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Презентация: Промоция на обединения туристически потенциал на Старозагорски регион

Презентация: Промоция на обединения туристически потенциал на Старозагорски регион



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Tourism En Tourism En Presentation Transcript

  • Promotion of the Stara Zagora R egion joint touris tic potential Project OLEG STOILOV Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Stara Zagora
  • Partners
    • Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Stara Zagora
    • Regional Economic Development Agency - Stara Zagora
    • The municipalities in the region
    • ZAGORKA Brewery AD, DZU and other regional businesses
    • With the support of the World Association of the Tourist Agencies WATA and with the assistance of the tourist agency MIEL Travel – member of WATA
    • With the special support of Rotary District 2482 Bulgaria
    • Under the patronage of the Regional Governor of Stara Zagora Region
    • The Municipality of Stara Zagora is hosting the events
  • Program
    • 13 th of October 2009 - Stara Zagora
    • Round table The personnel in the touris m
    • Forum Tourism
    • Presentation of the Stara Zagora R egion joint touris tic potential
    • 14 th of October 2009 - Kazanlak
    • Presentation of the touris tic opportunities in Kazanlak
    • Round table
    • The human resources in the tourist sector
  • State of the art in the tourist sector
    • Significant change in the appearance of the tourist sites within
    • the past years
      • the number of beds in hotels increase d repeatedly
      • increase d category of hotels and restaurants
    • The tourist facilities are at the level of quality as they are in the well established tourist destinations , which are the main competitors of Bulgaria .
    • This is in contrast with the insufficiency in the services quality level , because of the inadequate qualification of the personnel .
    • In result – negative impact on the quality and on the competitiveness of the tourist products .
    • The Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Stara
    • Zagora conducted a study with regard of the
    • personnel problems in the tourism among
    • managers of hotels, restaurants, museums and
    • further structures in the tourist sector in Stara
    • Zagora Region.
    • What are considered to be the main problems ?
    Studying the problems
    • Insufficiency in qualified personnel
    • Large number of the people acquiring tourist qualification do not work in the tourist sector
    • Unsatisfactory and unattractive working conditions
    • Availability of better offers from other alternative sectors
    • Work in in the tourist sector are often accepted as a compromise and a temporary option
    The main problems
    • Insufficiency in qualified personnel (2)
    • Limited choice in the selection of staff
    • Considering the working in the tourist sector as not prestigious
    • Attractive opportunities for realization abroad
    The main problems
    • Insufficiency trained personnel
    • Insufficient number of specialized schools providing training f or personnel in the tourism
    • Outdated training programs not conforming with the dynamic development of the sector
    • Poor training facilities of the education institutions
    • Extremely poor practical training, not in real terms
    • Not effective internship
    • Insufficient interaction between business, training, internship, and realization in the practice
    The main problems
    • Insufficient attractiveness and not competitive remuneration
    • In general, insufficient remuneration
    • Неправилно формиране на възнаграждението
    • Considerable difference in the remuneration in the resort and not resort sites
    The main problems
    • Insufficiency in foreign languages
      • Insufficient languages training
      • Uncompetitive conditions of employment of staff with good language training
    • Not professional human resources management and lack of HR management systems
    • Lack of common tourist personnel database , providing attestation and recommendations
    • Lack of adequate National and regional tourism policies providing for complex solution of the problems
    • Specific location of Stara Zagora - seasonal migration of workers during the summer and winter season to the seaside and to mountain resorts
    The main problems
    • Improving the quality of the tourism staff training
    • Opening of more specialized schools for training of tourism staff
    • Introduction of training programs and materials in accordance with the needs of the sector and their constant update
    • Increasing the number of practical training hours in conditions close to the real ones
    • Increasing the time of internship hours and improving its effective implementation
    • Improving the quality of the tourism staff training (2)
      • Conducting internship preferably o n the future working place
      • Improving the language skills
      • Effective control over the quality of the training
      • Organizing professional seminars to exchange experience and new practices in tourism, incl. with international participation
    • To the managers of tourist sites
      • Introduction of professional human resources management systems
      • Establishing of tourism staff databases with attestation and recommendations
      • Certifying the tourism staff
      • Closer interaction between businesses and training schools
    • Improving the organization and coordination in the
    • tourism sector
      • Development of adequate national and regional tourism policies, promoting the integrated development of tourism
      • Incentives and preferences for investment in human resources
    • Measures at regional level
      • Effective functioning of the Tourism councils and the branch associations
      • Concrete proposal : Establishing of an Region Tourism Development Association with a balanced and active participation of all stakeholders
  • Round table The personnel in the tourism Thank you for the attention !
  • Welcome to Stara Zagora Region!