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Life is a Journey
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Life is a Journey


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Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 1. Wednesday, June 05, 2013
  • 3. YOU GREW UP…
  • 4. Mercedes Lacke
  • 5. EVERYis...
  • 6. HEART
  • 7.
  • 8. BUT
  • 9. BE the change thatyou wish to see in the world
  • 10. it is a mobile vas service portalthat shares inspiring news & storiesthat focus on the "good orpositive" we can find in our worldwith a simple action to continuethat goodness. it will deliverpositive news to subscriber’smobile inboxes when it occurs
  • 11. we want to broadcast only thepositive news & inspirationalstories amongst the mobilesubscribers of bangladesh viamobile vas by utilizing the existingtelecommunication structure
  • 12. inspirational stories& everything positive...every day
  • 13.  Happy News will be Bangladesh’soriginal & leading positive news Focusing on solutions, it willreport on people & initiatives thatare creating a sustainable, just &fulfilling world. Happy News aims to inform, inspire& empower its subscribers, whilehelping create a more balanced &constructive media.
  • 14.  news ongenerosity everyday heroes nature & work science & tech mind & body business &economy good news happy pictures inspiring stories &quotes videos(when3gavailability) happy news fornrb feel-good news religious happynews inspirationaladvice positiveperspectives
  • 15. Technical:expertise for developing mobilecontents, applications, websites, e-commerce portals, specializedcontents managementsystems, intranet applications, &much moreService marketing & Productdevelopment:unique mixture of different skills &expertise for developing innovation-driven product, marketing & service
  • 16.  Professional consultants in telecomswith focus on emerging markets Years of Impeccable Track-Recordwith our professional analysts’research programs accomplished inbringing full satisfaction of clientorganizations The Most Cited Sources in theTelecoms Business Media & amongequity research specialists Intelligence on the Local TelecomsMarket
  • 17. first ever GOOGLE DOODLEfor Bangladesh on March26, 2013
  • 18. Bangladesh ranked 11th happiest countryin 2012 by Happy Planet Index
  • 19. Central bank recently allowedinternational online payments forBangladeshi citizens[Happy News]: BangladeshBank approves onlinepurchases throughBangladeshi internationalcredit cards.
  • 20. we are here forthePURSUITofHAPPYNESS
  • 21. Address: 3rd Floor, House 22, Road 4, Block F, Banani,DhakaPhone: +8801191500000Email: tanvir@ilmservices.netWebsite:
  • 22. ILM Services shall fully indemnify Banglalink against all damages (includingconsequential damages), costs, charges & expenses arising from or incurredby reason of any infringement or alleged infringement in Bangladesh ofcopyright according to the Copyright Act 2000 or other IPRs in consequenceof the authorized use or possession of the Content or Services supplied byILM Services, subject to the following:(I) Banglalink shall promptly notify ILM Services in writing of any allegedinfringement of which it has notice;(ii) Banglalink, at ILM’s request & expense, shall allow ILM Services toconduct any negotiations or litigation and/or settle any claim. Banglalinkshall give ILM Services all reasonable assistance. The costs incurred orrecovered in such negotiations or settled claim shall be for ILM Services’account.(III) If at any time an allegation of infringement of copyright or other IPRs ismade in respect of the contents or services supplied or to be supplied byILM Services under this agreement, or if in TRUE’s opinion an allegation islikely to be made, ILM Services shall at its own expense modify or replacethe Content or Services so as to avoid the infringement, without detractingfrom overall performance, ILM Services making good to Banglalink anyloss of use during modification or credit: