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  1. 1. The Clark Legacy: 2 by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Clark Legacy! I hope that you enjoy this chapter; it is a little short, but it was still fun to play. Thanks for reading and enjoy!! :)
  3. 3. Charlie, Trevor's only alien son, won the heir poll for the Clark legacy! He is a very handsome young man with a fortune aspiration. He might also have a little popularity aspiration in him; he's already meeting and greeting his fellow dormies and he hasn't even stepped inside yet!
  4. 4. After deciding on the dorm room closest to the front door and across from the living room, Charlie sets up his paint easel and begins skilling. He already has the want to sell a masterpiece! He definitely is a fortune sim.
  5. 5. Charlie also wanted to purchase a sewing table. Although this want was a little questionable and girly, I allowed him to make the purchase. He loves sewing projects, which right now usually come out lopsided and tattered, but soon he'll be sewing up clothes that look wonderful!
  6. 6. On the very first night in the dorms, Charlie already gets a wild college experience! The cook, hired because of her abilities to make tasty mac 'n' cheese, started a fire! Looks like the college needs to hire a new cook who knows what she's doing!
  7. 7. Charlie's been packing on the pounds from all the mac 'n' cheese, and has gained what is commonly known as “the freshman fifteen”. He wants to get back into shape and takes up jump roping in the hallways every morning. It is slowly, but surely, working to help Charlie lose some weight.
  8. 8. It seems like all Charlie is doing lately is studying, skilling or working on his class assignments. He hasn't made very many friends or gone out to the local hot spots.
  9. 9. So I tear Charlie away from his pen and papers to meet with some of the dormies. He met a really upbeat and funny cheerleader named Laci Couderc. The two of them got along great and immediately shared a few jokes.
  10. 10. Charlie also found out that the dorms held more than just friendly cheerleaders. There were a few dormies living there that felt the need to take a shower was so last season.
  11. 11. Charlie ended up making a few new friends over the next few days, and tried desperately to stay away from those who didn't shower. Every night Charlie liked to sit down at his sewing table and make a new project. They were getting better and better each time he tried. Soon he had a gold talent badge!
  12. 12. Even with all his new friends Charlie is still the same studious man he was ever since he was a child. I guess all the friends in the world won't tear this man away from his books!
  13. 13. Of course with all of his studying, Charlie was earning stellar grades. He decided to take some time away, skip a class, and invite over his parents. Kaylynn was ecstatic that Charlie was doing so well in school and chatted his ear off about wearing clean undies and bathing correctly.
  14. 14. His father, Trevor, on the other hand, had more important things to talk about. He wanted to know all about the girls in the dorm. Charlie tried to sway the topic to something different, but his dear old dad insisted on knowing if Charlie had a girlfriend yet. As a family sim, Trevor wanted to make sure Charlie was thinking about carrying on the family name.
  15. 15. Yet another dorm member that makes it a daily event to skip out on bathing. . .
  16. 16. Charlie had promised his father to take dating more seriously. So he invited the pretty, peppy cheerleader Laci on a date to Red's Famous 50's Diner. It started out a little awkward by taking a few photos in the photobooth, but things soon got a little more fun thanks to Laci. . .
  17. 17. She was the typical upbeat cheerleader; always happy and jumping around. She really did bring out the playful side in Charlie. She even managed to teach him the school cheer in no time at all! Charlie was rather enjoying himself with Laci and couldn't help but look forward to their next date.
  18. 18. The night was quickly approaching and Charlie had to be back at the dorms to catch some shut eye before his next final exam. He and Laci sat down to enjoy some dinner together before they departed.
  19. 19. Laci was no cheap date! She ordered one of the most expensive items on the menu – salmon! Charlie didn't mind paying for the overpriced fish though. He was thoroughly enjoying Laci's presence during their first date. Dinner was fabulous and they even caressed hands while waiting on the bill!
  20. 20. Of course Laci brought more of her personality into the date before saying goodnight. She asked Charlie to dance with her to the beat that the jukebox was belting out. The new couple boogied on the dance floor for more than an hour before sharing a sweet kiss goodnight :)
  21. 21. Peppy Laci snuck up to the front door of Charlie's dorm and left an expensive thank you present! I had expected some roses, not a brand new piano. Looks like this girl really paid attention and tuned into the fact that Charlie was really into Arts & Crafts. She must be a keeper ;)
  22. 22. The next morning Charlie was trying to sleep in, but couldn't help fight the feeling that someone was staring at him. And he was right, another stinky dormie was staring at his locked door. When Charlie left for his sophomore final exam, he decided it was time to leave the smelly friends behind and rent his own home for the rest of his college years.
  23. 23. After earning a grant for acing his final exam, Charlie finally had enough money to move out of the dorms at the beginning of his Junior year. So far Charlie was rather enjoying his new privacy and had some time to rock out on his piano without smelly dormies coming around to bother him.
  24. 24. It didn't take long before Charlie found out that the dorm life wouldn't be totally left behind. The school mascots still followed him to show him the school cheer in his new house.
  25. 25. School mascots were a lot better than smelly sims though. Charlie welcomed Alicia the Cow and Marcel the Llama into his home to cheer, dance and play the piano. He quickly befriended them and had fun when they came around.
  26. 26. Charlie soon found out that it was nice to have his own home to invite his girlfriend over to. The privacy was great! On rainy days they spent their time making out and dancing indoors without anyone there to interrupt
  27. 27. And on days that the sun was shining, Laci always wanted to go out on dates. Of course the very first thing they do on every night out on the town is take some pictures in the photo booth This time they took a few romantic, lovey-dovey pictures to hang in Charlie's new home.
  28. 28. The couple got lost in the maze at Lost In Love Hedge Maze. They didn't mind resting on the bench for a few kisses though. And this is the time that the Charlie and Laci fell in love :)
  29. 29. One of Charlie's wants on the date was to take Laci back to his home. She agreed and the two love birds celebrated falling in love. Of course they ended with a dream date.
  30. 30. Charlie wanted to make something for his new love that would show how much he loved her. After all, his house was filled with roses and bouquets that Laci had given him after dates. It was time for him to give something to her – he began working on a teddy bear for her. :)
  31. 31. Charlie invited Laci over the next evening for dinner so that he could present his gift for her. It had only taken him a few hours to make and it wasn't very expensive, but Charlie was sure she'd love it!
  32. 32. Halfway through dinner Charlie had a better idea. They were in love, they both wanted engagement. So why not!? Charlie popped the question while they were eating spaghetti and Laci immediately grabbed the small black box.
  33. 33. She put on the ring and threw the box over her shoulder into the potted plant. Laci admired her new engagement ring and excitedly accepted Charlie's offer. Both of their aspirations went sky high when she said yes :)
  34. 34. It was the night before Charlie's final senior exam so he decided to throw a party! He invited his professors (one of which brought Poppy Hanson, the plant sim) and one of his best friends April Andersen, who is quietly studying on the floor.
  35. 35. Kaylynn Clark, Charlie's mother, was also on the guest list. She heartily helped herself to the juice keg outside next to the pool and spent most of the evening there. I guess she's dealing with a few problems with her baby boy growing up ;)
  36. 36. While all of the guests were enjoying themselves on the piano upstairs (and Kaylynn enjoying more juice) Charlie and Laci spent a few moments kissing and hugging each other.
  37. 37. Charlie knew he could ace this last exam with one arm tied behind his back, but he wanted to cram in a few last minute study assignments just to be safe. After two writing assignments Charlie sped off to class to complete his exam.
  38. 38. Charlie is now a graduated man! He is no longer a student at La Fiesta Tech, but a grown man ready to start his life with his wonderful fiance. Charlie strolled back toward the house . . .
  39. 39. But stopped when he came to the mailbox to find that Laci had left a “congrats/i love you” letter for him. Charlie smiled as he read the letter then called a cab and headed back home to start his life with Laci back in Clarksville.
  40. 40. Thank you all for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this short chapter about Charlie's college life. Look back next time to read more about fortune sims Charlie and Laci and how they begin their family :)