Chapter 2


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Chapter 2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Ventures of Boone: Chapter Two!Thanks for coming to read the new update. I hope that youenjoy it, of course. If you haven’t already read the firstchapter it’s available on this live journal page.In the last chapter you met Alex Boone, the founder of mynew legacy. Alex is a popularity/family aspiration. He achievedhis first lifetime want to become a celebrity chef. Now hewants to marry off six of his children. This is very possiblethanks to Dagmar Bertino Boone. Alex married his mailcarrierand together they had six children.Today we’ll pick up from there with a quick who’s who in thefamily since there are so many faces to remember lol.
  2. 2. This lovely couple is Alex and Dagmar Boone. They are the founders of thislegacy. In the last chapter you saw them get married and start a familytogether. The early years in their marriage were rough, especially onDagmar who died and came back to life while pregnant with her fourthchild. But now things are looking bright for the Boones.
  3. 3. Zander was the first born into the second generation of the Boone legacy.He is the oldest of triplets. His aspiration is knowledge/family with thelifetime want to become a criminal mastermind. Right now Zander holds aposition of pickpocket in the shady career, but hopes to advance all theway to the top once he grows up.
  4. 4. Zoe is the second born triplet and the first born girl in generationtwo. She is a fortune/knowledge aspiration with the lifetime wantto max all seven skills. I love that Zoe got such an easy lifetimewant!
  5. 5. Zora is the youngest triplet. She most resembles her father in looks andpersonality of all the children. She even has the same first lifetime want as Alex –that is to become a celebrity chef. Alex currently has his own diner (named afterhis wife Dagmar) and his own cooking show, so hopefully Zora will have an easypath up the cuisine career ladder. Her aspiration is fortune/pleasure.
  6. 6. Zack was the baby in Dagmar’s tummy last chapter when she died.Luckily, Alex was there to save both of their lives! Zack is a happychild and hasn’t shown much of a strong personality yet, butenjoys spending time with his family members.
  7. 7. Zeena is the fifth child of Alex and Dagmar. She has Alex’s round,chunky cheeks and they are so adorable on her as a toddler! Zeenais a pretty calm toddler. She gets a lot of love and attention fromher parents and three teenage siblings.
  8. 8. Last, but not least, we have baby Zelda. She is the youngest of thesix Boone children. So far she’s an easy mannered baby and doesn’trequire much attention. But now, she is on her way to a birthdaycake so that she and her big sis Zeena can grow up together!
  9. 9. Alex and Dagmar make great parents and have provided a nicelifestyle for all six kids so far. They love celebrating these bigmoments with their little ones.
  10. 10. Zeena grew into a cute littlegirl who looks a lot like herdaddy. She still has his roundcheeks and slightly tilted eyeshape.Zelda looks a lot like hermother Dagmar. She has apersonality that is all Alexthough: Sheresembles her big brotherZander in that she’s a meanslob.
  11. 11. With so many sims in the house, nobody ever gets lonely. The teenagersare veering off to do their own thing lately, but they still keep each otherinvolved. Zander is shaping up to become an even better pickpocket andZoe is happy to tag along in the yoga workout to earn some body skills.She’s about halfway to her lifetime goal of maxing all seven skills.
  12. 12. All of the Boone children are doing exceptionally well. Dagmar isspending the rest of her maternity leave teaching Zelda how to walk andtalk. The teens are breaking into the working world and the children arefinding out the joys of “study time” – which means they have to skill alittle everyday to prepare for college.
  13. 13. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Boone! I’ve never seen a moreunstable home. You’re just lucky the oldest three get to stay. If it wereup to me, I’d take them all from you!”Hang on a minute. What’s the social worker doing here? I was justbragging about Dagmar and Alex raising six happy kids. And now thislady barges in and tells off Alex. No way!
  14. 14. “I don’t understand. Why are you taking my kids from me? I love them, Ineed them. They are my life!”Alex plead to keep his three youngest kids, but the social worker hadalready made up her mind.I don’t understand either. What the heck is going on!?
  15. 15. Without listening to any more of Alex’s begging, the social workerwent into the master bedroom and to wake Zelda up from her nap.The little traitor looks happy to be going away and I’m still not surewhat the heck happened for Alex and Dagmar to loose their kids.After Zelda was taken, the social worker went back into the houseto collect Zack from where he had just stood happily painting apicture on the easel.
  16. 16. It wasn’t until the lady went to grab Zeena from upstairs in herbedroom that I knew why the three youngest children were beingtaken away from their family…
  17. 17. That little heifer was jumping on her bed for so long that she gotoverheated. They aren’t being taken away for being beaten,neglected or starved. They are being taken away because Zeenawas jumping on her bed. You’ve got to be kidding me!
  18. 18. It goes without saying that Alex and Dagmar are absolutely brokenhearted about losing half of their children. Alex loved those kids sincebefore he even knew they were coming. Dagmar literally died whilepregnant with Zack and came back to life with a new view and love forher six kids. I can’t believe they got taken away because Zeena wasjumping on her bed. I could kill her. I better watch what I say, thesocial worker just might come back and take the triplets next!
  19. 19. To make matters worse, it’s Dagmar’s elder birthday. It’s been along afternoon, so the triplets are sleeping and Alex is in a cryingspell in the bathroom. Nobody helped Dagmar celebrate herbirthday – not that it would have been much of a celebration onthe day half the kids got taken away my social services! She agedinto a beautiful elder nonetheless.
  20. 20. Life is moving on in the Boone house since Zack, Zeena and Zeldawere taken away. Everyone is focusing on their own specific goals.It’s oddly quiet in the house without the youngest three childrenrunning around and getting into everything.
  21. 21. Alex, who should be retired at his age, has thrown himself fully into hiswork. He only films his hit cooking show three days a week and runs D’sDiner (his restaurant named after Dagmar) in the meantime. He’s takenup painting to take his mind off of losing three of his babies at once. It’ssad, but good for the family funds.
  22. 22. The teens are ready for more adventure in their lives. The good kind ofadventure though, not the kind where your younger siblings get takenaway by the social worker in a surprise visit. So knowledge aspirationZander has been researching colleges and has decided that he and hissisters are going to go to Sim State University!
  23. 23. I feel so bad for poor Alex.He wants to have anotherbaby, but Dagmar is too old.So I’ve tried to distract himfrom his own wants by lotsof extra love time with hisbeautiful wife.
  24. 24. The night before Zander, Zoe and Zora leave for Sim StateUniversity, Zoe achieved her first lifetime want! Great timing,right!? She has now maxed out all seven of her skills. She nowwants to reach the top of the entertainment career.
  25. 25. I’ve been feeling very guilty about the youngest three kids getting taken away – I should have been paying closer attention to Zeena. I feel I’ve robbed Alex of his second lifetime want to marry off six kids.This is why the family got twonew cats! A fluffy, orange catnamed Romeo. And a spottedyellow cat named… youguessed it – Juliet! I know, I’mnot very original with the petnames. It’s better than Fluffyand Snowball though!
  26. 26. These pictures are purely to show off how handsome the secondgeneration turned out! And to remind you of the potential heirs.Zander now a young adult in college with a knowledge/familyaspiration with the lifetime want to become a criminal mastermind!
  27. 27. As a teenager, Zoe achieved her first lifetime want to max all seven skills.Now she is in college with her brother and sister and has the new goal toreach the top of the entertainment career. She is a fortune/knowledgeaspiration.
  28. 28. And the last of the kids (that weren’t taken by the social worker)isZora! She is a fortune/pleasure aspiration with the lifetime want tofollow in her father’s footsteps and become a celebrity chef!
  29. 29. The young adults all claimed their dorm rooms and declared a major that will help them advance quickly in their future careers.Then Zora proceeded togrind on her brother’sleg… I’m not sure why. Ihope the social workerdoesn’t decide to takethem away forincestuous dancing.
  30. 30. It’s been a few days since the kids have started college and they’vegotten into a pretty dull routine of going to class, studying andeating. The thing is, they are happy to do it! I’ve never met moreboring college students. So, to fix that, I sent Zoe and Zora out on agirls night to the bar where they could sing, dance and be silly!
  31. 31. And I’ll be danged if they didn’t run into their father! Alex has really lethis hair down, figuratively of course. This man is a complete bore athome, so I can’t imagine why he’d leave to go to a bar. But he seems tobe pretty popular and draws up a small crowd with his karaoke singing.
  32. 32. “So you girls having a fun night?” Robin Lee, the bartender, asked.“Yeah. It’s strange seeing our father here though. Kinda awkward.” Zoelaughed.“Especially since he seems to be the center of attention.” Zora added.“Well how’d you like to bartend? Then you can one up him!”Robin clicked right away with the girls. I’m glad I sent them out – theymade a friend, and Zora got the chance to earn some cash bartending.
  33. 33. “Dude! You freakingstink!” Zora yelled at thesmelly guy at the barwhose name I didn’tcatch. “You smell like awet dog who rolled in hisown mess.” It’s a good thing Zora doesn’t want to be a bartender. It doesn’t look like her customer appreciated her brutal honesty.
  34. 34. While Zoe and Zora enjoyed a girls night out, their big brother Zandermade a new friend back at the dorms. He keeps running into Kaylynn andI figured why not let him flirt a little? It made him giddy as a schoolgirland turns out, they have a lot in common! They only chatted for aminute, but left with a pretty high relationship meter.
  35. 35. You can tell that Zander takes after his father in personality. They bothhave absolutely zero neat points. They’re total slobs. Zoe on the otherhand, can manage to eat her food without gobbling it down and slingingit all over the walls. Thank goodness she got a few of her mother’s neatpersonality points.
  36. 36. I’ll say it again: most boring college students ever. There is a whole campus to explore and people to meet! And what do they want to do?Write term papers, doassignments and sellmasterpieces. Such isthe life of knowledgeand fortune sims, Isuppose.
  37. 37. In an attempt to break up theboring daily routine, I bought thekids a makeover chair so they cantry out their styling hands. Zoe is anatural! Regina Something-or-Another was her first client. Zoesoftened her curls, added a littlemake up and viola! Beautiful!
  38. 38. Regina’s makeover went so well that I decided to have Zoe try again with one of the dormies that desperately needs a makeover. . . It obviously didn’t go as well.At least one out of twoisn’t so bad, right?Well, I guess we cancross hair dresser ofZoe’s list of possiblecareers for the future!
  39. 39. But of course sweet Zoe didn’t leave the poor guy looking like atotal idiot. She fixed his makeup, by removing it, and even gave hima hair cut. All complementary of course! He looks much better now.He might even have a chance at a date with Zoe or Zora now.
  40. 40. “Zora! I’m so glad you came to see me. How’ve you been?”“Great, Robin! I thought you worked at that one nightclub? When did you get anew job?”“I work at every bar downtown really.”I’ve always thought it was funny that one Maxis bartender works ALL the barsdowntown. But anyway, it works for Zora because now she gets to catch up withher friend.
  41. 41. Zoe and Zora enjoy their girlsnight full of karaoke whilebeing creeped on by some uglytownie. They even got apicture taken together in thephoto booth!
  42. 42. The kids have moved out of the dorms and into their own house!It’s a three bedroom, one bathroom house called the Sporty Shackthat came with Hobbies EP, I believe. It’s pretty great! Nice androomy, perfect for a college home.
  43. 43. The new house brings new friends to the Boone family. Jessica Leelaporn was walking by when Zander got home from class. They had an instant connection!Zander has two bolts ofchemistry of attractionfor Jess already. So I letthem to get to knoweach other over a gameof catch.
  44. 44. I’ll be honest, Jessica isn’t the most beautiful student at SSU, but afterseeing her and Zander spend the afternoon together I’m convinced she’smeant to be with him. She’s just like him! Zander cooked dinner for themto share, but she wanted to study instead. That’s something Zanderwould do! They’re perfect for each other.
  45. 45. The next day Zander decided to throw a housewarming party. Heinvited his parents and Jessica of course. Again, I’m thinking Jess ismeant to be in this family. Alex and Dagmar started a smustlingsession, and Jessica jumped right in!
  46. 46. During the party, Zander and Jessica got to spend some alone timetogether to get to know each other even better. While Zander wastelling her a joke, she also pulled the “the joke is over, but I’m goingto keep laughing” face that Dagmar made when she and Alex firstmet oh so long ago. I’m starting to really like this girl, despite hernot perfect face that makes me worry about what their possiblekids might look like…
  47. 47. Zora hired a bartender for the party and I was genuinely surprisedwhen Robin didn’t show up to the house. So Zora phoned her friendand invited her to hang out off the clock. They ended up having ablast, like everyone else at the party. They’re already best friendsfrom hanging out at the bar, so hanging out while Robin isn’tworking makes it that much sweeter for her, I’m sure.
  48. 48. Zander and Jessica had a blast at the party. They even ended the night with a little crush on each other! And it looks like Robin and Zora have been harboring a secret crush too!One “sweet talk” from Zoraand the two fell in love!Looks like what they say istrue: The best love you canever have is your bestfriend!
  49. 49. After the party that night, the gang is back to their boring oldroutine of studying and painting on the easel. Zander continues tobe a total slob even in the presence of company.
  50. 50. I’ve been very back and forth about Jessica being “the one” for Zander. They havean obvious chemistry and I really like her, but her face is very Sandy Bruty-esque.So I had Zoe work her magic to see if she can help… no luck. I just can’t let Jessinto the family and risk her messing up the good genes this early on.
  51. 51. Both Zander and Zora have had pretty good love lives going on, but Zoe is the only one with a potential love interest. They are in their sophomore year, so I figured it was time to help the girl out.The matchmakerdelivered a very cutecollege studentnamed Rodney Gast.He even has red hair :)He and Zoe seem tobe doing well so far.
  52. 52. On their first blind date, Zoe decided to break the ice by letting Rodney in on her hair cutting talents. So she offered him a free makeover.I must say, Rodney iseven more of a lookerwith that silly bandanaoff his head!
  53. 53. After the makeover, things went south very quickly! Zoe tried towolf whistle at Rodney and he really did not appreciate the flirt! Hegot all huffy and walked away. It really embarrassed Zoe and wassomething that she even feared would happen. Zoe tried toapologize and smooth things over by sharing her interests withRodney, but he had no interest in listening. He gave poor Zoe thehand and would walk away every time she tried to talk to him. I feelso bad for Zoe – I’ve never had a first date go this bad! Poor girl.
  54. 54. Thankfully, the next day, at least one of the kids was having a great date.Zander decided to pursue his original interest in Kaylynn, the housemaid.Things went much smoother for this couple than for Zoe and Rodney.Kaylynn happily accepted Zander’s well placed compliments and blushedat his flirts.
  55. 55. “Mm, this chili is great Zander! You sure know how to whip up something good on acold winter day like this.”“Thanks. I guess it comes natural when your father is a big time television chef.”Kaylynn and Zander got to know each other a little better over a few bowls of chili.It was a sweet little date – Zander kept caressing Kay’s hand and feeding her someof his chili… even though her’s is the same recipe and doesn’t taste any different.
  56. 56. Things may be cold outside, but they are heating up indoors! Zanderended his date with Kaylynn with a kiss. Their very first kiss to be exact :)
  57. 57. This is where the chapter ends today.Since the kids are in their junior year ofcollege it’s time to conduct an heir poll!You get to decide who will carry on thislegacy. So head on over andcast your vote for Zander, Zoe or Zora.And come back next time to see if yourfavorite won!Thanks for reading and I surely hope youenjoyed the chapter :)