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Genealogy At The Palm Springs Library
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Genealogy At The Palm Springs Library


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Tips on genealogy in general, and what you can do from the Palm Springs Public Library

Tips on genealogy in general, and what you can do from the Palm Springs Public Library

Published in: Self Improvement, Education

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  • 1. Genealogy at the Palm Springs Library
  • 2. Where to start?
    • YOU come first!
      • Always work UP, never DOWN
    • Start with family history, but always PROVE IT!
    How do you do THAT?!
  • 3.
    • If you find a “fact”…
      • In a book…
      • On the Internet…
      • From your mother…
      • In the family bible…
    Who can you trust? Is it TRUE??
  • 4. Who can trust YOU?
    • Always create citations for your facts!
      • Results in better records for you
      • Makes your research more valuable to your family & the research community
    • Guidebooks especially for genealogists:
    • Cite Your Sources , by Richard S. Lackey
    • Evidence! , by Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • 5. Can you trust the library?
    • Books and Websites
      • Original records?
      • Indices?
      • Documentation?
    • If not, use them as LEADS only.
      • Find your own proof.
  • 6. Prove it! … But how ?
    • Original Records
      • Census
      • Birth / Marriage / Death records
      • Preponderance of evidence
    • How to do that in the PS Library?
  • 7. US Census records
    • How to access Census images
      • Microfilm?
      • Online?
        • Heritage Quest
        • Free to you at PS Library or from home with your valid Palm Springs Library Card
  • 8. Need to travel? Usually, no!
    • What if PSPL doesn’t have the book or article you need?
      • Interlibrary Loan !
        • Free with your PS Library Card
        • You will need:
          • Title of book or article citation
          • Author
          • Date of publication
        • Library searches for book
        • Book is delivered to PSPL for your use
      • Ask at Reference Desk
  • 9. The Internet
    • Which websites to use and trust?
      • Know where the information is coming from
      • Use same criteria as for books
        • Original records?
        • Citations and sources listed?
          • If not, use as a lead and prove it yourself
  • 10.
    • For reliable genealogy links, visit
      • Click on
        • “Internet Links” -- then “Genealogy”
          • or
        • “When Google’s Not Enough” -- then “Genealogy”
      • Links to selected, non-commercial, non-subscription websites
  • 11. Use PSPL to the fullest! Get your Palm Springs Library Card at the Circulation Desk today!