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  1. 1. 200 K SELECT GALINA & OLEG OGROMNOVY Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masque17/05/11
  2. 2. Barcelona General Information Transportation in Barcelona How to get to the conference centre from INTL Barcelona Airport 1) Aerobus (Express bus service) 2) RENFE Train and Metro 3) Taxi 4) Nitb us 200 K SELECTHow to get to the conference centre from Girona Airport GALINA &Hotel at Girona Airport OLEG OGROMNOVY 1) Barcelona Bus -transfer from Gerona airport to Barcelona 2) Train to BarcelonaBarcelona Metro Map (Subway / Underground Map)T10 Transport Ticket Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masqueTOP-Things to do in BarcelonaTransport to Fira Montjuïc – by Metro & BusTOP-things to doXANGO EVENT AGENDARESTAURANT CLOSE TO THE FIRAGeneral InformationIn Barcelona, and throughout Catalonia, there are two official languages: Catalan, the language of Catalonia, and Spanish, theofficial language of Spain.As in most European countries and also in Catalonia, GMTis the time system used in Barcelona. Clocks are onehour ahead of GMTin winter and two in summer and are adjusted twice a year, going forward one hour in winter and back an hour in summer.Spain is in the Eurozone and the euro is its official currency. Foreign currency could be exchanged at savings banks, or‘Caixes’ (the opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2pm. Thursday afternoons, 4.30pm to 7.45pm, except June toSeptember) and banks (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2pm and Saturday, 8.30am to 1pm, except summer). 17/05/11
  3. 3. Currency exchange office also open every day in Barcelona city centre, and at the main railway stations and the Estació delNord bus station and at the Airport, where they have longer opening hours.The working day in Barcelona usually begins at 8 or 9 in the morning and ends around 6 or 7 in the evening, with a one- or two-hour break for lunch at 2pm. This is the daily life and routine that befits the Spanish reputation as a hard-working and thrifty people.Lunch and dinner are usually eaten a little later than in the rest of Europe. Most restaurants open from 1pm to 4pm,and from 8pm until 11pm. Tipping isn’t obligatory, but people usually leave 5% if they are satisfied with the service.Shops have long opening hours, from 10am to 2pm and from 4.30 to 8 or 8.30pm. In Barcelona city centre, most shops don’tclose at lunchtime and large shopping centres and department stores open until 10pm all year around.With regard to prices, Barcelona features a wide range of accommodation, shops and services to suit all pockets. Here are 200 K SELECTsome approximate prices in Barcelona: a single public transport ticket costs €1.45, an espresso coffee between €1 and €1.50;a lunchtime set menu could cost between €8 and €15, a cinema ticket €7.40; a sandwich €2 to €3.50, and a newspaper about€1.20. Smoking is prohibited in all bars and restaurants in Barcelona.Transportation in Barcelona GALINA & OLEG OGROMNOVYThe public transportation in Barcelona is well organized with a combination of underground networks, day and nightbuses, trams, and trains.This part of the guide provides you with the official web site information for the Barcelona transport system includingthe metro (underground), buses, local trains (TMB), and long distance trains RENFE. Most of these sites havetranslations into several languages. Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masqueYou will find up to date timetables and routes at each one of the following sites. 17/05/11
  4. 4. Aerobus (Express bus service) +34 902 100 104 (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L11)RENFE Train and Here a useful link to help you easily get aroundTel: (+34) 90 224 3402 (International) Barcelona.Tel: (+34) 90 224 0202 moverse/42-barcelona/13-airport/TAXIhttp://www.taxibarcelona.catTel +34 933 033 033 200 K SELECT How to get to the conference centre from Barcelona Airport There are 4 main ways to get to the conference centre fromTaxi Groc.Tel 933 222 222 Servi Taxi. GALINA & Barcelona Airport 1) Aerobus (Express bus service)Tel 933 300 300 Cooperativa Radio Taxi.Tel 933 250 000 OLEG OGROMNOVY 2) RENFE Train and Metro 3) Taxi 4) NitbusTram Cliquez pour modifier Aerobus (Expresssous-titres du masque le style des bus service)Tram Lines 6 lines (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6) The Aerobus service is an express bus service that linksFerrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) Barcelona airport to the city centre. This service normally runs between 6 and 15 mins within its fixed hours of operation from 06:00 to 01:00City Train You could catch the Aerobus from outside both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The Aerobus will then take you to the city centre where youFGC 12 metro lines (L6, L7, L8) could either stop at Plaça Espanya or Plaça Catalunya.(R5, R6, S1, S2, S4, S5, S8, S33 and S55) The tickets could be purchased in the bus or in the vending machines right outside the terminals. The price might varyCity Bus from €5.30 (one-way) to €9.15 (round-trip). 100 day lines and 17 night lines. 17/05/11
  5. 5. TIP: If you are making your way to Barcelona Airport, make TRAVELLING TIPS:sure that you take the right Aerobus. It is important to rememberthat both Aerobuses for Terminal 1 and for Terminal 2 stop at The train station is 5 minute-walk from the Terminal 2 mainthe same bus stops in the city centre. (e.g. Plaça Catalunya) entrance.The Aerobus directed to Terminal 1 is light blue and dark blue.The bus leading to Terminal 2 is dark blue and yellow. If you land on Terminal 1 you need to catch the free green shuttle which will lead you to T1 to T2.If you make it to the wrong terminal you might need to take anextra shuttle service provided by the Airport leading passenger The two terminals are 4 km away to each other and thisfrom T1 to T2 and vice versa. makes it not recommendable to cover the distance by foot.Trains From Barcelona AirportRENFE Train BusTransit T1/T2The RENFE train service runs approximately every 30 minsto/from Barcelona airport to the city centre. Travel timeapproximately 25 minutes. 200 K SELECT The name of the stop you want for the airport is Aeropuerto. If travelling from the airport to the city centre you could get offTimetable for RENFE Trains between the airport and citycenter GALINA & at Passeig de Gracia, Clot or Barcelona Sants, known also as Sants Estació, the main railway station. From these you could change for the Barcelona metro underground system to go OLEG OGROMNOVY your final destination.Please note this section of the RENFE web site is currently Barcelona Airport Taxisonly in Spanish. You could still get the timetable informationhowever - here are the translations to some of the terms used 1) Taxi: Tel: (0034) 93 303 3033so that you could submit your enquiry: Cliquez pour modifier Travelling by Taxi is a low cost and convenient way to get from le style des sous-titres du masqueOrigen - Start station - therefore select Aeropuerto = Airport the airport to the city centre, especially if you have a family orfrom the drop down menu a lot of luggage.Destino - Destination station - for Barcelona city centre select You will find a taxi rank outside any of the main terminalBarcelona Sants. exits Terminal 1 (T1) or Terminal 2 (and of the 3 buildings of Terminal 2 - T2A, T2B or T2C). Look for the sign pointing toConsulta por tipo del dia = select for type of day. the nearest taxi rank. The taxis operate all night and there areIt´s best to ignore this box and just select your chosen date in several hundred of them so you don’t have to worry about notthe box below. being able to catch a cab.Leave the next few boxes as they are, then just click the The journey to the city centre will take you between 20 to 30Horarios button which means Timetable. You will then see mins depending on road conditions. If you are travelling fromthe Train schedule as requested. Terminal 1 rather than Terminal 2, this will add an extra 4 kms to your journey and take approximately 5 minutes more.The hora Salida is the departure time the hora llegada is thearrival time. If you have special needs or need a cab specially adapted for disabled passengers call this number: Tel: (0034) 93 420 8088 17/05/11
  6. 6. Taxi Fare Hotel at Girona Airport:Expect to pay around €25.00 for the journey into the centre If you are arriving on a late night flight you will probably wishfrom T2 and €30.00 for your journey from T1. There will also to stay in a hotel at Girona airport if so here you can find thebe an additional charge for each bag you’re carrying. You’ll name of a very convenient hotel close to the Girona Airport.find the rates displayed inside the cab. The fare might vary incase of traffic jam or accidents as it counts the minutes and Hotel Vilobi Park – 2 Starsthe kilometres. Ctra. de l’Aeroport5) Airport Night Bus: NitBus N17 Vilobi d’Onyar, AP 7 Sortida 8NitBus is the bus that operates in all Barcelona 17185 Girona, Spainapproximately from 22:00 to 5:00. Tel : (0034) 97 247 3483At the Airport you could find a bus stop at Terminal 1 and this Fax: (0034) 97 247 3463bus will lead you to the city center. 200 K SELECT Sito web: www.hotelvilobi.comThe price for a one-way ticket runs approximately around €2. There are 2 main types of public transport between GironaYou could also use the T10 on this bus. (see detailed Metro GALINA & Airport and Barcelona City Centre.specifics listed in this guide.) 1) Barcelona Bus -transfer from Gerona airport toThe N17 Night Bus runs from Plaça Catalunya, via Plaça BarcelonaOLEG OGROMNOVYEspanya to Barcelona Airport and vice versa. 2) Train to BarcelonaHow to get to the conference centre from Girona Airport: Barcelona Bus - transfer from Gerona airport to BarcelonaGirona Airport is 103km (64.2 miles) North East of Barcelona Cliquez pour modifier Barcelona Bus Information Tel: (0034) 90 213masque le style des sous-titres du 0014or about 1hr 20 mins bus ride from Barcelona centre. The Barcelona bus is probably the most convenient way of transportation between Girona Airport and Barcelona city centre. There is a direct bus between Girona airport and Barcelona Estació del Nord that leaves from outside the arrivals hall at airport. This is the cheapest way to go to Barcelona, and normally there are no problems with queues and delays. The journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and very conveniently the time table is adjusted to coincide with flight arrivals. The costs is €12 for a single and €21 for a round- trip. There is also a regular bus that runs between Girona Airport and Girona city centre that at the time of writing costs €2,05 for a single and €3.90 for a return ticket. Train Transfer Between Barcelona City Centre and Girona Airport and viceversa 17/05/11
  7. 7. www.renfe Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13-27 Poble Espanyol – Parque Monjuik - 08038The journey from Girona to Barcelona is approximately 1 hrand 10 minutes and you will be arrive to Girona city centre. Metro : The closest metro station to the One are at “Plaza Espanya”.From Girona airport you need to make your way to Girona citycentre. Remember to account for an extra half an hour for the Line 1 - station “Espanya”journey from Girona airport to Girona Centre. You could travel Line 3 - station “Espanya“by taxi or bus the taxi will cost you around €20 from Gironacentre to Girona Airport. Bus: Line 50 “Parc de Montjuïc-Trinitat Nova” Name of the stopCatching the train won’t be the most convenient solution. Bus “Avda. Marqués de Comillas”it the most recommended.Barcelona Metro Map (Subway / Underground Map) T10 Transport TicketOn this page you’ll find a Barcelona metro map that will helpyou navigate the TMB and FGC metro transport system. 200 K SELECT T10 ticket will give you 10 trips on the metro, FGC trains, buses, tram and RENFE all Zone 1 areas. The main city centre areas are all in Zone 1.The metro map below shows both TMB (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5)and FGC metro lines (L6, L7, L8) along with the Tram Lines GALINA & If you need to travel outside of Zone 1 you could buy a different(T1 to T4) T10 zone ticket that will cover you for other zones.The circles on the map indicate hubs on the metro where you OLEG OGROMNOVY The T10 is valid on the RENFE train to the airport but notcould change lines. valid on the Aerobus (the express bus service to the airport)See a Barcelona Metro Map posted on the next page. It is possible to buy a T10 for each of the other 6 zones however to see most of the Barcelona attractions and the city centreIf you need to use the Metro more than once a day it will be you only need a T10 (Zone 1). Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masquemore convenient to buy a T10 Ticket. A T10 costs only €7,85 and will save you the trouble of buying individual tickets for each journey as well as saving you money.Transport to Fira Montjuïc – by Metro & Bus A normal single journey ticket will cost you 1.45 € so with aAddress: Avenida María Cristina s/n 08004 Barcelona T10 you save 6.65 € each 10 journeys!Metro : Both lines has exits at Montjuïc venue. T10 could be shared with other members of your group. Note to use the T10 for each person you have to put the card in Line 1 - station “Espanya” the machine and then pull it out completely from the ticket Line 3 - station “Espanya“ validation machine - this will release the turnstile to allow you through. Leave the card on the machine for the next memberBus: of your group to use the T10. Each time someone in yourAll of these bus lines allow access to the Montjuïc venue group uses the T10 it counts as a separate journey.from any part of the city of Barcelona. Please make sure you keep the ticket with you up to the time9, 13, 27, 30, 37, 50, 56, 57, 65, 79, 91, 109, 153 and 157 you leave the station as it will be requested to exit both of the stations.The regular number 79 metropolitan bus also links Gran Viato Montjuïc and other areas of Barcelona. You could buy a T10 from any metro stop and from the Airport at the RENFE train station entrance. 17/05/11Club ‘The One’:
  8. 8. TOP-Things to do in Barcelona WHERE TO GO DURING THE DAY Ramble down colourful La Rambla One of the most famous boulevards in the world, La Rambla is worth a stroll down even if you only have one day in Barcelona. A gateway to rural Catalonia, the mile-long road bustles with tourists, artists, human statues, fortune-tellers, dancers and musicians. Vibrant flower stalls, a cultural and exhibition centre, the superb La Boqueria market, a Joan Miró mosaic, newspaper kiosks and cafés line the street. You may pay a fortune to sip a cola at a roadside café but the people-watching opportunities will be worth the price. 200 K SELECT Get up close to Gaudí’s grand designs In Barcelona, you could gaze& wonder at Gaudí’s fairytale GALINA in architecture. The Sagrada Familia is breathtaking and OLEG OGROMNOVY grotesque by turns. At first glance, it seems as though a careless giant has dripped melting wax over a Gothic cathedral, but a closer look reveals that the protuberances create a stone tapestry of Christ’s life. Take the lift to the top for a breathtaking view. Park Güell is a magical place that emulates an English garden city. After seeing the gatehouses, based on designs for the opera Hansel and Gretel, you Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masque could walk up a splendid staircase, past a mosaic lizard to what once was a marketplace. Outside, climb to the heights of the park to gaze down at the magnificent panorama. Climb up the magical Montjuïic Montjuïic is perfect for a leafy stroll with great views, but hard to reach so is less populated by tourists. Scattered across the landward side are buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games, including Santiago Calatrava’s Olympic needle, while facing the sea is the lighthouse and vast cemetery. Energetic visitors could climb to the top of the hill, which is just a short distance from the Olympic stadium and Jardí Botànic (garden). The Plaça Espanya provides the most popular access to the park. Here, you could visit the Pavelló Mies van der Rohe and cultural centre Caixa Forum.17/05/11
  9. 9. Walk on the art side Perfect your path to heavenIn Barcelona, a walk in the park is not just a relaxing experience Even if you’re not religious, you should visit the magnificentbut an artistic journey as well. Stroll round the leafy gardens of churches of Barcelona. The Sant Pau del Camp is a rarethe Teatre Grec and then head to the Fundació Joan Miró, one example of Romanesque architecture, with a fantasticalof the greatest museums in the world. It’s home to a collection facade and extraordinary cloister. The graceful basilica of theof over 225 paintings, 150 sculptures and graphic pieces by Santa Maria del Mar is perhaps the best surviving example ofthe Spanish surrealist artist, along with a number of works Catalan Gothic, and makes a great place to go for a classicalby his contemporaries. Wander over to the Jardins Laribal, concert. And the holy architecture of Sagrada Familia will liftmeticulously designed by the French landscape artist Jean- your heart to the heavens. Take your time to explore theseClaude Nicolas Forestier. Don’t miss the Tres Pins nursery, beautiful buildings, you might even become a believer.where plants are grown for the city’s municipal parks andgardens, or forget to tip your hat to the bronze statue of the Marvel at Modernista architectureItalian poet Dante Alighieri in the Plaça Dante Alighieri. Barcelona’s love of Modernista has been a passionate affairRevel in the Raval 200 K SELECT and the evidence is scattered across the city. In the Dreta area of Eixample, there are some masterpieces. The fairest ofLike Paris, Barcelona has a literary flavour. In this city, manywriters have been inspired by the lower Raval, generally referred GALINA & them is Gaudí’s luminous Casa Batlló, built for textile tycoon. Nearby, you could gaze at his rivals’ architecture: the shinyto as the Barrio Chino, a name coined by an American journalist Casa Amatller by Puig i Cadafalch, and the decadent Casadue to its underworld feel in the 1920s. Haunted by driftersand prostitutes, the seedy ghetto forms a strangely glamorous OLEG OGROMNOVY Lleó Morera (on the corner of C/Consell de Cent at No.35) by Domènech i Muntaner. Nearby, you’ll find his Hospital de lasetting for Jean Genet’s existential novel The Thief’s Journal Santa Creu i Sant Pau, whose city gardens offer a pleasant(1949) and provides the backdrop for the civil war novel The oasis amid the bustling city. This UNESCO World HeritagePalace (1962) by Nobel prize-winner Claude Simon and The Site has 20 pavilions.Margin by André Pieyre de Mandiargues (1967), which wasmade into a film. For a bite of tapas, visit Els Tres Tombs, a Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masquefavourite with the Sunday book market scavengers. You couldbrowse through books at the cosy bar of Café de les Deliciesand catch a poetry reading at The Quiet Man. WHERE TO GO AT NIGHTBe a model photographer Hit a high note in concertBarcelona is a picturesque place, so even if you’re new tothe art of photography, the city still manages to look good. Barcelona has its fair share of live music venues, such asSome scenes, of course, are more photogenic than others. To Razzmatazz and Bikini. But there are also marvellous concertspot a few, wander through Almacenes del Pilar. Here, you’ll halls. The Gran Teatre del Liceu is a splendid place, decoratedfind a glorious array of fabrics and accessories for traditional by gold leaf, plush red carpets and ornate carvings. L’AuditoriSpanish costumes on display in a Bohemian interior dating is a sleek 2,400-seater venue that covers not only classical butback to 1886. For mouth-watering photographs, head to the also jazz and world music. The Palau de la Música Catalana iscity’s most central food market and gourmand’s pilgrimage celebrated for its Modernista architecture, and sheer volumeLa Boqueria along La Rambla, where you’ll discover layers of musical activity. There are a cluster of music festivals,of fruit and veg, olives and herbs in full colour. I bet you could ranging from the pop-infused Primavera Sound to the Festivalfind also Mangosteen fruit! For a bird’s eye view, ascend the Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona.Torre de Collserola, Norman Foster’s galactic communicationstower. 17/05/11
  10. 10. Fuente de Monjuic WHERE TO BUYThe Magic Fountain is the main feature of the collection ofwaterfalls and ponds on Avinguda Maria Cristina, which Fill your suitcase with local clothesstretches from the Palau Nacional to Plaça Espanya in Style comes with all kinds of price tags in Barcelona. HighMontjuïc. This is a spectacular fountain which is very popular street shoppers will easily recognise the Spanish labels Mangobecause of its water arrangements, sound and lighting. and Zara, but fashionistas should check out Custo Barcelona2,600 litres of water are pumped through this great fountain for its trademark, bright T-shirts, and MTX Barcelona for itsper second in three concentric pools which have a water restructured womenswear. These are not cheap, but they arerecirculation system. certainly designer originals. Those with a yen for footwearMetro: Placa Espanya (Green Line, L3) and (Red Line, L1) should spring to the Mallorca-based eco shoe company, Camper, which is famous for its clog heels and bowling shoe classics.Operating hours from 30th April to 30th September:Thursday to Sunday, 9pm – 11:30pm Bag some designer bargainsMusical displays: 9pm, 9:30pm, 10pm, 10:30pm and 11pm 200 K SELECT If you’re a dedicated designer bargain-hunter, make theEnjoy a drink at a trendy Lounge club GALINA & 30-minute pilgrimage just outside the city to La Roca Village (93 842 39 39, More than 50 discount outlets will tempt you with designer apparel from popularIf you have heard about Barcelona’s nightlife try one of themany hip lounge clubs in the city. See celebrities at Carpe OLEG OGROMNOVY brands such as Antonio Miró, Versace, Diesel and Camper.Diem Lounge Club or enjoy a cocktail at Shoko or SotaventoLounge Bar down at the beach promenade of Vila Olimpica. WHERE TO EATThe Bar Eclipse on the top floor of Hotel W has become atrendy place to see and be seen. Elegant dressing code is a SPANISH TAPAS: Cliquez pour modifier The best placedesasous-titres in Barcelona is one le style to get chilled fruit sangria du masquemust and door-selection can be very strict as they are veryselective places. of the many outdoor bars and cafés. The Bar Colombo is a little tapas bar with a sunny terrace overlooking the port, while the Australian-run Bar Kasparo offers outdoor seating beneathHave a passionate flamenco fling shady arcades overlooking an a playground for children. Another option is the Casa Paco, a friendly hole-in-the-wallA trip to Barcelona calls for a fling with flamenco. Of course, with a terrace on which to relax. There are also a number ofmany of us are not graced with dancing skills, but that doesn’t bustling cafés with terraces along La Rambla.stop you being a spectator of the traditional Spanish danceform. Head to El Tablao de Carmen, where established stars Picking on pintxos, platters of bite-sized food served on breadand new talent display a vibrant spectrum of flamenco singing, (a version of tapas from the north of Spain), is a populardancing and music. Los Tarantos in Plaça Reial has become culinary trend in Barcelona. Tradition calls for you to pick ata popular tourist hangout, but the acts still turn heads. For the food with cocktail sticks, and at the end of the night you willvanguard performances, see the Festival de Flamenco de be charged for the number of cocktail sticks you have. The OldCiutat Vella in May. Town Basque house Euskal Etxea invites you to savour dainty little croissants filled with jamón serrano, chicken tempura with saffron mayonnaise, melted provolone with mango and ham, or a mini-brochette of pork. 17/05/11
  11. 11. CATALAN COOKING: You can pick four types of restaurants and bars: Tapas Restaurants, Nouvelle Cuisine,For a taste of Catalan cooking, visit the Cinc Sentits, which is Traditional Cuisine, Beers and drinkscreating quite a stir in Barcelona gastronomic circles. TalentedCanadian-Catalan chef Jordi Artal shows respect for localclassics (flat coca bread with foie gras and crispy leeks, duck Tapas Restaurants: Cervecería Catalana: c/ Mallorca 236magret with apple), while adding a personal touch in Spanish Cal Pep: Plaça Olles, 8dishes such as a Palamós prawn in ajoblanco (garlic soup). Paco Meralgo: C/ Muntaner, 171with cherries and an ice-cream made from their stones. To Ciutat Condal: Rambla Catalunya 18finish, save room for the artisanal Catalan cheeses or the Costa Gallega: Passeig de Gracia, 71‘false egg’ with white chocolate around a passion fruit yolk. Cuines Santa Caterina: C/ Francesc Cambo, 16‘’Cinc Sentits’’ (five senses) has finally been acknowledged bythe Michelin Guide with a star, but this is still one of the moreaffordable of the city’s top-end restaurants. 200 K SELECT Nouvelle Cuisine: Neichel: c/ Beltrán I Rózpide, 1SEA FOOD: GALINA & LLuçanes: Plaça Font La Dama: Avinguda Diagonal, 423 Via Veneto: Ganduxer 10No one leaves Barcelona without delighting an oyster. Thecity toasts the fine Galician restaurant Botafumeiro in Gràcia OLEG OGROMNOVY Gaig: c/ Aragó, 214 El Racó den Freixa: c/ Sant Elies, 22for its fantastic assortment of seafood, served by impeccablydressed waiters against a backdrop of nautical motives. Keepin mind prices could be higher than expected as quality is verygood. Cal Pep in the Born is known for its trifásico, a mélange Traditional Cuisine: La Barceloneta: c/ L’Escar, 22 Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masqueof fried whitebait, squid rings and shrimps, and exquisite littletallarines (wedge clams). The Barceloneta restaurant Can Casa Leopoldo: C/ Sant Rafael, 24Ramonet displays a spectacular haul of fresh seafood every El Xalet de Montjuïc: Avinguda de Miramar, 31day, which is likely to tempt you if you’re piscatorially inclined. Casa Calvet: C/ Casp, 48 Beers and drinks:SWEETS: El bosc de les fades (“the forest of the fairies”) Pg de la Banca 7, Barcelona, Spain, 08002Barcelona is the perfect place to indulge in sweet treats. You’ll Mirablau – Panoramic Bar Plaza Doctor Andreu s/n 08034be spoilt for choice with its selection of confectionery shops. Barcelona 93 434 00 35For posh chocolates in fancy packaging, head to Escribà; andfor cooked candy visit Papabubble, where you could see thesweets being rolled in front of your eyes. If you’re over in Spainduring the winter and fancy a hot chocolate, stop by the milk Day Excursions:bar La Granja. Handsomely fitted with antiques, it serves thick Sitges: Old Town and beach areaand frothy cocoa, which will warm you up. Figueres: Dalí Museum Wine and Cava region el Penedés 17/05/11
  12. 12. AGENDASaturday, May 28Registration 8 :00 a.m. -10:00 a.m. Palau de Congressos de Barcelona Address: Avenida de La Reina Maria Cristina Montjuïc – Barcelona, SpainGeneral Session I 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.Lunch* Break 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.General Session II 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.Break 4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 200 K SELECTGeneral Session III 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. GALINA &Dinner* Break 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. OLEG OGROMNOVY Free access in The Themed Park Pueblo Español – Montjuïc Avinguda Francesc Ferrer I Guardia, 13 08038 Barcelona, Spain 935 086 300 Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masqueParty at Club ‘’The One’’ 11:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m. The Themed Park Pueblo Español CLUB ‘’THE ONE’’ As aboveSunday, May 29Registration 8:00 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. Palau de Congressos de Barcelona As aboveGeneral Session I 10.30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.Lunch* Break 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. See Restaurants suggestionsGeneral Session II 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Palau de Congressos de Barcelona 17/05/11 As above * Not included
  13. 13. RESTAURANT CLOSE TO THE FIRA RESTAURANT (D)During the two days of the event you might need to find a HOTEL AYRE RESTAURANTrestaurant you like where to grab a bite before getting back to Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 322 - 324, 08004,work. Keep in mind there is a chance to go to the FIRA’s Cantina Barcelonalocated in the building. This restaurant can accommodate up Tel.: +34 933675502- Fax: +34 93 3675501to 300 people at the same time. In case there is a queue you - e-mail: (att. demight decide to take it easy and wait for 10 minutes or either Rubén, metre)find a good restaurant nearby. For this reason we suggest you - lunch timetable: 13:30 - 16:00a few restaurants you might find in a walking distance. - capacity: 106 paxRESTAURANT (B)Hotel Fira Palace BarcelonaIn this restaurant one could enjoy an exquisite excellent 200 K SELECT RESTAURANT (E)Mediterranean cuisine in a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. HOTEL “B” RESTAURANTAvenida Rius I Taulet, 1-3. Barcelona 08004. Spain. GALINA & The B-Bar is located in the hotel lobby of ‘B’ Hotel .Tel: +34 934 262 223 - Fax: +34 934 248 679- e-mail: Here you could enjoy OGROMNOVY OLEG a unique and luxurious gustatory- lunch timetable: 13:00 - 15:30 experience: drunch, an innovative concept that’s already- capacity: 70 pax taken off in the USA or some typical tapas made with the finest local ingredients, an exclusive selection of fine wines and champagnes made in provinces all over Spain.RESTAURANT (C) CliquezRESTAURANT FILIGRANA pour modifier Gran style des Catalanes, 389-391 -du masque le Via de les Corts sous-titres 08015 Barcellona TEL: +34 93 552 9500 (Josep)The Restaurant Filigrana is situated in Barcelona, inside one - e-mail: (a la att. de Josep)of the best Hotels in town, the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza. - lunch timetable: 12:00 - 00:00 - capacity: 60 - 80 paxIn a well-decorated setting with a homely ambiance, you willenjoy high quality dishes, thanks to a combination of our truecharcoal grill with the most traditional recipes of Catalan andInternational cuisines.Located at Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Plaza España,6-8 - Barcelona- Tel: +34 934262600- e-mail: lunch timetable: 13:30 - 15:30- capacity: 50 pax 17/05/11
  14. 14. RESTAURANT (F) RESTAURANT (F)RESTAURANT SUARNA EL CAMAROTE DE TOMASLocated in one the most active areas of Barcelona, nearby the A restaurant where one could taste great seafood and fish inMagic Fountains, Montjuic park and Plaza España, Suarna a very familiar environment at a reasonable is a very versatile option where breakfast, lunch,dinner appetizers and drinks can take place. The restaurant C/ Lleida, 3 08004 Barcelona, Spagnacounts on a big dining room for groups as well as a terrace Tel +34 934 266 736 ( att. de Montse o Tomás)in order to enjoy the nice weather of Barcelona during the - e-mail:XANGO meeting. - lunch timetable: 13:30 - 17:00 - capacity: 20 paxLlança, 1 - 08015 Barcelona, SpagnaTel. +34 934 253 863- e-mail: lunch timetable: anytime booking previously 200 K SELECT- capacity: 2 rooms of 60 and 80 pax each GALINA &RESTAURANT (G) OLEG OGROMNOVYRESTAURANT RIAS DE GALICIARenovated in 2009, “the Rías” is an historical high-endrestaurant well-known for its seafood.C/ Lleida, 7 08004 Barcelona- Tel: +34 934232448 Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masque- e-mail: (att. de Olga)- lunch timetable: 13:00 - 16:00- capacity: 110 paxRESTAURANT (E)RESTAURANT XOP D´ORCarrer Llançà, 7 - Avda. Paral.lel, 20408015 - Barcelona+34 93 325 3646 - +34 649 492 024- e-mail: (att. de Juan)- lunch timetable: 13:00 - 17:00- capacity: 180 pax 17/05/11
  15. 15. 200 K SELECT GALINA & OLEG OGROMNOVY Cliquez pour modifier le style des sous-titres du masque17/05/11