters and her mother applauded the couple. Even Ricky had tears in his eyes as he watched his first born daughter become a Mrs.
  9. 9. Following the exchange of vows and rings, it was time to cut the cake! Menolly didn't hold back when it came to the cake smashing – she enjoyed herself as her guests helped themselves to cake, food and drink. Delia took up the chance to tell her other children how proud she was of them all individually for having such a successful college career followed by lovely families.
  10. 10. When the wedding party was coming to a close love of all kind was still everywhere! Melody watched her father Kennedy serenade her beautiful redheaded mother Giselle. Fiona fit in some spare time from all the fun to dance with her only son Max. And with that the party ended and it was time for the newlyweds to catch some sleep before jetsetting off the following morning to Twikki Island!
  11. 11. The romantic feeling of the wedding was not lost just yet. Before they knew it, Menolly and Roger were unpacking their bags in a cute little bungalow on Twikki Island. They decided to stay in a high priced room, but the best part was that the house was on the beach! They only had to walk off the back porch to have some fun in the sun.
  12. 12. Roger enjoyed digging for seashells, necklaces, clams and anything else he might manage to unearth. While her husband dug in the dirt like a little kid, Menolly enjoyed soaking up the sun on the warm, sandy beach!
  13. 13. On the second day of their honeymoon Em and Roger headed down to the local beaches for more fun. They sampled the local cuisine, fought pretend pirates and even pretended to steer a gigantic old ship. The both had a blast!
  14. 14. Of course the couple found a nighttime hobby that was quite enjoyable as a new and young married couple ;)
  15. 15. All too soon the honeymoon was coming quickly to an end. Menolly and Roger spent their last day in Twikki Island playing in the sand. Em built a nice sandcastle and of course Roger didn't waste a minute doing anything but digging around in the sand looking for buried treasures.
  16. 16. When Em and Roger got back home no time was wasted when it came to moving up the career ladder. Roger started his first day in his desired career – Adventure career – the day after returning from his honeymoon. Not only did he have a splendid first day, he came home with a promotion to boot :)
  17. 17. Excitement was all around when Ricky and Delia's elder birthdays arrived. Menolly and Roger cheered on the couple as they prepared to age into an older couple. Ricky and Delia both turned out as beautiful elders as you can see. And they still love each other very, very much despite the new wrinkles and crows feet!
  18. 18. Menolly found a stray cat that seemed to like coming around the family home a lot. She befriended the stray, Kim, and adopted her into the family once their relationship was high enough. Kim got along great with Lady, but let's just hope she likes Pumba since that will be who she'll be having kittens with!
  19. 19. Kim isn't the only addition to the family lately. Soon Roger and Menolly are going to have a little baby on their hands! Roger, a secondary family aspiration, couldn't be any more excited to meet his little son or daughter soon.
  20. 20. Ricky and Delia are just as sweet to each other as ever before. Ricky is always rolling wants to flirt and appreciate his gorgeous wife. It's really quite adorable and sweet to see them interact with each other throughout the day.
  21. 21. With a baby on the way Ricky decides the time is right to start working on his daughter and son-in-law's portraits. It only took one day before both portraits were completed and hung up for display in the dining room.
  22. 22. Delia was the only one to witness the birth of Menolly and Roger's first child. She helped her daughter through the pains of labor and once it was all said and done a beautiful little boy was born! The baby with green eyes and blonde hair was named Nemo*. *Nemo was named after the main character in Finding Nemo – a cute film about a small fish taken from the ocean to a dentist's fish tank and his father's quest through the big blue to get Nemo back!
  23. 23. The morning after little Nemo's birth, Menolly goes off to her first day of work as a Ballroom Dancer. She comes home with a promotion the very next afternoon and achieves her first Life Time Want! She immediately goes to the computer to find her next LTW desired career. She now wants to become a Mad Scientist!
  24. 24. I forgot to add a picture of movie Nemo when he was born, but here is a picture now. Em's little Nemo is proving to be quite a handful. He is a quiet baby, but whenever anyone picks him up to play with him, he always throws up on them. . . even if it's been hours since he last ate. Welcome to motherhood, Em ;)
  25. 25. Despite all the spit up, Menolly completely adores her son. She and Roger decided to start trying to conceive right away. Of course Roger wants another child as well because of his secondary family aspiration. After a few tries, a little lullaby signaled the new baby on the way :)
  26. 26. Delia is such an attentive grandmother. She is the only one who doesn't mind waking at three in the morning to feed the baby his bottle or change his dirty diaper.
  27. 27. All too soon it was time for Nemo to grow into a toddler! All of Nemo's aunts came to help celebrate his big first birthday! Menolly was the one to bring the baby to his cake. Doesn't she look so happy!?
  28. 28. Nemo definitely turned out to be quite the cute toddler! He has a very contrasting personality. He is extremely neat, outgoing and active, but he's also lacking with playful and nice points. His personality is
  29. 29. A new little McMania baby is definitely on the way :) Menolly is having a harder time with this pregnancy. She didn't throw up or even have much nausea with Nemo, but this little one is giving it's mommy a hard time. Maybe this means twins are coming?!
  30. 30. Menolly spends her maternity leave teaching Nemo his toddler skills. They spend hours together in the nursery and quickly become best friends. Resulting from all the mommy time, Nemo learns how to talk and walk fairly quickly. It only took him one day to grasp onto using his words and walking versus crawling around everywhere.
  31. 31. Of course Delia has to get in some time with her grandson. She and Nemo developed a strong bond when he was a baby and that resulted in a great friendship in his toddler years. Delia teachers Nemo a nursery song and they both enjoy singing and dancing around with each other whenever Delia has a spare minute, which is often!
  32. 32. Nemo still likes to throw up all over his family members. Ricky's face is the aftermath of having the icky blue puke in his face!
  33. 33. Menolly spends the majority of her maternity leave playing with her little tot. Em loves nothing more than to wake up Nemo from his afternoon nap, feed him a bottle and then play peek-a-boo!
  34. 34. Kim was getting to be quite the (for lack of a better term) psycho cat. She got along fantastically with Lady, but she and Pumba had a mutual hatred for each other. Pumba never did anything to Kim, but for some reason Kim always wanted to chase, challenge and hiss at poor Pumba! I knew it was time for Kim to go when she started watching Pumba in his sleep, just waiting for him to wake up so she could attack!
  35. 35. A little happier event took place immediately after Kim left the family for good. Nemo's child birthday arrived and everyone gathered around to celebrate! This time Roger helped his son to blow out the candles then set him down to twirl around in sparkles and confetti to turn into . . .
  36. 36. An even cuter child! I didn't think Nemo could get any more adorable, but it was apparently possible! After changing clothes, Nemo rushed downstairs to work on his skilling. With two Knowledge sims for parents, he'd been get to cracking!
  37. 37. Nemo's birthday wasn't the only thing to celebrate that night. Little Ursula* with blonde hair and green eyes joined the family a few hours after the birthday balloons popped. *Ursula is named after the evil sea witch in The Little Mermaid.
  38. 38. As she did after Nemo's birth, Menolly went right back to work. This time she's trying for her second Life Time Want – To Become A Mad Scientist! It's quite a change from wanting to become a world class ballet dancer, which was her first achieved LTW.
  39. 39. It quickly became obvious that Roger was meant to have daughters. As a secondary Family aspiration, he's likely to be drawn to his children, but Roger never seems to leave little Ursula's sight. He is always the one to feed and change her. He'll even go wake her up in the middle of her sleep to feed her right after she'd been fed already. He's a very attentive father.
  40. 40. Okay Roger . . . I think it's a little early to be talking about having grandchildren! Your oldest did just only turn into a child, you know!
  41. 41. Now that Nemo is in school that means homework every evening! I don't see this particular McMania turning into a Knowledge sim. He gripes about his homework, even when his Grandpa Ricky basically gives him the answers. And after dinner when it's time to skill, Nemo skills so slowly that I cross my fingers his siblings are not the same way.
  42. 42. Two days after going back to work Menolly gets her big promotion to being a Mad Scientist! Immediately after coming home, she rushes to the computer to find her next desired career in the Entertainment career. Now she wants to reach the top of that ladder!
  43. 43. Little Ursula's birthday seemed to sneak up on everyone. Before the family knew it, it was time to break out the cake and balloons. Unlike Nemo, Ursula's birthday party didn't involve all of her aunts. The family decided to keep it quiet this time because Menolly had been feeling a little sick all throughout the day.
  44. 44. Ursula aged into a stunning tot! She has the same general features as her big bro, but she's cute in her own way of course! Menolly began to teach her daughter how to walk straight away. I was pleased to see that Ursula was catching on fairly quickly. Hopefully that means she won't be a slow skiller like Nemo! Her personality is
  45. 45. The reason for Menolly feeling a little under the weather soon became obvious – she had another bun in the oven! A new McMania baby is on the way and this will be the last one for Menolly and Roger so I'm crossing my fingers for a little diversity in the hair and eye color.
  46. 46. As she did with Nemo, Menolly filled her maternity leave days by spending time with her little one. Ursula is a very smart child and loves spending time with her family members. As you can see she's been making quite a few best friends in the house these days and can't wait to tell her mom all about it!
  47. 47. Ricky and Delia are doting grandparents, but they do find time to remind themselves of their love for each other. Whenever the children are all in their bed the couple can be found playing a game of red hands, or as Ricky prefers – making out! Side note – if you look out the window, you can see Roger climbing out of his carpool. He just got promoted. Hopefully he's just a few more away from his LTW – top of the Adventure Career.
  48. 48. Menolly and Ursula have a great mother-daughter relationship already! Em spends so much time with her tiny daughter that even Roger (who spent night and day with her when she was an infant) has a hard time getting his hands on little Ursula.
  49. 49. Nemo is such a slow skiller! I definitely cannot see him being a Knowledge sim – he hates coming home and doing his homework and then sitting down to study every night of the week.
  50. 50. It's a good thing Menolly studied fire saftey in college! For some reason Delia, who has maxed cooking skill points, started a fire while trying to make pancakes for Nemo before he went off to school. Luckily I was able to wake up Menolly in time to extinguish the fire before her mother's life was taken by the scorching flames.
  51. 51. Em went back to bed after the fire just to be waken up a few hours later in labor! She gave birth to another beautiful child with blonde hair and green eyes (so much for diversity ;] ). She named her new daughter Aurora*. *Rory is named after Aurora more commonly known as Sleeping Beauty – a classic Disney tale of how powerful true love can be.
  52. 52. Again, Roger is so meant to be a father to little girls! After Rory was born, he immediately went into the nursery she shares with Ursula to cuddle his newborn. Then he went to feed and bathe Aurora downstairs in the kitchen. The fact that he had to be at work just a few short hours later didn't bother him the least. Who needs sleep when you can run all day on excitement from a newborn anyway? ;)
  53. 53. Friday afternoon came quickly for the family. Nemo was excited as ever to be off the school bus and to have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever he wanted – my sim children always have the weekend away from skilling to enjoy whichever way they choose. Menolly decided to join her son outside and shoot some hoops, a great way to lose that baby weight left over from Aurora.
  54. 54. When Roger returned home from work around nine a birthday party was in order! Ursula was turning into a child :) Of course Roger was the one to help his little girl to her birthday cake. Together they blew out the candles, Roger let Ursula stand on the floor alone so she could spin into a child.
  55. 55. And what a cute child she turned out to be! Right after changing outfits, Ursula decided to show off her playful side and slide all the way down the banister to the first floor.
  56. 56. Whenever Roger has a day off, he can be found in the girls' room of course! Like Ursula did at this age, Aurora has her daddy wrapped around her ity bity finger! I feel bad for Roger sometimes. He keeps rolling the want to have a new baby. He thinks about it all the time as well. Maybe one reason he spends so much time with Rory is because he knows this will be the last baby in the house for a long, long time!
  57. 57. Roger is assigned homework helping duty with the older kids because he usually gets home around the same time the bus drops off Nemo and Ursula. Of couse Nemo complains the whole time while doing his required homework. Just look at the pitiful face, lol :) Ursula doesn't seem to mind though!
  58. 58. After homework and a quick break for dinner and a little playtime to boost the fun meter, it is time to start studying for a few hours before bedtime. This is again something that Nemo usually complains about and drags his skilling out as slowly as possible. Ursula is quite a good skiller though! She's already ahead of her big bro with three skills almost completely maxed out. Nemo only has seven points in his cooking meter and a few others here and there from playing with his toddler toys ages ago.
  59. 59. Ricky and Menolly missed little Aurora's first birthday party because they had to work all through the night. Rory's sister, brother, father and Grandma Delia were there to celebrate with her though. Roger was of course the one to bring his baby girl up to her birthday cake to blow out the few candles.
  60. 60. Rory aged into quite an adorable toddler! She even has a personality that is different from her big brother and sister. She actually has some nice points, which her siblings are so very lacking! Her personality is
  61. 61. It's a good thing Menolly decided not to call out of work for her daughter's birthday party. She achieved her third LTW by getting her final promotion in the Entertainment career! Now Em wants to Become a Criminal Mastermind! I think it's hilarious that Em has achieved three of her LTWs and her husband Roger is still struggling to achieve one – Reach the Top of the Adventure career!
  62. 62. Ricky and Delia are forever young! Delia always rolls wants to play with, talk to and appreciate her long time husband. That results in Ricky wanting to flirt, make out and woohoo lol! They're both so caring about each other – it is sweet :)
  63. 63. It's time for a birthday in the McMania house once again! This time Nemo is going to blow out his candles and twirl into a hormone raging teenager! His parents, grandparents and sister (even though you can't see her hiding behind Nemo) all gathered around to watch him become a teen.
  64. 64. Nemo aged into a very handsome young man. He looks a lot like his mother, despite his father's blonde hair. Nemo rolled a Fortune aspiration and I'm happy he didn't roll Knowledge. If that poor boy rolled the Max All Skills LTW it would be ages and ages before it ever came true ;)
  65. 65. Em has done it yet again! This girl is unstoppable – she's achieved a fourth LTW! Menolly has now reached the top of the Criminal career track and has become a Criminal Mastermind. Her new LTW is another career based one – she wants to reach the top of the Slacker career as a Pro Party Guest.
  66. 66. It is time for another birthday party in the McMania house! This time the youngest one in the home is turning into a child. Aurora is helped to the cake by none other than her loving father and she blows out her candles with a little help from dad.
  67. 67. Rory ages into a gorgeous young lady! She's got blonde hair and green eyes like her other two siblings, but she's cute in her own way as well.
  68. 68. Thankfully it quickly became apparent that Rory was a fast skiller like her big sis! I'm so happy she isn't like her brother Nemo instead – who has always been a painfully slow skiller. After Aurora's birthday party she and Ursula sat down to skill together. They both gained eight points in one category that night before calling it a day!
  69. 69. “ You know Headmaster, I've won countless awards in my days in the Entertainment career – which I topped, by the way! And also I've been known to snag a few more awards in the Science field when I was making discoveries as a Mad Scientist!” Menolly and Roger are trying to get their children accepted into private school. Menolly shows the Headmaster that her children come from a very honorable mother. Roger shows BJ Ryan around the home, and he especially loves the bathroom!
  70. 70. Dinner and a tour were a great help towards the overall score, but not enough to win over the Headmaster. Thankfully Roger remembered his old college cheer and that proved to BJ Ryan that his kids were good enough for Private school! Nemo, Ursula and Aurora were all accepted into the Private institution that night.
  71. 71. Everyone was elated about the private school acceptance, but the next morning a rain cloud settled over the house as Grimmy came to take Lady away from the family. Honestly though, it couldn't have come at a better time – Lady's carpool was waiting outside to take her off to a long day at work. So at least she got out of that!
  72. 72. Lady's passing didn't put a damper on anyone's spirits too long. Roger finally achieved his LTW to reach the top of the Adventure Career! Aurora congratulated her daddy with a wave and smile as she walked inside from her first day at Private school – isn't she cute in her uniform?! :) Anyway, Roger's new LTW is to reach his golden anniversary!
  73. 73. So Pumba is almost about to pass away as Lady did a few days ago. We still don't have a new generation of kittens yet and so Menolly goes to PePe's Pets and adopts Kala*. She's a very smart, friendly and adorable short haired tabby with creamy brown eyes. Cute, huh? *Kala is named after the mother ape in the movie Tarzan. Kala saves Tarzan as a human infant and raises him as if he were her own baby.
  74. 74. Thankfully Pumba and Kala get along ten times better than Kim and Pumba ever did! Kala isn't crazy and doesn't stalk poor Pumba, but as soon as she got home and had a little snack, she ran over to play with him. In fact, they gained such a high relationship that night, Kala and Pumba were able to try for kittens. They were successful :)
  75. 75. Ricky and Delia are still one of the cutest couples ever. They always roll wants about each other almost every day. Usually it starts out with Delia wanting to play, appreciate and entertain her husband. And with Ricky being a Romance sim, it always ends up upstairs in the bedroom for a little alone time ;)
  76. 76. Nemo has completely given up on trying to reach eight points with all of his skills. Once he maxed body he quit and decided to get a job instead – that way he could make some money! Nemo earned a pretty high spot in the Military career as a Recruiter! He earned a promotion the same night he started and became an Overachiever! At nights Nemo paints and then sells his paintings for whatever they are worth. He's becoming very money hungry, but it's expected as a Fortune aspiration.
  77. 77. Time for another teenage birthday in the McMania house! This time Ursula is joining her big brother in the land of teenagers! With her family there to support her, Ursula blows out her candles and wishes for a good aspiration!
  78. 78. Ursula rolls a Pleasure aspiration with a secondary Family aspiration. She holds onto her good looks and resembles her mother with her long, thin face and big green eyes!
  79. 79. I really enjoy having Kala as a part of the family! She is not only well behaved, but she's very entertaining as well! She hasn't needed to be scolded for bad behavior since her adoption – which is great! Kala loves being outdoors. She especially enjoys chasing the butterflies in the front yard.
  80. 80. Menolly has earned yet another big promotion and has now achieved her FIFTH LTW :) Her new LTW is to reach the top of the Education career track. With only a few days left until she turns into an elder, let's hope the Education career is easy to find on the computer.
  81. 81. Ursula has gained eight points in every skill – the required amount to earn scholarships – and so that means she is free to spend her free time however she might wish. As a Pleasure sim, Ursula has a few date related wants in her panel. Mainly she wants to flirt and go on dates, so naturally the Matchmaker is on Ursula's speed dial!
  82. 82. I'm really disappointed that Grimmy came to collect Pumba when he did. It was honestly horrible timing because Pumba and Kala's sweet kitten was born just a few short hours after Grimmy's visit. Mushu* is the only kitten that was born to Kala and Pumba. So far little Mu is white with blue eyes. *Mushu is named after the small dragon/family guardian of the Fa family in Mulan.
  83. 83. Mushu is proving to be just as well behaved and good spirited as his mother Kala. Little Mu is loved by everyone in the family and isn't shy about asking for attention – not that it annoys anyone, all of the McMania's enjoy playing with Mushu and the cat teaser :)
  84. 84. Aurora's teenage birthday came quickly! Roger, the always proud papa, stood behind his youngest daughter to cheer her on with the rest of his family as well. It was meant to be a happy occasion, but of course these things can be ruined when . . .
  85. 85. Grimmy decides to pay the family another visit! Poor Ricky, the third generation heir, his time has come to bid his family farewell and join his deceased family members in SimHeaven! Of course his passing diverted everyone's attention and turned the happy birthday party into a tear fest all around.
  86. 86. The next morning everyone was dealing with their loss a tad bit better and I was able to snap a quick pic of Aurora as a teenager. Trying to get a picture last night was impossible – all Aurora (and the rest of the family) did was cry her eyes out over her grandpa. Rory rolled a Pleasure aspiration with a secondary fortune aspiration.
  87. 87. The following evening brought around yet another birthday for the McMania family. This time Roger and Menolly are aging into elders! Delia, Ursula and Aurora gathered around the happy couple to cheer them on. Even Nemo made it home from work just in time to see his parents grow up. Of course Em and Roger aged beautifully. Roger threw a party (although nobody but the immediate family showed up)and he achieved his second LTW to Reach Golden Anniversary.
  88. 88. It looks like Rory will be following in her sister's footsteps as a true Pleasure aspiration. Aurora is always rolling wants to flirt and go on dates. Ricky Corimer is usually the date the matchmaker gives to her, so that results in a huge crush and a great first kiss!
  89. 89. Mushu grew up into a beautiful adult cat! I'm happy to see he looks a lot like his father – Pumba! But Mu has his mommy's dark chocolate eyes. Handsome little fellow, isn't he?! This is where I will end the chapter and pass the family onto the next member. I've had a blast playing this family, thank you all so much for reading – don't forget to vote for heir at SiMania!
  90. 90. If you are not a member of SiMania already, you should definitely join! We are a great forum dedicated to the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 stories/legacies. Our members are fun and friendly, so why not hop on over and visit us? Go to ? Hope to see you there :)