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Working with WordThink, Brand Power & Merchandising



Rachel Fewell, Anythink Collection Development Manager, and Mary Thelen, Anythink Visual Arts Manager, created this presentation for a series of workshops made possible by a grant from the Institute ...

Rachel Fewell, Anythink Collection Development Manager, and Mary Thelen, Anythink Visual Arts Manager, created this presentation for a series of workshops made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services which is administered by the Missouri State Library, a division of the office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The duo sought to identify and illustrate the intersection of new techniques in merchandising and classification that they have implemented at Anythink. The presentation outlines the process of converting the library collection from Dewey Decimal Classification to an adapted BISAC classification system called WordThink and explains the new merchandising techniques the library branches use to create a more inviting, intriguing, presentation of materials in a library setting.



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    Working with WordThink, Brand Power & Merchandising Working with WordThink, Brand Power & Merchandising Presentation Transcript

    • Working With WordThink, Brand Power & Merchandising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    • The 21 st Century Library
      • Branding: establishing our identity
      • Library as the third place:
      • - Distinct from home or work
      • -Liberating environment
      • -Encourages people to stay and to return
      • -Playful atmosphere
      • -A place of discovery and
      • transformational experiences
    • Finding Our Identity
      • Establish the personality
      • of the 21 st Century library
      • Evolve from institutional
      • to organic
      • Focus on customer service
      • and transformative
      • experiences
      What is Anythink?
      • Our Mission
      • Statement:
      • we open doors
      • for curious minds
      • Descriptive words:
      • Imaginative, progressive, creative,
      • distinctive, intuitive, adaptable
      • Why the name?
      • Anythink is the experience that anything is possible.
      • Why the doodle?
      • A doodle is the start
      • of any idea.
    • Identity Dictates Action
      • Customer-centered identity means:
      • designing architecture and furnishings
      • for comfort and easy traffic flow
      • Mapping the space and the collection
      • For ease of use: Wordthink, signage, merchandising
      • Providing exciting programs, products and
      • personalized services
    • Customer-Centered
      • Staff guided by shared
      • values
      • Understand and empower
      • our customers
      • Collaborate with customers
      • to meet their needs
    • These Are Our People
    • Welcome to Anythink!
      • Brand rollout: a process
      Getting staff and community comfortable with the brand through subtle use of brand colors and fonts in pre-rollout print materials Jam sessions and elevator statements prime staff for brand buy-in
    • Brand: Consistent & Comprehensive
      • Visual Consistency
      • Fonts
      • color palette
      • logo
    • Brand Consistency
      • In Print
    • Brand Consistency
      • In Display
    • Comprehensive Application
      • Brand style and attitude pervades
      • all customer touchpoints:
      • Customer Greetings Event Signage
      • Nametags Website Design
      • Phone Messages Press Releases
      • E-mail signatures Flyers & Notices
      • Interior & Exterior Signs All print materials
    • Comprehensive Application advertising promotion name tags exterior signage exterior signage
    • Mapping the Space
      • Floor plan
      • Wordthink
      • Signage
      • Merchandising
    • Ease of Use
      • Traffic flow-open
      • floor plan
      • Clearly identified
      • neighborhoods
      • Autonomy: self-check, digital catalog, website
      • Choices: quiet spaces, sociable spaces
    • You are here. Welcome; make yourself at home.
    • Working With WordThink From Conversion to the Frontlines
      • Design Wordthink
      • Collection Development team visited
      • Maricopa County
      • Used BISAC as a model
      • Created grids that better classified our
      • collections
      WordThink Conversion
    • WordThink Grid Music MUSIC           MUSIC How-to HOW TO       MUSIC Songbooks SONGS     Nature NATURE           NATURE Animals ANIMALS       NATURE Animals ANIMALS Birds BIRDS   NATURE Animals ANIMALS Insects INSECTS   NATURE Animals ANIMALS Land LAND   NATURE Animals ANIMALS Ocean OCEAN   NATURE Dinosaurs DINOS       NATURE Plants PLANTS     Parenting PARENT           PARENT Baby Names NAMES       PARENT Pregnancy PREGNANC    
    • Working with Vendors
      • Communication and Timeline for the project
      • Plan for collecting
        • Branch closures timeline
        • Continuing to order Dewey while ordering WordThink
      • Translation grid – BISAC to WordThink
      • Ongoing feedback
      • Yearly updates and
      • retro-fitting
    • MARC Display
    • W ordThink Translation PSY009000 PSYCHOLOGY / Psychopathology / Compulsive Behavior MEDICAL MENTAL PSY010000 PSYCHOLOGY / Psychotherapy / Counseling SOC SCI PSYCH PSY011000 PSYCHOLOGY / Psychopathology / Eating Disorders MEDICAL EAT DIS PSY012000 PSYCHOLOGY / Education & Training SOC SCI PSYCH PSY013000 PSYCHOLOGY / Emotions SOC SCI PSYCH PSY014000 PSYCHOLOGY / Forensic Psychology SOC SCI PSYCH PSY015000 PSYCHOLOGY / History SOC SCI PSYCH PSY016000 PSYCHOLOGY / Human Sexuality RELATION SEX PSY017000 PSYCHOLOGY / Interpersonal Relations SOC SCI PSYCH PSY018000 PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Illness MEDICAL MENTAL PSY020000 PSYCHOLOGY / Neuropsychology SOC SCI PSYCH PSY021000 PSYCHOLOGY / Industrial & Organizational Psychology SOC SCI PSYCH
    • Physical Transformation
      • Spine Label examples:
    • Converting the Catalog
      • Split up collection – 4 staff members change item records for Dewey ranges
      • Example: 636.7 = PETS DOGS
      • – go through item by item
      • Every NF collection converted
      • LP, Books on CD,
      • J & E, Teen
      • Change catalog display
    • Converting the Branch
      • Group “like” materials
        • Map out new locations of materials using collection statistics
      • Close the branch – fastest, easiest, cleanest
        • 35,000 item collection = 1 week closure
        • 12 FTE complete the project
      • New signs, maps of location
      • Orienting all staff
    • Changes to Shelving
      • Broken down into smaller
      • groups of shelving
        • Collection is not linear,
      • no beginning or end
        • Emphasizes subject-
      • specific groupings
        • Varying height and sizes
        • Freedom to reconfigure sections
        • Empty shelves and endcap displays
    • Customer Experience
      • Many are indifferent
        • Come in looking for a book, leave with a book
        • Come in to browse, go to section
      • Some come in ready to challenge Wordthink
      • Different from Bookstores
        • Catalog gives specific location of every book.
    • Challenges with Wordthink
      • Difficult for larger sections
        • Medical
        • Business
      • Shelved by title
        • Title on spine can differ from title in catalog
        • Books on same subject not right
      • next to each other
      • Smaller NF collections
    • Visual Merchandising
      • Systemwide promotional
      • merchandising
      • Branch-specific
      • promotional
      • merchandising
      • Everyday merchandise
      • highlighting
    • Library Display Types
      • Tabletop displays
      • In-shelf display areas
      • End cap displays
      • Range-top displays
      • Power wall and case displays
    • Display Standards
      • Display Principles
      • Balance
      • Emphasis
      • Proportion and scale
      • Rhythm
      • Harmony
      • Rule of 3
      • Rules of Thumb
      • Activate key visual
      • zones
      • Front up rows
      • Face out books
      • Fill gaps
      • Fluff
    • Enhancing
      • Use accessories sparingly: let the books
      • be your décor
      • Stack multiples on tabletops and in-shelf
      • Add media and live demos
      • Incorporate staff picks
    • Display Do’s A well-balanced, open, attractively layered Power wall display. This one highlights new arrivals and items of seasonal interest. The table displays in front of the power wall draw customers in to browse the wall displays.
    • Display Do’s Examples of well-placed displays on lower rangetops. Books on easels atop another copy of the book alternate with books on easels alone. Note varied Placement of in-shelf displays. When kids see the library’s habit of arranging board books neatly by size in baskets, they can find what they want more easily. Who knows—perhaps some will take the lesson home.
    • Display Don’ts Too many books (above) poorly spaced on too many levels, plus a mismatched mix of wrinkled surface coverings make for a discon- nected, scattered-looking display unattractive to customers. A good idea poorly designed (above). Don’t let displayed books (right) block Wordthink signage! Use displayed books to illustrate what the Wordthink neighbor- hood contains.
    • Display Don’ts (Top left) Issues with height and spacing leave this dis- play less than compelling. (Bottom left) Bulletin boards and decorating of any kind detract from the clean, professional look of the 21 st Century library, where the beauty in the setting is in the books themselves. (Right) Books removed from display easels must be re- placed promptly. Books on shelves must be fronted, and shifted to maintain a balanced look from shelf to shelf. Large gaps should be filled in with display books.
    • Just Don’t No, really: don’t.
    • Signage No-nos No day-glo. No tape. No dirty, dog-eared signs. No handmade signs. No tape. No day-glo. No clipart. No signage overkill. No sloppy placement. No tape. No unreadable, non-brand fonts. No daycare-bulletin-board styling. NO TAPE!
    • CAUTION: Use of tapes sets a very bad example!
    • Staff Merchandising Responsibilities
      • Designer
      • create systemwide programs and promotional displays
      • Guides
      • implement systemwide programs and displays
      • create branch-specific promotional displays
      • manage everyday merchandise highlighting
      • Concierges
      • keep displays “fluffed”
      • maintain inventory of display equipment
      • Wranglers
      • shelve materials & keep shelved stock fronted, faced-out, filled up
      • and dusted
      • All Staff
      • keep oriented to displays daily
      • help keep shelves “fluffed” when you’re on the floor
    • Maintenance
      • Daily orientation to displayed materials: one-minute walkthrough
      • Fluff display areas and fill gaps: libraries that merchandise their materials see circ spike 30-40% immediately
      • Change out displays: if display does not draw interest in first day, be ready with back-up ideas
    • Equipment & Resources
      • Use approved display equipment
      • Provide sign templates and holders
      • List thematic idea-starters
      • List resource links and books
      • Keep examples of display dos and don’ts
      • Observe prohibited practices:
      • avoid visual clutter
      • do not use tape
      • do not use handmade signs
    • Plan Your Merchandising Schedule
      • Schedule a training session at each branch
      • -presentation of merchandising plan
      • -dos and don’ts
      • -provide handbook
      • -provide merchandising equipment and
      • hands-on demos
      • -plan quarterly walkthroughs with branch
      • managers
    • Merchandising: The Bottom Line
      • Welcome
      • Inspire
      • Engage
      • Make Comfortable
    • The WOW! Factor
      • Keeps ’em coming back
      • Always something new
      • & exciting to explore
      • Community connections
      • & transformative
      • experiences
    • Merchandising Expresses Your Mission
    • Current Remodeling Projects
    • Music History Biography Art Crafts Gardening Cooking True Crime Languages Sports Travel
    • Mary Thelen Visual Arts Manager Anythink Libraries [email_address] Rachel Fewell Collection Development Manager Anythink Libraries [email_address]