The Business of WordPress - WordCamp Jerusalem 2013


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  • When we first started out, almost nobody made a living from working with WP. At early WordCamps, everyone used it for personal blogs only. Market has changed, consumers are educated, Open Source is now “ok” for business. Enough big businesses have taken the plunge, people aren’t worried about being the first.
  • Here, they care about the platform, they are looking for WP. Business-level people here have some level of technical savvy.This may be an advantage.
  • ServicesQualitySkill level and experienceAccessible audience - example of anglos vs. Israelis, hi-tech vs. non-profits, etc.Service style
  • Ask questions. Give away information and ideas. Keep your knowledge up to date, enrich it with complimentary servicesLots of them. Other than that, don’t talk too much.
  • Most important questions for any project, to be asked as soon as possible.
  • They're not because I don't trust you - it's to avoid misunderstandings. We want our agreement to be crystal clear.Yet, are never full proof. We are always tweaking based on client misunderstandings.
  • The proposal can be a marketing document, but you also should go through it with the client.
  • Some choice, really important snippets from the proposal.
  • Good clients aren’t just about money. A good person on the other side can make all the difference in a project.Communication is key – if they don’t know what you’re doing, it’s not worth anything. Keep them updated.
  • Speed in responding, billing, completing tasks
  • Budget – includes expenses and timeBilling – projected, and history. Know exactly why a bill was sent. Billing requests.It’s all about כסת"ח
  • Timing – a pain but critical.Metrics are critical to see how your business is doing. Things can look ok on paper, but if you have the metrics you can really tell.
  • Chase payments. Nicole spends tons of time on that.Need money to come in as fast as possible. New thing we’re going to try: discount for early payment.Recurring revenue.
  • Recurring: SEO, hosting, maintenance
  • The Business of WordPress - WordCamp Jerusalem 2013

    1. 1. The Business of WordPress Feb. 21, 2013, Jerusalem By: Miriam SchwabFollow us: Follow us!
    2. 2. Evolution of WP Blog CMSPersonal Business Follow us!
    3. 3. Clients are looking for: Israel:US: Strategic Technical Solutions Solutions Follow us!
    4. 4. Follow us!
    5. 5. Leads Follow us!
    6. 6. Ideal client? Budget Sector Who referred them Timeline Are they a mentsch? Follow us!
    7. 7. Follow us!
    8. 8. PROPOSAL Follow us!
    9. 9. Site Specification
    10. 10. Scope• Sitemap• Wireframe• Documentation Follow us!
    11. 11. Streamline• Forms and questionnaires• Proposal template• Boilerplate bits• Pricing tables Follow us!
    12. 12. Pricing
    13. 13. Open Source means it’s free, so why do you cost so much?I read that WP is really easy to use, so why do you cost so much? Follow us!
    14. 14. x = number of billable hours per month =60% of available work hoursy = overall overhead per month (salary,taxes, rent, office expenses)z = profit goalsa = hourly rate(y + z) / x = a Follow us!
    15. 15. Follow us!
    16. 16. Other pricing factors• Market• Skill level• Experience• Who the client is Follow us!
    17. 17. You will always cost more,and less, than others. Follow us!
    18. 18. Proposal/Contract• Objective• Scope/Deliverables• Timeline• Payment schedule• Price Follow us!
    19. 19. Make sure to…• Put time limit on things: • Take a down payment! pricing, validity of • Get signature on every contract page• Specify number of • Consider penalty for page types, templates client delay• Limit design directions • Be specific about bugs and revisions. – what are they? For• Be clear about how long? training/support? • Have work cancellation terms • Communicate the proposal Follow us!
    20. 20. Issues to address• One contact person on their end• No content entry• Server issues• Browser compatibility• Mobile Follow us!
    21. 21. As our customer, you have the powerand ability to enter into this contracton behalf of your company ororganization. illuminea is in no way responsible for any direct or indirect damage as a result of misuse of the site. When we receive your final payment, copyright is automatically assigned as follows… Once the client or a third party make development changes to the site, editing the code in any way, illuminea is no longer responsible for the proper functionality of the site, even if this is done within six months from site launch. The same stands regarding Plugins… Follow us!
    22. 22. CLIENTS / PROJECTS
    23. 23. Not so good clientsClients whoshould beshowered withchocolate
    24. 24. Speed Follow us!
    25. 25. Timeline TasksBudget Billing Log Reporting Follow us!
    26. 26. Follow us!
    27. 27. Cash flow
    28. 28. Projects vs. Recurring450004000035000300002500020000 Recurring15000 Project10000 5000 0
    29. 29. Tools Follow us!
    30. 30. illuminea ▪ ▪ available at! Follow us!