5 Truths of Media Assets Management


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In this presentation, illuminate Hollywood provides an overview of some fundamentals in media assets management.

Illuminate Hollywood consists of two facilities in the same neighbourhood:

Illuminate Post/Digital finishing on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood
- Digital intermediate
- SD to HD 3K & 4K conforming from original film, without EDL
- Film coloring
- Linear & non linear editing
- Color correction
- 3D rendering
- Visual effects & graphics

illuminate Studios, less than a mile away
- HD, multi-camera-ready stages
- Kitchen set, talk show set, news set
- Green screens
- Green rooms
- Live streaming
- Social TV with multi-media social interface platform
- Satellite broadcasts
- Red cameras and production equipment rental

For more information, visit www.illuminatehollywood.com

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5 Truths of Media Assets Management

  1. 1. 5 Truths of Media 5 Truths of MediaAssets ManagementAssets Management
  2. 2. About illuminateIlluminate Hollywood has been a trusted partner to producers for 18 years.Clients come to us for our technical expertise, and because we are knownto always go the extra mile. From StarTrek to Harry Potter 7, Jack Bauer-24 &The X-Files, our roster of projects speaks for itself.Illuminate Hollywood consists of two facilities in the same neighborhood:Illuminate Post/Digital finishing on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood- Digital intermediate- SD to HD 3K & 4K conforming from original film, without EDL- Film coloring- Linear & non linear editing- Color correction- 3D rendering- Visual effects &graphicsilluminate Studios, less than a mile away- HD, multi-camera-ready stages- Kitchen set, talk show set, news set- Green screens- Green rooms- Live streaming- Social TV with multi-media social interface platform- Satellite broadcasts- Red Cameras and production equipment rental
  3. 3. #1. DAM Systems Save TimeWithout an efficient digital media asset managementsystem employees can spend hours trying to find files.In fact, according to research, companies spend anaverage of about $8,000 per person per year on filemanagement processes.This includes searching, organizing, verifying, backing upand protecting their digital assets.
  4. 4. #2. DAM Systems Reduce File-finding FailuresMedia managers often have thousands of files distributedover several different storage mediums.Statistics show they conduct media searches about 83 times aweek, and even then, they fail to find the asset they needabout 35% of the time. That is a lot of wasted productivetime.If you initiate a reliable digital asset management softwaresystem this figure would drop to about 5 percent.
  5. 5. #3. Digital Media Asset Management Systems Improve ROIDAM saves time and money. Experts in file management findthat the return on investment is substantial when a businessuses a DAM system. These savings come in the form of laborreduction and in the re-purposing of existing work, but theyalso come from improved customer satisfaction and faster turn-around times on completed projects.The ability to find prior creative assets allows employees toreuse these assets in new projects. This ability offers fasterdevelopment and turnaround times.
  6. 6. #4. DAM Systems Create Workflow EfficiencyA reliable digital asset management system creates aconsistent workflow for all creative team members.The system process ensures that design elements getapproved quickly and helps employees keep track ofdifferent versions and the routing of an asset.
  7. 7. #5. Better RelationshipsDAM helps build both your client and provider relationships.The system allows you to easily share your digital assets withboth your providers and your clients as the workprogresses, allowing for comments and changes to take placefaster.Digital asset management improves collaboration andcommunications between all participants.
  8. 8. Also… When choosing a digital media assets management system, keep your goals inmind, and find a vendor who offers a system that will evolve with your growing digital media needs.
  9. 9. illuminate Post/Digital Finishing 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West – 4th Floor Hollywood, CA 90068 Tel: (323) 969-8822 illuminate Studios 10900 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 Tel: (818) 769.4500 www.illuminatehollywood.com info@illuminatehollywood.com @illuminatehwd