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ComEd Smart Ideas for Your Business Prescriptive and Custom Incentive program Year 4 presented at the Illinios Chapter of ASHRAE May 2011 meeting by Bill Beattie.

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Smart Ideas for Your Business

  1. 1. Smart Ideas for Your Business ®ASHRAE Chapter MeetingDowners Grove, ILMay 10, 2011
  2. 2. Where Smart Ideas Started . . .• Provides incentives for energy efficiency upgrades and equipment Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Goals• Part of Illinois energy legislation (MWh) passed in 2007 1,000,000• Program implemented by ComEd, 800,000 Ameren Illinois and the Illinois 600,000 Department of Commerce and 400,000 Economic Opportunity 200,000• Fourth year of program begins 0 June 1 2008 2009 2010 2011* 2012* 2013*• Ratepayer funded program
  3. 3. How Ratepayer Funding Works• Energy Efficiency Programs charge on your monthly bill• Based on kWh usage• How much are you contributing?
  4. 4. Where the Energy Savings Come From Smart Ideas kWh Savings HVAC Other VSD 2% 9% Refrigeration 5% 2% Motors 6% Lighting 76%
  5. 5. Who Receives Incentives fromSmart Ideas for Your Business? Grocery Warehouse Heavy Industry 2% 16% 17% School/College 2% Hotel / Motel Retail/Service 2% 12% Restaurant Light Industry 0% Office 22% 14% Miscellaneous Medical 7% 6%By kWh, 2008 to Present
  6. 6. Smart Ideas Helps You Become More Energy Efficient• Prescriptive and custom incentive program (KEMA)• New construction program (ECW)• Retro-commissioning program; compressed air studies (Nexant)• Small Business program; under Incentives 100 kw (Nexant, Franklin) Services
  7. 7. IncentivesPrescriptive and Custom Incentives Prescriptive Measures Custom Measures “Off-the-shelf” equipment Tailored-for-you energy efficiency retrofits, replacements and upgrades, such as: upgrades: • Energy management systems – Lighting • Industrial process improvements – HVAC • And other efficiency – VSDs improvements not captured by – Refrigeration the prescriptive program – Commercial kitchen/food service equipment – Controls and sensors – Compressor retrofit to 100HP
  8. 8. Where Are Your Opportunities toImprove Energy Efficiency?
  9. 9. Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Office Buildings• Lighting Energy Use in Office Buildings – Replace old overhead T12 tubes with more Other Water efficient T8s and electronic ballasts and 13% save 35% of lighting energy use. Heating 1%• HVAC/VSD Refrigeration Lighting – Install VSDs on fans and compressors and 5% 39% save 12-28%, depending on your Office application. Equipment• Controls and sensors 15% – Install occupancy sensors in storage areas and meeting rooms and reduce energy use HVAC 45-65%. 27%• Exit signs – Replace incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs and save about 300 kWh per year per sign. (Savings estimates based on average use.)
  10. 10. Office Buildings in the Smart Ideas Program• Best Bet: Upgrade lighting and add Smart Ideas kWh Savings in Office Buildings occupancy sensors HVAC• Most popular projects: Installing new 3% T8 or T5 fluorescent light fixtures and upgrading incandescent exit signs to LED exit signs HVAC-VSD• Average incentive: $10,616 Lighting 34% 62% Over $8,500 in estimated annual Motors savings per project 1%
  11. 11. Case Study: LaSalle Income & Growth Fund IIIand Jones Lang LaSalleMeasures Retro-implemented: commissioningBuilding size: 803,000 sq. ft.Incentive amount: $74,713Projected annual 755,400 kWhenergy savings:Projected annual $64,000energy cost savings:Total project cost: $28,300Projected payback Less than sixperiod: months
  12. 12. Case Study: Merchandise Mart Lighting andMeasures implemented: VSDs on HVACTotal project cost: $350,000Projected annual energy 909,463 kWhsavings:Incentives paid: $89,436Payback period without 2.0 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:Payback period with Smart 1.6 yearsIdeas incentive:
  13. 13. Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Healthcare• Lighting – Upgrade to more energy efficient Energy Use in Healthcare Facilities lighting. Other – Install occupancy sensors in storage 14% rooms and meeting rooms. Office Equipment – Replace your incandescent exit signs 5% with LED exit signs.• ENERGY STAR® equipment and demand- Lighting controlled ventilation in the kitchens Refrigeration 44% 3%• Guest room energy management systems – Occupancy sensor or key card controls heating and AC.• Medical compressed air HVAC• Ice machines 34% – ENERGY STAR® commercial ice machines are on average 15% more energy efficient than standard models. (Savings estimates based on average use.)
  14. 14. Medical Facilities in the Smart Ideas Program• Best Bet: Upgrade lighting, install Smart Ideas kWh Savings in occupancy sensors Medical Facilities• Most popular project: Upgrading HVAC-VSD obsolete T12 fluorescent lighting to HVAC 10% T8 or T5 fluorescent lighting 5%• Average incentive: $16,494 Over $25,000 in estimated annual savings per project Lighting 85%
  15. 15. Snapshots: Healthcare FacilitiesA Hospital in the North Suburbs A Hospital in Chicago• Specializes in emergency and • Operates kitchen 15 hours a day, seven cardiac care, so lights are on 24/7 – days a week, to prepare food for 400 8,760 hours per year patients, 2,300 staff members plus• Upgraded almost 3,000 obsolete visitors. T12 fluorescent light fixtures to • Installed demand controlled ventilation energy efficient T8 fluorescent system on kitchen exhaust and makeup fixtures air fans• Upgraded 90 exit signs to LEDs • Cost of running fans will drop by almost• Project cost: $167,700 50%, and system also saves wear and• Incentive: $48,500 tear on the fan motors.• Projected annual savings: Over 1 • Keeping air conditioned and heated air in million kWh the building will save another $4,700.• Payback: 1.2 years • Project cost:$58,900 • Projected annual energy savings: 186,115 kWh • Incentive:$9,000 • Payback:2.4 years
  16. 16. Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Warehouses Energy Use in Warehouses• Lighting – Upgrade inefficient hi-bay lighting. Cooling Ventilation – Install occupancy sensors and other 8% 4% controls to turn lights out when not needed. Lighting – Look at outdoor and parking lot lighting, Heating 40% including sensors and timers. 20% – Install LED exit signs.• Refrigeration – In refrigerated warehouses, look at refrigerated doors and cooler lighting. Other Refrigeration 17% 11%
  17. 17. Warehouses in the Smart Ideas Program• Best Bet: Upgrade lighting and Smart Ideas kWh Savings in install occupancy sensors Warehouses• Most popular project: Replacing HVAC high-bay lighting with new T8 or T5 0.12% fluorescent light fixtures and installing occupancy sensors• Average incentive: $16,983 Over $25,000 in estimated annual savings per project Lighting 99.88%
  18. 18. Snapshots: Warehouses A new 208,000-sq.-ft. warehouse operating 24/5 (6,240 hours per year) had built-in energy savings measures: 160 skylights and 280 T5 fixtures. For additional energy savings, the owners installed occupancy sensors and daylight sensors on all 280 T5 fixtures. The occupancy sensors reduced the hours of operation/year to 3,750, and the daylight sensors further reduced hours of operation/year to 3,000. Installing the sensors cost just under $10,000 and saved 79,466 kWh per year. With a $4,877 incentive from ComEd’s Smart Ideas for Your Business program, the project paid for itself in seven months.
  19. 19. Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Industry• Improve common plant systems Energy Use in Industry such as motors, compressed air Facility lighting Other and process cooling. 6% 7%• Control HVAC with an energy Process cooling and refrigeration management system. 7%• Check the lights: Electro-chemical – Replace old fluorescent and processes Machine drive 8% 52% incandescent lighting with T-8s or another energy-efficient Facility HVAC lighting system. 9% – Maximize task lighting, Process heating daylight, and use of occupancy 11% sensors.
  20. 20. Industrial Facilities in the Smart Ideas Program Smart Ideas kWh Savings in• Best Bets: Lighting, compressed air Industrial Facilities• Most popular project: Replacing Chiller inefficient lighting with new T8 or T5 VSD 1% Other fluorescent light fixtures and Process 2% 3% installing occupancy sensors 5% Compressed air• Average incentive: $36,437 13% Refrigeration 3% Almost $25,000 in Motors 0% estimated annual HVAC Lighting savings per project 3% 70%
  21. 21. Case Study: Ford Motor CompanyMeasures implemented: LightingTotal project cost: $212,800Projected annual energy 1,184,582 kWhsavings:Incentives paid: $90,685Payback period without Less than 3Smart Ideas incentive: yearsPayback period with 2 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:
  22. 22. Case Study: Armacell PlantMeasures implemented: Chiller retrofitTotal project cost: $248,523Projected annual energy 1,596,269 kWhsavings:Incentives paid: $100,000Payback period without 2.4 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:Payback period with 1.7 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:
  23. 23. Case Study: Tribune DirectMeasures implemented: Compressed airTotal project cost: $116,942Projected annual energy 495,102 kWhsavings:Incentives paid: $34,597Payback period without 2.28 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:Payback period with 1.16 yearsSmart Ideas incentive:
  24. 24. How to Cash In
  25. 25. 1 Reserve your cash2 Do project3 Get paid
  26. 26. Next Steps . . . What can our resource team do to help you leverage Smart Ideas for Your Business incentive opportunities to get some of your projects done? What projects starting soon could take advantage of this program?
  27. 27. Smart Ideas Trade Allies• Independent businesses with Smart Ideas experience and training• Trade Allies can help you: – Identify opportunities – Select, purchase and install equipment – Manage your project – Complete and submit your paperwork
  28. 28. For Answers to Your Questions . . .• For general program information and application forms:• Questions about eligibility, specifications, how to fill out applications, finding a trade ally, and anything else: (888) 806-2273 Fax: 1-630-480-3436
  29. 29. Thank You!