Respect Serendipity, Aalto University 4.3.2014


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Opening Event of Seminar Series: "Future of Learning and Work at Aalto".

Overview for the theoretical background and current status of the serendipity research . Practical implementations of serendipity management. Vision for the future.

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Respect Serendipity, Aalto University 4.3.2014

  1. 1. Respect Serendipity Ilkka Kakko! FUTURE OF LEARNING AND WORK AT AALTO , Helsinki, 4.3.2014 !
  2. 2. The benefits of coworking © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004! Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought Albert  Szent-­‐Gyorgyi  
  3. 3. Outline of the presentation 1)  Why serendipity, why it’s emerging just now?! 2)  Background and definitions! 3)  Theoretical models – the current status of research! 4)  Serendipity Management – practical implementations! 5)  Vision for the future! ! !
  4. 4. Big Shift ? h2p://­‐ausDn-­‐workplace-­‐trends-­‐serendipity-­‐is-­‐the-­‐new-­‐synergy/   ! !   ! 
 !     !  
  5. 5. Examples of serendipity Science: Archimedes! Columbus! Work Penicillin! X-rays! Teflon! Post-It notes! More than 200 examples (1989) the book è! SMS, Viagra, ! Business: •  XeroxPARC, 3M, Pixar, Google, MIT Media Lab, Virgin ! •  Ice Hotel and Ice Bars! •  Blancco ! ! Learn Play
  6. 6. Why just now? •  Transformation ! -  Postnormal Era (Stowe Boyd)! -  Big Shift (John Hagel, John Seely Brown)! -  Society 3.0 (Ronald van den Hoff)! Predictability is decreasing => more unexpected events ! Emergent ecosystems, new collaboration models, coworking, hacker spaces, online communities etc! Connectivity, global scope! Flow of information vs. stock of information! New types of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurs! Extended enterprises !
  7. 7. Background and definitions Definition: •  •  Serendipity is a quality of mind, which through awareness, sagacity and good fortune allows one to frequently discover something good while looking for something else! Work It illustrates also the process leading to serendipitous findings and value creation! ! Background: •  The Persian fable from 6th century ”The Travels and Adventures of Three Princes of Serendip”! •  Horace Walpole coined the word, Robert K. Merton & Elinor Barber studied the etymology and elaborated further! ! Learn Play
  8. 8. Plan, design, engineer, manage, harness….. Are we able to facilitate serendipity?:! !”Planned serendipity”, Muller&Becker! !”Design for serendipity”, Hagel&Seely Brown&Davison! !”Maximize serendipity around you”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb! !”Engineering serendipity” ! !”Cultivating serendipity”! !… also serendipity engines, serendipity machines are mentioned! ! Coincidensity – diversity and social density (Stowe Boyd / Matt Biddulph)! Synchronicity – Joseph Jaworski et al. (Jung….)! ! My terminology: !! > ”Harnessing serendipity” on individual and community level and! > ”Serendipity management” on institutional and organizational level!
  9. 9. Opportunistic information encountering, Erdelez Capturing   Returning   Background   Problem   Foreground     Problem   InformaDon  encountering   Examining   InformaDon  seeking   Stopping   NoDcing  
  10. 10. Capturing is vital, how to do it? What kind of clicker are you? … non clicker, one clicker etc! How to make distractions work for you?! … balance between background/foreground problems, information seeking/ encountering!! Anytime you find some interesting, use getpocket – software, and get back to interesting information whenever you have the opportunity to do so.! Possibilites to tag all the links – then get back even offline! One way to deal with the constant flow of information!! ! ! ! ! !
  11. 11. ‘Rubin, Burkell & Quan – Haase’ - model !     Ref:  h2p://­‐3/paper488.html
  12. 12. Some remarks about the model Facet A: Prepared Mind! Ø  Prior concern + previous experience Social Capital as important! ! !! Facet B: Act of Noticing! Ø  Observation / attention Insight and collective insight needed! ! Facet C: Chance! Ø  Accidental nature / perceived lack of control desperation also valúable! Contradictions and creative ! Facet D: Fortuitous Outcome! > Perceived gain / happy ending Might take a long time to capture/realize! ! Serendipity: reframing the events / a story re-told / an unsought finding! ! ! !
  13. 13. ‘Makri & Blandford’ - model !     Ref:  h2p://­‐ %20Coming%20Across%20InformaDon%20Serendipitously%20(Part%201).pdf    
  14. 14. Theoretical models Ref. Quan-Haase: YouTube presentation* Model  features   Erdelez   Rubin,  Burkell  &   Makri&   Quan-­‐Haase   Blandford   NoDcing                          +                              +                                                              +     Find                          -­‐                              +                            +   ReflecDon  /  Story  telling                          -­‐                                  +                            +   Outcome                          -­‐                              +                            +   InvesDgaDng  lead                          +                              -­‐                            +   Capturing  (saving)                          +                              -­‐                            -­‐   Foreground  /Background   Problem                          +                              -­‐                            -­‐   Chance                          -­‐                              +                            -­‐   Prepared  mind  /  Prior   Concern                          -­‐                              +                            -­‐   Making  new  connecDons  /   Insight                          -­‐                              -­‐                            +   Role  of  Environment                          -­‐                              -­‐                            -­‐    *h<p://!  
  15. 15. Luck vs. preparedness ! ! ! ”If an unexpected event or encounter will turn out to be fruitful and create some value, will depend largely on one’s ability to discover and be insightful. Therefore, ”getting lucky” is in most cases a matter of preparedness and not a result of pure luck”. ! Serendipitor 2013!    
  16. 16. Serendipity management vs project management ©  Kakko  &  Inkinen,  Science  and  Public  Policy,  36(7),  August  2009,  pages  537–548,  Oxford  University  Press     © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!
  17. 17. Definition of Serendipity Management ! “Serendipity management is a comprehensive set of tools and facilitation methodologies, which through:! !* workspace design - both physical and virtual ! !* facilitation of unexpected encounters and !collective insight in team building ! will support the emergence of new combinations of competences and hence the generation of breakthrough ideas.”! (h2p://  
  18. 18. Designed for serendipity? Google’s  new  headquarters   h2p://­‐responsibility/   googles-­‐new-­‐headquarters-­‐are-­‐anD-­‐apple.html   Apple’s  new  headquarters   h2p://­‐product-­‐design/   more-­‐detail-­‐on-­‐apples-­‐new-­‐foster-­‐designed-­‐headquarters.html    
  19. 19. How to design for serendipity – case Oasis Physical Space: •  Chance encounters ”Coincidensity”! -  -  -  -  •  Work Space for insight ”Aha, Heureka”! -  -  -  •  Peripatos! Kitchen! Serendipity Cafe! Temple of Challenge! Sauna, Katharsis! Tandem Chambers! Temple of Challenge! Learn Play Value creation ”Work, work…”! -  -  Hall of Potential! Hall of Results! Facilitation: •  The code of conduct important! Four zones: privat, semi-privat, semipublic and public! •  Artefacts! Original layout of netWork Oasis, Joensuu Science Park!
  20. 20. How it looks like – netWork Oasis in Joensuu © Lee Fleming 2004 /HBR November 2004!
  21. 21. How it looks like – netWork Oasis in Joensuu
  22. 22. Virtual collaboration platforms Virtual Space: •  Chance encounters! -  -  Work Flow of information! Social Media! •  Engineering (apps)! -  Open or closed! -  A lot of options available ! Learn Play Communities: •  Inverse serendipity! •  Weak ties elementary! •  Social capital created! GLOW version 1.0 in netWork Oasis!
  23. 23. Team building Training Camp: Ø  Invitations through personal networks! Work Ø  No CV’s! Ø  Attractivity by the substance and by the feeling of belonging ! Ø  Low cost, high impact! Learn Play Ø  Unexpected combinations of competences! Tribe / PVC / VT: Ø  Core tribe member! Ø  Substance expert! Ø  Networking expert! ! Ref: Ilkka Kakko (forthcoming): ”Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era – How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You To Success”!
  24. 24. What it takes? ! ! ! ”There is no more powerful way to attract new ideas and interesting and inspiring people to you, than leading a meaningful life!”! Muller&Becker 2012!    
  25. 25. Vision for the future To create an innovation (or learning) ecosystem, where:! ! Ø  There is enough diversity and social density! Ø  Physical and virtual (hybrid with augmented reality) environment supports ALL ELEMENTS OF SERENDIPITY: ”coincidensity”, capturing, the act of noticing/insight and value creation! Ø  Balanced with diversity of actors: established SMEs, startups, effectual entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, sharing economy actors, freelancers, wanna-be-entrepreneurs, students, researchers and visitors as free agents! Ø  Based on community building and networked business models (CNOs) + virtual organization breeding environment practises !
  26. 26. Interested ? Some serendipity related forums of potential interest:! ! Ø  Serendipitor’s Weblog:! Ø  Facebook group ”Serendipity Management”:! Ø  My forthcoming book ”Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era – How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to Success” can be downloaded soon here:! The book is financed by ENPI SE 631 – project ”OpenINNO”, a pioneering development project, where the combination of open innovation and serendipity management was researched, taught and further developed. !
  27. 27. Thank you! For further information: ! Ilkka Kakko ! + 358 50 536 2941! Twitter: @Serendipitor ! ! ! !