Enhancing the pedagogical value through lecture capture


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1.12.2011, Online Educa Berlin 2011

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  • Interaction design and furniture
  • Whatschanged? Seats and Desks, but the main conceptremains the same.
  • Whats the addedvalue?LiveexperienceEffects of the lecture hall as teaching and learning contextOn the premisethatitwillimprove learning outcomesorbecauseotherpeoplearedoingittoo, or just in caseAnchosing, referencing, producingsupportmaterialregardinginclusionNeed to include the capturedrecordingswith the lectures and supportmaterialTaulutyöskentelyn ja projektioiden haasteIncreaseinteractionLearning analytics? Whatcanwemeasure, what’suseful to capture and measure?
  • Project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Aducate, Centre for Training andDevelopment of University of Eastern Finland,IlonaIT Oy and City of Savonlinna (Finland)
  • Studystrategies and learning preferences (incl. social media)Need to understanddifferentpreferences and studentprofiles in mathematicalsubjectsPreviousexperiencesusing video for study
  • Studentsstudyingadvancedsyllabusseem to bemoresuccessful to students in basicsyllabus,Studentswithadvanced syllabus in mathematics seem to prosper to students with short syllabus in physics.“Are we really doing all we can? Are we using the possibility to the maximum”"Give students the best possibilities to improve themselves"LC is usuallyexperiencedinterestingifviewedmorethanoncePersonallyexperiencedadvantage/benefitcreatesfoundations for meaningful learning experiencesCorrelationseems to beverysignificantafter the thirdviewingtime to finalgrades.Maximizingdifferentkind of possibility to createaffordances, wearealldifferent and havedifferentkind of strategies for learning, wemust design the learning possibilities to supportthisbytechnology and pedagogy. And monitor and collect data for learning analytics to supportcontiuousimprovement of the implementationChallenge is to supportthesecontexts in optimalway and anchor the teaching to lecturecaptureprocessesExperiencedbenefits and satisfaction to LC correlate in sameinterestreview regularlyrecite (repeating key concepts from class)reflect (connecting class ideas to other notes and readings)Engagingstudents to interactionwithpeers and teachersWhats writing for comprehension and learning?Supporting and developing multimodal capacity?Creatingmeaningfulusagecontexts and ways of using and engaginginteractionWorkbooks, designingsupportivematerialOutlineeffective ”table of contents” for recordingsEvaluating the possibilites to addteachers’ remarks as well as utilize the studentscommentsTallenteiden liittäminen yhteen ja linkittäminen tiettyyn kohtaanEditing the recordings and addingvalue, summarizingCreating and usingsharednotes in collaborationHow to supportretention and preparing for exams.Semanticrelations and supportingmultimodalityFor optimalsetting, theseneed to betaken into account in courseplanningNeed to constantlygather and receive feedback for develope and improve the implementation, systematicalway, alsoprovidesopportunities for extending the learning analytics.
  • Enhancing the pedagogical value through lecture capture

    1. 1. Enhancing the pedagogical valuethrough lecture captureDevelopment Manager Ilkka Kukkonen @ilkkakukkonenOnline Educa Berlin 2011
    2. 2. New challenges to continuing education for teachers• Improve overall quality, commitment and effects• Flexibility and democracy in participation• Support personal learning paths• Integration of ICT in education• Mobility and technology development• Systematic data collection for improvement
    3. 3. Traditional purposes for lecture capture• Compensation of attendance• Supporting retention and clarification of complex concepts• Supporting notetaking ability and quality• Supporting linguistic understanding• Supporting learning difficulties or disabilities• Supporting homework and assignments• Preparing for examinations
    4. 4. (CC) Uniinnsbruck @ Flickr
    5. 5. Chemistry lecture, University of Iowa, 1930 (CC) The University of Iowa Libraries @ Flickr
    6. 6. (CC) ubcLFS @ Flickr
    7. 7. Lecture hall at Lash MillerUniversity of Toronto(CC) nayukim @ Flickr
    8. 8. (CC) Stanford EdTech @ Flickr
    9. 9. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)(CC) teddy-rised @ Flickr
    10. 10. (CC) Helgas Lobster Stew @ Flickr
    11. 11. (CC) blogefl @ Flickr
    12. 12. Boring Lecture, 1940s(CC) Duke Yearlook @ FlickrDuke University Archives
    13. 13. Missouri School of Journalism lecture. (CC) Brett Jordan @ Flickr
    14. 14. (CC) Stanford EdTech
    15. 15. Pedagogical challenges• ”Does it create better learning outcomes?”• Lecture treats the members of audience equally by default• Providing just the right amount of challenge to right audience• Recordings are long, students prefer short videos• Highlighting certain parts of the lecture from the recording• Lectures are also social events• Measurement and development
    16. 16. Project approach to support the development(”MOVIE”, 2011-2012)• The development of pedagogical quality and effectiveness of lecture capture – How modern video technology can support learning and teaching while enhancing pedagogical value and advances in learning results? – How the students are using the recorded lectures to support their studies? – How can we measure of the impact in various contexts?
    17. 17. Student profiles: data collection • Questionnaire? – Demographic characteristics – Educational background – Study strategies and learning preferences – Beliefs, wants and wishes – Experiences and experienced added value – Expected grades and final results • Usage data • Discussions, notes, bookmarks • Supplemental Interviews
    18. 18. Learning analytics Usage Discussion Notes & data threads bookmarks The need to develop the framework for continuous and comprehensive analytics for modern learning environments
    19. 19. MATHEMATICS / HIGH SCHOOL (N=48) Presentation name / Author
    20. 20. MATHEMATICS / HIGH SCHOOL (N=48)
    22. 22. ICT IN EDUCATION (N=155)
    24. 24. PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY (N=48)
    25. 25. Encouraging preliminary results (N=48)• 78% was satisfied with the implementation• 79% found lecture capture useful for their studies A. Possibility for independent studies 50% 46% B. Retention and repetition of classes 40% 40% C. Opportunity to make up a missed class D. Helped to prepare for final exams A B C D
    26. 26. Summary on preliminary results and challenges• Students seem willing to increase the use of lecture capture in their studies• Use of LC is seen as democratic method for participation• No significant impact on lecture attendance• The recordings are viewed mostly from home, usually just before exams• No clear insight on how to use the recordings to support their learning processes – Need to clarify motives and study preferences with LC – Need to develop coherent pedagogical formats regarding LC
    27. 27. Summary on preliminary results and challenges• Lecture capture seems to be more efficient for lower achieving students – Supporting conceptual understanding for content, metacognition and efficient study strategies• Viewing volumes seem to have correlation to experienced value and grades• Challenge is to create meaningful contexts for students – Include lecture capture in learning design – Summarize, contextualize and engage interaction
    28. 28. "Give students the best possibilities to improve themselves“Neelie Kroes, 1.1.2011, Online Educa 2011
    29. 29. PROCESS DESIGN GATHERING ANALYSIS 2003 2010 2011 2012Development Background Conducting the Data analysis and begins study study InterpretationExperimenting Developing and Lecture capture Synthesis with with various testing the in research learning technologies research framework analytics framework “Simultaneus Data gathering BenchmarkingSpace”-concept Project proposal and analysis Reporting andNetworking in Partnering, Reporting and dissemination SIG’s funding dissemination
    30. 30. Thanks!Talk more?http://aducate.fi/movieilkka.kukkonen@uef.fi @ilkkakukkonen www.aducate.fi www.uef.fi
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