Gone (by Michael Grant) jeopardy
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Gone (by Michael Grant) jeopardy



I am a Teen Services Librarian. I created this presentation in Jeopardy game style for my Teen Book Club, who just finished reading "Gone" by Michael Grant.

I am a Teen Services Librarian. I created this presentation in Jeopardy game style for my Teen Book Club, who just finished reading "Gone" by Michael Grant.



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    Gone (by Michael Grant) jeopardy Gone (by Michael Grant) jeopardy Presentation Transcript

    • GONE by Michael GrantPSPL Teen Zone Book Club Book Party
    • Perdido The FAYZ Town Action Bully Action Sam Beach 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50
    • Perdido Beach – 10 points What happened at the Perdido Beach Nuclear Plant, “a long time ago, in the nineties?” It was called a “freak accident…a once-in-a- million-years coincidence. Nothing to worry about.”
    • It was struck by a meteor.
    • Perdido Beach – 20 points What was the nickname for Perdido Beach? (Before FAYZ) Even though all the radioactive fallout had been cleaned up.
    • Perdido Beach – 30 points Chapter 1 is subtitled, 299 HOURS, 54 minutes What are the chapters counting down to?
    • Perdido Beach – 40 points What type of land is outside the town of Perdido Beach— away from the Ocean – where Lana was stranded?
    • Perdido Beach – 50 points What IS nuclear / radioactive fallout?
    • Radioactive Fallout:• Known as fallout, radioactive fallout, nuclear fallout, Black Rain, or radioactive dust.• Can come from a nuclear bomb blast OR from a damaged nuclear plant.• IT IS TOXIC AND VERY DANGEROUS!• Contact can result in: • Radiation poisoning • Poisoned land & plants • Birth defects • Cancer • MUTATIONS• Do you know about • Hiroshima? • Chernobyl? • Fukushima? • Three Mile Island?
    • The FAYZ – 10 points First line of the book: “One minute, the teacher was talking about the Civil War. And the next minute he was ________.”
    • The FAYZ – 20 points What does “FAYZ” stand for?
    • The FAYZ – 30 points What makes the boundary of the FAYZ?
    • “…a barrier. A wall. It shimmered ever so slightly.”
    • The FAYZ – 40 points Which type of animal mutated the most, even gaining the power of speech?
    • The FAYZ – 50 points What, or who, do Astrid & Sam think probably caused the FAYZ to happen?
    • Town Action – 10 points What is Astrid’s nickname?
    • Town Action – 20 points What fast food restaurant did Albert manage to keep open and running?
    • Town Action – 30 points Which holiday does Sam encourage Albert to celebrate for all the kids in town—to make it feel as normal as possible?
    • Town Action – 40 pointsWho does Orc kill, by hitting her on the head, because she was doing “magic tricks?”
    • Town Action – 50 points Who / where were the first kids in town who turned 15…and…POOF?
    • Bully Action – 10 points Name the private school where rich parents send their “difficult” kids.
    • Bully Action – 20 points Who is the most powerful & in charge of the Coates kids?
    • Bully Action – 30 points Who is the leader of the bullies in town?
    • Bully Action – 40 points Drake has no powers, but what is he given by Lana with “The Darkness?”
    • Bully Action – 50 points Who turns into a weird rock- monster after being attacked by mutated coyotes?
    • Sam – 10 points What was Sam’s nickname for a while at school, after he helped the bus driver and prevented a crash?
    • Sam – 20 points What terrible thing did Sam do, when he was younger, to his Stepfather?
    • Sam – 30 points How does Sam find out he’s not the only one with “powers?”
    • Sam – 40 points Who does Sam imagine when he’s trying to focus his power?
    • Sam – 50 points How does Sam beat the POOF?