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    41 41 Presentation Transcript

    • The Cooke Legacy: Chapter 41 - Roses are RedWritten by: ilovereecee
    • Hello and thanks for coming to read The Cooke Legacy: Chapter41 – Roses are Red! This is Katie/ilovereecee, Im super excited to have the family back and to bring you the latest update.In the last chapter Haleigh had the family and Paxton and his wifeAllison Cooke finished raising their six gorgeous children: Quarina, Quinn, Quinten, Quintessa, Quanehsa and Quincey. An heir poll was taken at SiMania, www.z12.invisionfree.com/sim_mania and the winner will be declared....... NOW!
    • Hello! Let me introduce myself, Im Quinn Cooke! I am the heiress for the Q generation of my familys legacy. I beat out my five brothers and sisters for the top spot with three votes. Myaspirations are family/fortune and more than anything in the world, Id like to raise 20 puppies or kittens.
    • My older, twin sister Quarina (we all call her Rina for short) didntget any votes, but plans on living a fun life anyway. She wants to be a professional party guest.
    • My younger brother Quinten got one vote. He is still in school, butwould like to earn $100,000 in his lifetime. Hes very ambitious, but we come from an insanely wealthy family, so I think he can do it!
    • My little sister Quintessa (or Tessa for short) didnt get any votes. Ifyoure wondering why she looks a little different from the rest of mysiblings, its because she is the result of an alien encounter my dad had when he was star gazing one night. Tessa fits right in with the rest of us though!
    • Last, but not least, my baby brother and sister! Theyre twins likeme and Rina! Quanesha is the oldest and she got one vote in the heir poll. Quincey is the youngest and he didnt get any votes.
    • These are two of the family pets, Tux and Fluffy. They have a fully grown cat child together named Chance. Since I want to raise 20kittens, I got them started right away. Tux isnt getting any younger! Fluffy got pregnant on the first try.
    • “You cant keep up with me, little sis!” Quarina gloated while beating me in a race on our video game.“You might wanna keep your eyes on the game, Rina!” I said back,“Cause I just took the lead! You know, its a good thing youre going to be a pro party guest, cause youre getting worse and worse at these games!”
    • “So what are you looking for in a mate, dearie?”“Not mate,” Quarina corrected, “just a date. I just want someone to have fun with.” The matchmaker accepted the five thousand, “Well! Let me see what I can do for you.”
    • My big sis was set up with a guy named Stuart. I wouldnt say hewas worth five thousand, but he wasnt too bad either. He and Rinaseemed to have a good time anyway. They shared a salad dinner together, then went back upstairs to me and Rinas bedroom for some alone time.
    • “Well, Stuart, Ive had a nice time with you tonight.” Quarina complimented.“Me too. Well definitely have to go out of your parents house nexttime though. I think we can have more fun away from you family.” Stuart hinted before pulling my sister in for her first kiss.
    • The morning after Stuart and Quarina shared their first kiss, myfamily sadly had to say goodbye to our dear pet Tux. Hes been in my family as long as I can remember, and I was there when he passed. It sure is depressing to have a pet die.
    • Were all coping with Tuxs death. Most of us are leaning on eachother as a family for support. Rina, however, is turning to her dateStuart. Shes dealing with her feelings a tad different than the restof us. She and Stuart ended up making out (and I suspect more!)on Tessas bed while she was at school. Poor Tessa, I dont even think she knows. I guess its better that way.
    • “Honey you mean the world to me, and Id do anything for you. I just want you toknow, that Im here for you if you need someone to talk to about Tux dying. I dont think its healthy that you keep all your feelings bottled inside.” “Thanks Daddy.” Rina replied. “But Stus been helping me deal with it. I think Ill be alright.” “Oh what a nice guy! So you guys talked about it?” “.... Uh, yeah. We talked Daddy.” Rina lied.
    • I think my sister may have gotten a little more than she bargainedfor when she decided to mess around with Stuart. Quincey told mehe was trying to take a shower one evening, and Rina busted down the door to get to the toilet in time to hurl.
    • “Mom, Ive got something to tell you, and I dont want you to freak out okay! Its not so bad, really.” Quarina said nervously as she was about to break the news of her pregnancy. “Remember that guy Stuart I went on a date with? Well... we um, had some alone time together... and now Im pregnant.”
    • “Youre pregnant!?” Mom said, shocked. “Honey, congratulations!!” “What!?” Quarina questioned, “Youre not mad?”“Mad? Oh Rina, no! How could I be mad? Youre giving me my first grandbaby. Weve got to start buying toys right away. Hell need them before you know it. And bottles and a crib...”
    • “I just cant believe this! My baby is going to have a baby.” Mom choked up while patting Quarinas growing belly.
    • “So my wife tells me youve decided to get my daughter pregnant.” Dad sternly said to Stuart the following morning.“Well, I didnt really decide. And sir,” Stuart continued, “with all due respect, its difficult to look at you while youre in your underclothes.” “Never mind that. Tell me what you plan to do about this.”
    • “About Quarina being pregnant?” Stuart questioned, “I mean, I never planned on settling down and having kids. Im a romanceaspiration, you know. It was never in the cards for me. Quarina andI were just having fun, you know? So I mean, I guess Ill be there if she needs me to buy diapers or something.”
    • “Did I ever tell you know I of this huge, deep lake not too far from here? Its rumored that the lake is a good place to dump a body, the cops never go around the lake because its so deep in the woods you know?” Dad said calmly, “Ive always wanted to test that theory just to see if its true.... anyway! I have full faith that youll do the right thing, Stuart! See you around.”
    • While everyone was getting used the fact that Quarina waspregnant, Fluffy was getting used to her new kitten! She and Tuxhad a girl that I named Rita. She is the first of many that I hope to raise in my lifetime.
    • Dads talk must have really gotten through to Stuart. Quarinawasnt even in her third trimester when he suggested they get theirown two bedroom home together and get married! They decided to take Fluffy and Chance with them. Now that I have Rita, she can bring in the next generation of kittens when shes old enough.
    • Rina and my new brother in law Stuart didnt stay too long in their small two bedroom home. They ran out of room because they had...
    • Triplets!! Thats right, Im now the proud aunt of two nieces and one nephew! Quarina and Stuart named their new children Rachel, Ramona and Ramsey. Ive always heard that being a multiple increases your chances ofhaving multiples. This is true in Rinas case. I wonder if this means Ill also have a set of twins, triplets or even quadruplets!!
    • I know that Rina and Stuart never intended to be married with three kids, but sometimes our lives dont always work out as planned. I sure am glad theirs ended up this way however, I couldnt be happier for my twin sister.
    • Back at home, Im really missing Rina. She is my twin afterall, weve never been separated in our entire lives. Its almost like Im missing a part of myself. So, to help cheer myself up, I broughthome a new cat from the adoption service! His name is Tramp andIm hoping he and Rita will hit it off right away, so they can bring in a new litter of kittens!
    • I also decided to go on my first date. Ive heard good things about using a crystal ball to find your spouse, so I picked one suitor out of the five.“Its so ironic that you work in a lab studying alien genetics. My sister is an alien.” I tried to start conversation with my first date. “Well half an alien actually. Shes completely normal though, just like you and me. Shedoesnt act any differently and nobody has ever treated her like shes odd. Which Im thankful for, I always was worried shed be picked on in schoolbecause she looked different. But shes really the same as everyone else.”
    • “Haha, silly girl! You actually think aliens are the same as you and me? Theyre a completely different species.”“No, my sister Tessa is proof that aliens are no different from you andme.” I responded, offended. “Anyway, do you have any other hobbiesoutside of the lab? I enjoy video gaming with my twin sister Quarina.”
    • “Oh what a boring life you must lead, Quinn.” Obviously, I didnt wait too much longer before kicking this guy to the curb. Im over his “Im better and smarter than you” attitude and hisignorant talk of how aliens arent the same as everyday people! Im just glad Tessa wasnt around to hear him.
    • So after my disastrous first date, I decided to try myluck with the matchmaker. Afterall, it worked out pretty good for Rina. But I was disappointed with the presented men. They might as well have beentwins of my first lab worker blind date.
    • “Honey, have you thought that the problem isnt the guys youre dating?” Thematchmaker asked me once she saw how down I was. “Have you thought that the problem could be you?”“What do you mean? I know Im not perfect, but I dont think I should be running boys off like Im Taylor Swift either!” I said taken aback.“Thats not what I mean, honey. I mean, I think youre mean to be with a woman.These men arent attractive to you because youre not meant to be with a man. I think I know someone special just for you though.”
    • “Marisa, meet Quinn. Shes the heiress to her familys legacy. Shes been on a few dates with some men recently and hasnt had any luck. I think she might be trying to bat for the wrong team here. I know youve had a similar experience, and I was hoping you could help her out a little.”“Nice to meet you Quinn.” Marisa smiled, “So youre having a little dating troubles huh? Why dont we go toss the ball around while we chat?”
    • “Ive never thought about dating women before. Not that theres anythingwrong with that, but itd just never occurred to me before that I might be gay.”I confessed to Marisa. “But now that I think about it, I sure dont find anything attractive about men.” “I know what you mean!” Maris laughed. “Theyre slobs, complete wussiesand dependent on a woman after marriage. Who wants that baggage!? In all seriousness, I know what you’re going through. It took me a long time to figure out that I was gay myself.”
    • After a long chat with Marisa, I was feeling much better! She was very insightful and helped me to sort through some of myconfusing feelings about men, women and dating in general. Shegave me her number to call in the future if I had any questions or just wanted hang out. I had a blast with her that day and shespretty cute too! Thank goodness for the matchmaker, or Id have never met her and figured out that Im gay. Now Im that much closer to finding my future spouse to carry on my legacy.
    • Quintens lifetime want is to earn $100,000, so everyone in thefamily tries to help him out with that as much as possible. Mom and Dad especially! They spend all of their spare time painting so that Quinten can come behind them and sell their artwork.
    • Im working on my lifetime want too! I have to wait on little Rita togrow up so that she and Tramp can bring in a new litter of kittens.Of course, thats assuming that they get along well enough to have kittens. So far I dont think they even know the other exists! Hopefully that will change when Rita is an adult cat.
    • “Okay Caryl, now that I know Im attracted to women I am ready to start dating! Thanks, by the way for introducing me to Marisa, she was very helpful!” I said to the matchmaker one afternoon. “Ready to start dating? What happened with Marisa?” Caryl replied confused.“Oh she was great! A big help, like I said, she helped me figure out that Im gay. So Im ready to start dating now.”
    • “Quinn, child, I think you missed the point of me introducing Marisa to you.” Caryl smiled at me. “No, you said you had someone perfect for me to talk to about dating.And it worked, Im ready to start dating now. Women. Like Marisa helpedme figure out.” I said, thinking that clearly Caryl was the one not getting the point.
    • Caryl finally stopped objecting and accepted the five thousand I handedher for my dream date! She presented me with Calista Fuchs, a nanny in my hometown. I took one look at my blind date and realized this wasnt what I had in mind. By looking at Caryls smirk, I could tell she knew it too.
    • “Um, Caryl,” I began, “I really think youre not understanding what Im asking for. I want someone a little younger than Calista. I do want to have children one day soon.” “Ive already given you exactly what you want and need in a woman.” Caryl replied. “Not really. I think Calista is a little old for me!” I replied shortly. “Good God girl!” Caryl cried out, “Go call Marisa!”
    • “Im sure glad you could make it for Quintens birthday!” I saidhappily to my sister. This was the first time Id seen her since she moved out and had the triplets.“I wouldnt miss it for the world!” Quarina replied. “I also wouldnt miss the chance to kick your butt in a pillow fight!” I sure have missed my twin!
    • “Thanks for the invite, Quinn! Im thrilled that you thought to invite me to a family celebration.” Marisa said while hugging me. “Sure! Im glad you could make it. Ive really been itching to talk to you about something important.” “Really?” Marisa light up. “Maybe we could go upstairs for a little more privacy?” I suggested.
    • I told Marisa all that happened earlier in the day with Caryl the matchmaker. Marisa listened, nodding here and there.“Sounds to me,” she said, “that you and Caryl were having a bit of a misunderstanding! I think she may have been trying to tell you something, and you just werent able to hear her right.”
    • “I think she was trying to tell you to look at what you have in front of you. What you were asking her for today, you might have already had. Or at least had the beginnings of it.” Marisa said.“Well duh, I was asking her for a date. Shes the matchmaker, she was right in front of me at the time.” I said exasperated, feeling like even Marisa wasnt hearing me right.
    • “Quinn, youre not listening.” Marisa sighed, “Caryl was right in front of you then. But what if she was referring to who is in front of you now? Right at this very moment?” Marisa took my hands and suddenly, it clicked! Of course, Caryl hadbeen talking about Marisa. She was the one who helped me figure outmy sexual orientation, I was attracted to her and she was attracted to me. How could I have missed this all along!?
    • We didnt have much more of a chance to talk, because we heard the party starting downstairs. We got there just in time to wish Quinten a very happy birthday. The rest of my siblings also surrounded him with cheers. My Dad Paxton, always the supportive father, was right behind Quinten as he blew out the candles.
    • My little brother grew up to be such a cutie! Hes still the samefreckle faced kid hes always been. Hes just got a deeper voice and is a little taller than me now.
    • “Marisa, thanks for coming tonight. Im glad we got to talk, I hopethat this can be the start of something exciting and new for both of us.” I flirted. “Me too.” Marisa simply said before we shared our first kiss together.
    • The rest of the party, Rina and I hung out playing video games likeold times! Have I mentioned how much I miss hanging out with her everyday? Quinten used the crystal ball to find his first date! He got a lovely young woman named Crystal Cox.
    • The crystal ball was much moresuccessful for Quinten than it was for me. He and Crystal hit things off right away and fell in love on their first date! So much so, thatQuinten decided to move out into his own home with his new love.
    • Quinten and Crystal moved into a large home together and gotmarried right away. They were the only witnesses to their own wedding, which took place in front of their new home.
    • Quinten took a job as a general practitioner making quite a good bit of money. This meant that Crystal was able to stay at home and keep house. It wasnt long after their wedding, that she becamepregnant. Her pregnancy resulted in my gorgeous niece Reba! She looks a ton like my brother, in my opinion.
    • Quinten is still working toward his lifetime want to earn $100,000,but has found that there is more to life than money. He, Crystal andReba are a happy little family and I couldnt be more excited for my brother. He definitely has a great life right now and in all his days ahead.
    • “Marisa, Im trying not to be down on myself, but I feel like such a loser!” I said on our date one afternoon.“How so? Someone as pretty as you cant be a loser!” Marisa tried to cheer me up.“Thanks.” I accepted her compliment, “I do though, my little brother is married with a child and Im still not doing anything with my life.”
    • “Not doing anything!? For one, youve already started working on yourlifetime want, you are the principal at a high school and I think youve got a pretty great girlfriend!” Marisa winked. “But if thats not enough, Ive been meaning to bring up the thought of moving in together. I didnt want to invite myself to move in, so I was waiting on you to bring it up.” “Do you really want to!?” I asked, thrilled. “I thought it was too soon to ask!”
    • So with that conversation over, my lovely girlfriend Marisa moved into my family home. She redid her hair and make up, plus got anew outfit. She was gorgeous before, but now I cant take my eyes off her! I hope we have a happily ever after in our future.
    • Rita is now an adult cat! I hope that she and Tramp will start taking more notice of each other now, so that they can have a litter of their own kittens!
    • Living with Marisa has been so much fun! In the first few days since she moved in,wed grown closer than ever. I love seeing her beautiful face everyday and Im starting to think she may one day be mywife! Marisa even told me that she lovedme for the first time. My heart absolutely melted.
    • Marisa has the lifetime want to be a mad scientist (to me it seems a little loco, but its her dream, so Im supporting her!). My sweetgirlfriend quickly found a job as a test subject, but was promoted to a science teacher almost immediately! Shes so smart, Im glad that her superiors saw that right away.
    • Rita and Tramp are finally starting to interact with one another.Thankfully they get along! It wont be too much longer before Rita is expecting a kitten or two.
    • Everyday I spend with Marisa, I admire her more and more. She is such a hard worker. Even outside of the classroom, Marisa looks for ways to improve her lesson plans, study books to help her grasp concepts better and she does all this while helping myyounger siblings further their education by studying as well. I think shell make a great mom one day.
    • Well, I have some really exciting news! Rita and Tramp finally got a high enough relationship together, that they could try for a kitten!!Rita is now pregnant and Im counting down the days until her kitten, or kittens, arrive!Im finally starting to make progress on my lifetime want.
    • “Marisa, I have been waiting for a special moment to tell you something very important. Ive felt this way about you now for a long time, but seeing you these past few weeks working so hard,getting to know my family and just being with you in general makes me realize how much I love you.”
    • “And I just want to know, if youd be willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”My proposal wasnt super romantic or planned out, but I think it gotthe job done. Marisa was surprised and more importantly, she said yes!
    • I took me quite a bit of time to find Marisa and realize that shecompletes me, so I wanted to get married right away. I do want tohave children after all, before Im too old to chase them around the house. But we had to wait until the weekend when Marisa had a few days off work before we could tie the knot. I thought Friday would never get here, but it finally did!
    • Mom and Dad were the only guests at our wedding. Marisa and Ididnt plan anything lavish, but I think it was perfect for us. I got to wear a beautiful dress in my favorite color and Marisa looked gorgeous in her one piece purple suit. The vows were said in a flash and Marisa became Mrs. Cooke!
    • Mom celebrated by doing the chest pound.**Yeah, theres not much else to say about it lol.
    • I think Ritas pregnancy is making her a little crazy! She went anentire day without eating and was starving by mid morning the next day... even though there was a bowl of food right in front of her. The cops came and took her and Tramp! She deemed my family unfit to have pets. Ive never been more devastated!
    • Thankfully my awesome father Paxton was able to call the pet adoption agency where Rita and Tramp were being held. Heexplained the situation and was able to adopt them back, for a fee of course! We really dodged a bullet there.
    • I work at a local high school as a principal, just for something to pass the time while I wait on kittens to be born. I felt sick allmorning for a few days, then finally I got home one afternoon andknew why. Im pregnant! I cant believe Im going to be a mom sosoon after getting married. Its like a dream come true and I cant wait to tell Marisa!
    • And well stop here for now! :) I hope that you have enjoyed reading this chapter and that youcome back next time to see how Quinn and Marisas lives progress as parents. Also, weve still got three more spares living at home that need their happily ever afters. So come back next time to see that and more kittens of course... there will be lots of kittens ;) Until then, Katie