Monthly web trends - April 2012 - by Miriam Schwab


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The web moves so fast that it often seems almost impossible to keep up. So let us do it for you. Miriam Schwab gives a 1-hour lecture packed with the most important updates on the web so you can maximize your web presence.

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Monthly web trends - April 2012 - by Miriam Schwab

  1. 1. Web Trends for Marketing Professionals April 30, 2012, Jerusalem By: Miriam SchwabFollow us: Follow me! @miriamschwab
  2. 2. Who am I?• Friendly CEO of illuminea, one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies.• Providing SEO and social media marketing services• Speaker at dozens of conferences, including Affilicon, Megaconn, Sphinncon, and SMX• Serves on Steering Board of Digital Eve Israel, one of Israel’s largest communities of professional women. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  3. 3. Google removing features from GWT• Due to low usage• Site performance report - site performance report, the subscriber stats and the robots.txt creation tool. Can use Google’s Page Speed, YSlow, etc.• the subscriber stats – can use Feedburner• robots.txt creation tool – can use text editor Follow me! @miriamschwab
  4. 4. GWT now storing 90 days of data!• Google Webmaster Tools will store historical search query data for 90 days• Number of reported queries to increase from 1000 to 2000 Follow me! @miriamschwab
  5. 5. Google Account Activity Report• Sign-in locations• Browsers• Platforms• Changes to sign-in credentials• Connected sites and apps• Places one has been (for Google Latitude users)• Number of emails sent and received• Volume of searches. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  6. 6. Google Penguin Update – fighting over-optimization• Google says will affect 3% of search queries• Penalizes websites based on their link strategy• Targeting link networks – they are being deindexed + unnatural anchor text profiles• Too many sidebar links; linking sites that became “toxic”• Google asking site owners to clean up their bad links. Yikes.• Don’t submit reconsideration request until you’ve cleaned up. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  7. 7. Unnatural Links Message Follow me! @miriamschwab
  8. 8. Unnatural Links Message• Rumor: the messages are manually generated• Rumor: more than 1 million sites received the message• Penalty usually comes within weeks• Penalty is phrase based - sites lose rankings for all keywords related to the ones used in the anchor text of the links Google has identified as being “unnatural”• Spam Reporting Form – for reporting spam you think Penguin should have caught Follow me! @miriamschwab
  9. 9. Was I hit by Penguin/Panda?What happened Date Penguin/PandaTraffic dropped April 24 PenguinTraffic increased April 24 PenguinTraffic dropped April 19 Panda 3.5Traffic dropped April 17 and Mistake byand recovered 18 Google - incorrectly classifying sites as parked domains.Source: Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice Follow me! @miriamschwab
  10. 10. Drive vs SkyDrive vs Dropbox Google Drive MS SkyDrive DropboxFree storage 5 GB, 1 GB for 7 GB (25 GB 2 GBspace Picasa for existing users)Mobile apps Android iOS. OneNote Android/iOS app not supported outside of US Follow me! @miriamschwab
  11. 11. Sort Gmail by size• Running out of space in Gmail?• Sort emails by attachment size using this Google Doc Follow me! @miriamschwab
  12. 12. Google+• New design: – You can drag apps up or down to create the order you want – You can hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions – You can show or hide apps by moving them in and out of “More”• Dedicated Hangouts page Follow me! @miriamschwab
  13. 13. Google+ Profiles get Cover Photos• Can choose thumbnails or wide photo• Dimensions – Profile Picture – 250×250 pixels – Cover Photo – 940×180 pixels – Thumbnail Photos – 110×110 pixels Follow me! @miriamschwab
  14. 14. Hi-res photos on Facebook Now the photo viewer will automatically display photos in the highest resolution possible. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  15. 15. You canexpand thephoto viewerto take upyour entirecomputerscreen. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  16. 16. Uniform addresses on fb• Email address will now match your username. For example: Follow me! @miriamschwab
  17. 17. FB allows downloading of IP addresses• Users will now be able to download a copy of all IP address activity that is occurring on the ccount.• Additional information that can now be downloaded are previous names and friend requests.• Download data here: Follow me! @miriamschwab
  18. 18. FB Timeline Checklist Follow me! @miriamschwab
  19. 19. FB’s Timeline Gives Brands 46% Higher Engagement Per Post• Simply Measured: Timeline has increased fan engagement, content engagement & photo & video engagement for brands. Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  22. 22. STUDY: Facebook Timeline Doesnt Affect Engagement• A new study by EdgeRank Checker has found that timeline does not affect fan engagement• Haha Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  24. 24. Linking To Facebook Pages Lowers Ad Costs• Advertisements on Facebook yield more paying customers when the promotion links to a page on the social network instead of an external website.Source: SocialCode Follow me! @miriamschwab
  25. 25. Rick Santorum – Klout bomb• Users made him influential in “Diaper,” “Homophobia,” “Homosexuality,” and “Racism.”• Ron Paul: “Drag Queen” and “Cloth Diapers”• Newt Gingrich: “cheating,” “divorce” and “lobbying”• Mitt Romney: “homophobia”• Barack Obama: “cheating” and “fascism.” Follow me! @miriamschwab
  26. 26. Make Kyle the best Mom on Klout• Right now Kyle is influential on the topics of Alcohol, Laptops, and Johnny Depp Follow me! @miriamschwab
  27. 27. LinkedIn improves People You May Know (PYMK)• New UI• Filter by logo• Endless scroll• Improved accuracy and relevance Follow me! @miriamschwab
  28. 28. LinkedIn adds Targeted Updates and Follower Stats• Targeted Updates: Enables page admins to target company status updates to specific followers so they can deliver the most relevant content to the most appropriate audiences. – Company Size – Industry – Job Function – Seniority – Geography – Including/excluding company employees Follow me! @miriamschwab
  29. 29. LinkedIn adds Targeted Updates and Follower Stats• 24 hours after you post an update, admins will be able to view post metrics such as number of followers targeted, impressions, clicks, shares, and engagement as well as be able to review that posts original targeting criteria• Internal LinkedIn study: examples have shown a 66%+ increase in audience engagement as result of targeted updates. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  30. 30. New LinkedIn app for iPad Follow me! @miriamschwab
  31. 31. New LinkedIn app for iPad• Snapshot of recent activity and news• Also rolling out a new tablet website:• Calendar feature syncs event attendee data with your device calendar (now on iOS and Android) Follow me! @miriamschwab
  32. 32. YouTube ad options• Homepage redzone - $300k per day• TrueView In-Stream – pre-roll video, 30- 60 sec, can be skipped after 5 sec. You are charged after user watched 30 sec. Avg cost $0.04 per view/click• TrueView In-Search – like AdWords, shows thumbnail of video, CTA• Text Overlay – appears on top of videos Follow me! @miriamschwab
  33. 33. YouTube opens Partner Program to all• Make money off your videos with YouTube’s Partner Program• Available in many countries, including Australia, Canada, US, UK and Israel. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  34. 34. Pinterest• Can now pin videos from Vimeo• Can select specific pin as cover for a board• Now 3rd most popular network – after fb and twitter Follow me! @miriamschwab
  35. 35. WordPress stats• March 2012 – WP powers 72.4m sites = most widely used and popular CMS• 20-25% of all new sites use WP• 14.74% of top 1m sites use WP, including: Honda, NFL, NYTimes, CNN, TechCrunch, etc.• 48% of top 100 blogs use WP Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  38. 38. TOOLS Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  40. 40. Wajam• Search in: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitte r, Blekko, Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, IMDB, Wikipedia, Ebay, Overst ock, Ask, Best Buy,, Mahalo, and Walmart.• Friend sources: Facebook, twitter, Google+ Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  44. 44. NEWS & TIPS Follow me! @miriamschwab
  45. 45. Facebook Decorates RoofWith 42-Foot Wide QR Code Follow me! @miriamschwab
  46. 46. Interesting Reads• Facebook Topples Google as Most Visited Site in Brazil Follow me! @miriamschwab
  47. 47. illuminea ▪ ▪ available at! Follow me! @miriamschwab